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The Secrets of How to Control Your Mind and The Minds of Others Revealed Here!

Warning - Do not even read this page if you are not totally prepared for extremely controversial information that will completely change your paradigm, and may just blow your mind...

But if you are ready to have your mind blown, I want to start by asking you a simple, but not so simple question...


Is Your Brain Not Under Your Control?

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If you are like most people out there, you suffer from a major problem that we all have—

Not being in control of your own mind, much less that of others.

Most people cannot control their own mental state. Their thoughts and feelings are at the behest of their environment and whatever happens to them.

Let me ask you this, when was the last time you didn’t feel the way you wanted to? Probably pretty recently.

Have you ever had someone say something to you that just made you feel like shit for the rest of the day?

When you do not feel the way you want to can you change that very easily? Or do you have to just wait for your feelings to change of their own accord? If you are having an emotional issue, can you fix it, or will you stay stuck in it for a while?

And when you are not functioning mentally the way you want, can you change that? Can you change not only your state of mind but your intelligence and intellect as well?

Probably not. Most people do not have that ability.  Most people are a prisoner of their own mind.

And whats more is that most people do not have the ability to control the minds of others either.

If you have a coworker or boss that you do not get along with who is always giving you a hard time, do you know how to influence them so you can get along?

If you have a family problem, do you know how to speak to your family members to solve it?

If you have someone you want to do business with or sell to, do you know how to persuade them?

If you have someone you like romantically, do you know how to seduce them to create the relationship you want?

When we are not able to be influential to the people around us in the ways we want, we simply cannot live the way we want to. And not only will our life not be what we want, but it may actually be quite a struggle. And in any case we just won’t be happy.

But what if instead of someone being able to say something to us that might make us feel like shit for the rest of the day...we were able to control our mental state...and even influence them in whatever way we wanted to?

In order to have the life you want and be successful and happy you must know how to influence those around you to have the beneficial relationships with them that you want.

When you can do that then your life will be amazing.

But you will not be able to do that if you cannot control your own mind first, and be able to create the mental state you want to be in.

And you won’t be able to do either of these things if you do not understand the secret science of Mind Control.

And whats more is that your mind will be at the behest of this evil thing called social conditioning and cultural programming...which means the powers that be of the mass media and society at large will be influencing you however they many ways that are not in your best interest and not healthy for you at all!

In fact the mass media and even politicians, religious officials and drug companies have been discovered to use NLP to brain wash and control peoples minds to get them to do what they want!  So mind control is actually a part of normal every day life where the powers that be use it on the if you do not learn about it it is going to continue being used on you to take advantage of you and make you do things that are against your best interest!  Why not learn about it so you can defend yourself against it??


Very few people understand and use this science. But it is what the most successful and happy people in the world use to create their success and power in the world, and the live the lives that they want most ultimately.

While the rest of the world just sorta goes through their lives at the behest of their environment and whatever happens to them. Unable to control their thoughts and feelings, much less those they interact with. And that is why they are so unsuccessful and so unhappy. If you cannot influence others, or yourself, that is just how it is going to be for you.

And there is nothing worse than not being in a bad mood and not being able to do anything about it. Or being downright depressed, angry or anxious and not knowing what to do about it.

Maybe you even were just in a good mood and then something happened to you that you couldn’t control. Maybe you went to work happy and ready to start your day but then your nasty coworker or someone in your life said or did something to set you off and now you don’t feel happy anymore.

This is a common scenario for most people. And believe me I know what it is like…I’ve been there myself.

Once upon a time I was suffering from ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Rage attacks. My mind was just out of control, always at the behest of my environment and what was going on. Anything could set me off and create an emotional chain reaction. And whats more is that I was a social reject, not many people liked me, I had social anxiety and no social skills, and absolutely no influence on those around me. I was unsuccessful and poor because I couldn’t get ahead in the business world, or any part of society.

I tried every form of psychotherapy and psychotherapist and social worker I could find. Nothing worked. And it seemed dismal. Was I always to be a mentally ill social reject who would never succeed in life?

But then I discovered the secret science of Neuro Linguistic Programming!

