True Mind Power Biotechnology

Hemisphere synchronization

  • Other binaural / biotechnology

The Book “Spirit Metamorphosis” By Isantis Tao
Meditation Music
One on One Phone Session with Isantis Tao (for any purpose)

Complete Holistic Personal Development Program for self actualization modeled after a shamanic apprenticeship.

  • Short consultations and Advice,
  • Resources,

Prayers and Blessings – Always FREE!!!
True Life Development Shamanic Life Coaching

  • Personal life coaching with Isantis Tao

I ching, Cards,or other

True Life Development Complete Holistic Personal Development Program

  • This full Personal development program entails every service we have to offer in systematic succession over the course of several months, specifically tailored to the individuals needs for their self actualization and cultivation of their dream life!

True Life Astrological Relationship Profiles
True Mind Power Mental Clearing and Recalibration

Intake session
  • 30 min
-Dianetics Session
  • approx 1 hour
-Hypnosis Session with Self hypnosis instruction
  • approx 1 hour
-Acupressure instruction
  • 15 – 30 min
-Neurolinguistic programming session and instruction – approx 1 hour
-Hemisphere synchronization and biotechnology download
30 min coaching

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