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the psychological science of how your neurological system and nervous system are programmed through language and language patterns, as well as behavioral models. It breaks down how certain mental patterns and paradigms can create positive states and success, while others create negative states and failure, and how we can change the brains patterns in order to create positive states and success even when before there were negative states and failure. So with it we can create the mindset we want and the entire state of being we want to have, that way we can always feel the way we want to…and be the person we want to be!

But that’s not all NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) does. It is also a science of how we can influence and persuade others to do what we want! You don’t just get to control your own mind with it, but the minds of others!


Sound pretty far fetched? Its not. It’s a perfect science. In fact it’s as basic as hypnosis, which is something you are doing to yourself all the time, and many other people are doing to you all the time. People in the media and in marketing companies and politicians giving speeches are always using NLP to influence and persuade you. Don’t believe me? Check out this interview I did where I explain the whole thing:


But allow me to introduce myself. I’m Brian Krall. And I am a Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have learned about the secret science of neuro linguistic programming over the past 7 years and used it to reprogram my own mind and fix everything in my life. And not only that but to network and have the influence on people that I want to have, build a social life, and build a client base for my company, and seduce the women that I wanted! Its given me the tools I needed to succeed in every aspect I want and create the life I want! All because of my mastery of Mind Control!

I went from being mentally ill and societies reject, just one step above homeless, to being an entrepreneur living the life of my wildest dreams and fantasies all because of NLP!

And since then I have helped countless others to improve themselves and their lives using this amazing secret science.

I have helped people overcome mental and emotional difficulties and mental health disorders and helped them to become mentally healthy, balanced, happy, and able to control their emotional state so they can always feel the way they want to.

NLP Workshop

I have helped other entrepreneurs learn to use it for business networking, sales and marketing and become successful in their field

And I have helped men and women seduce and develop relationships with the partners they want.  Just as I have done for myself, with women such as this one:

I even used it to help a girl who had recently lost her mom remember what it was like to hear her mother say “I love you” when she was forgetting it. That’s how powerful and significant this stuff is! It doesn’t matter what sort of difficulty you are facing it can help you overcome it and get to where you want to be mentally. And no matter who you are there are going to be times in your life like those where you really really need it…

And then if you know how to use it it is a godsend and will work miracles on you and your life. But if you do not know how to use it you are going to be in a very very cold dark empty place.

Luckily those who have worked with me and taken my programs, don’t ever have to go to those bad mental places again, but can always feel good.

I have even worked together with Ross Jeffries, a pioneer in the NLP industry who was a friend of Richard Bandler the man who started it all. Ross is now a personal friend of mine and taught me a lot of what I know about NLP. I have also worked with other famous renegade Neuro Linguistic Programmers such as Ross Jeffries and “Hypnotica”.

I have worked over the past 7 years to use NLP to help others gain a better understanding of mind control, what it is, how it works, and how they can take control of their own minds so that the media and other powers that be are not controlling it for them. And I have also taught them to be more influential as well. And NLP has so many benefits once you learn how to use it for these purposes.

Want to learn more about what the benefits are? Just check out this segment from the beginning of MY NLP workshop where I outline them for you, and how they can help you to overcome common language patterns that are actually hurting you can can even damage your physical health!

So now that you understand exactly what NLP is and what it can do for you, I’m sure you want even more proof that it actually works right? You want to hear some of the stories from real people who have used this workshop….well just check these out:

“Before taking True Life Development's NLP workshop, I was blatantly unaware of the power that our words can have over the human mind.

The content helped to make me aware of my own language patterns and the effects they have on my internal state and the internal state of others I communicate with.

Brian goes in depth on how the human brain has evolved with language and is thus tuned to patterns in the language we use.

Very science and psychology driven, this workshop differed from other books and programs in that it gave me specific daily practices that would allow me to take action right away.

These strong concept are definitely a must have for building a resilient and emotionally positive psyche- allowing you to better connect with anyone from potential clients to potential love interests, and do so with ease and pleasure.”

-Hodari Pryce
Rochester NY

I recently took the online course for Neuro-Linguistic Programming from True Life Development. The first video lays the foundation for the course with general ideas that will be expanded upon in later videos. In this video, Neuro Linguistic Programmer Brian Krall expounds upon the benefits of using positive speech instead of negative, and he provides examples of them. He provides examples of what can happen when people use negative speech all the time, and then goes into examples of what can happen when positive speech is used on others.

In the first installation of series, Mr. Krall leads us with a clear, crisp, concise voice into the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is excited about NLP, and that shines through in this module. He talks about turning negatives into positives in order to influence yourself as well as others. This makes listeners want to use his advice, and use positive speech in our everyday lives to make us feel energized. For example, he talks about road-blocking in the module, and I'm inspired to use this to help someone to stop themselves when they are stuck in a bad pattern. He also talks about self-fulfilling prophesies in this module. These can be positive or negative, and it's up to us to make sure the ones we employ are positive, so that we like where we end up.

All the way through the last module True Life Development takes the viewer on a very educational journey – you really do learn a lot. The best part is when he employs a technique from NLP with the viewer he does so giving situational examples for every day life, so that you imagine yourself using it and learn it easily and put it into practice in a variety of real life situations. And at the end of the third video module there is a guided NLP hypnosis in which you imagine your full actualized self, and become it! This is truly The best personal development program I have ever seen!

-Arun Nair
Elmont NY

My communication and social life in general wasn't up to par at all. I would try to make my verbal skills influence the listener, but they fell short. I also had a lot of mental difficulties with comprehension and insecurities and my general state of mind being bad at many times. I wasn’t sure how to get help with these things but I signed up for Brian's NLP program that was easy to understand, to use, to benefit myself personally and in my interactions with others.

I was able to change my own mindset and overcome my insecurities and negative emotions and replace them with confidence and a positive empowering state of mind that I wanted to have. I was also able to apply my new found knowledge to influence and persuade those I spoke with to have the desired effect I wanted and create the relationships I wanted to have with them. In fact, soon after learning NLP I noticed that I was able to get others to see me differently than they used to.

I'm now constantly using NLP to influence and help others to change their perspective through our communication in ways that just wasn't possible for me before. It is a very powerful tool to have to help control your own mind and the minds of others which is useful in any situation and is very empowering to help you live the way you want to. Thank you, Brian.

-Ali Burhani
Milwaukee Wisconsin

“True Life Developments NLP Mind Control courses were extremely helpful. He has an amazing grasp of human interaction and how to use body language and “trance words” to build rapport with any stranger on the street. His grasp of hypnosis and NLP and the way he delivers information is top notch. Because of how well he teaches the information will stick with you for months after. He is captivating, informative, and I would recommend his NLP Mind Control 101 class to anyone hoping to climb higher in the corporate ladder or improve their social & dating life. Big Kudos to Brian Krall!”

-Lauren N Rumpler
Radio Talk Show Host of True Objective
Manchester NH

And now that you have read some of the reviews from past customers who have taken this program I’m sure that you have only one question on your mind…how do I take this workshop and learn NLP Mind Control?

Well...Just click here now and you can take it immediately! -

And perhaps you are also thinking what do I actually get from the workshop?

The NLP Mind Control 101 Masterclass Workshop Series!


And once you sign up for the Mind Control 101 Workshop series you will be granted instant access to the best NLP product package on the market today! You will be getting several amazing products that will teach you everything you need to know to control your mind and those of others so that you can succeed in the ways you want. By the time you are done taking these products you will be a well oiled mind control machine! Just look at all the products you get:

Module 1 – Introduction to NLP and the Basics - Video Workshop - $197:

This is where you are going to learn to understand NLP on the fundamental level and learn the basic uses for it that you can start doing right away. These basic NLP concepts and techniques are simple and easy to understand and apply but still very powerful. You will learn how to change your own mind, and that of others who disagree with you. You will even learn a special tactic that I used to help not feel pain when I was terminally ill, and which helped with my healing process as well. This module is the perfect introduction to NLP that will begin to change your reality and that of others right off the bat!

Module 2 – Introduction to NLP Language Patterns, Tricks and Tactics - Video Workshop - $197:

In this module we will delve into more technical NLP language patterns that you can use to hypnotize people and influence their thought processes and feelings. You will learn a number of different tricks and tactics that you can use in your normal every day conversations in order to be persuasive and create change in your social life. This is where you are really going to get into the world of NLP and learn some very interesting and tricky tactics that you will find very useful in any kind of interaction.

Module 3 – Advanced NLP Use and Psychological Calibration - Video Workshop - $197:


Now in this module things are going to start to get a bit more advanced. You will learn the proper way to practice and use NLP so as not to get caught. You will learn the proper delivery of NLP tactics so that they will be most effective and not go wrong for you. You will learn how to practice the fine art of “Calibration” using NLP so that your use of it is highly specialized and specific to each situation so that you can have the right effects on it. And you will learn a number of very interesting advanced NLP tactics to really start to take things to the next level.

Module 4 – The Psychological Science of NLP Patterns - Audio Workshop - $197:

Now that you are becoming an advanced NLP Practitioner you will learn the more hardcore aspects of the psychological science behind NLP to make sure you understand it on the most advanced and technical level. You will learn all about the theories behind the practices and what makes them all work, and how the mind works with NLP so that you can be sure you understand exactly how to use it in the most hardcore ways.

Module 5 – NLP Special Ops 100+ Linguistic Tactics Arsenal - Audio Workshop - $197:

Here in this very advanced audio class you will be given a huge arsenal of over 100 highly specialized and hardcore NLP Linguistic tricks and tactics you can use to influence and persuade anyone to do whatever you want! These NLP language tricks are very sneaky things you can insert into any sentence or language pattern you are using in order to have a greater influence on someones brain and basically control their mind in the ways you want! You will even learn some devious top secret NLP language patterns and tactics such as the recruitment patterns that the military uses, as well as sales and business negotiation tactics.

Audio Workshop Module 6 – Advanced NLP Language Patterns and Hypnotic Anchoring - $197:

Here in this final class you will be learning the longer most advanced NLP Language Patterns for various purposes even devious ones, like using NLP to seduce someone. You will learn how to hypnotize someone with your language in order to have whatever effect on them you want to. And you will even learn how to create hypnotic anchors and triggers in order to really influence someone and put them into the state of mind you want them in for whatever purposes you have with them. This is the most advanced class on NLP which will teach you all of the most hardcore mind control tactics you need in order to dominate your social life!

Module 7 – An Intensive NLP Therapy Session In Action - Video Recording - $247 Value:

Here in this special bonus video you will see a large number of these NLP tactics and techniques in action in a therapeutic setting as I use them on a client. This will give you a demonstration of exactly how to use them, and how they work, this way you will be able to make sure you are using them properly in your own practice.

Module 8 – Powerful Therapeutic Hypnotic Anchoring Demonstration - Audio Session Recording - $97 Value:

Here in this extra special track you will hear an extremely powerful excerpt from a session Brian Krall did with a client using hypnotic anchoring to help her remember and re-experience what it was like to have her dead mother say “I love you to her”. This will demonstrate for you exactly how to use hypnotic anchoring and how powerful its effects can be.

Module 9 - Identity Level Influence and Personality Typology and Profiles - Audio Class - $120 Value:

This really amazing Bonus course that was not originally going to even be a part of this course is a highly specialized science of psychology called "Identity Influence" and Personality Typology which is a science of personality profiling. Learn how to truly be your most authentic true self and also learn what personality type you are and how to influence other at the identity level and figure out what other's personality types are and how to best communicate with them for persuasion.

Bonus Track – Clinical Hypnosis for Super Powered Confidence - $97 Value:

Since one of the most important aspects of using NLP is the delivery and calibrating it correctly, and the most important thing you need to do that is confidence so that you can come across in an assured manner which will make you influential over the person you are using NLP on (rather than having them doubt you), I am providing you with a clinical hypnosis track for confidence that I recorded. This will use NLP on your own mind in a therapeutic manner that will boost your confidence and give you the ability to present yourself in a very strong and persuasive manner while you are practicing NLP. And you can even use it to learn about clinical hypnosis as well!

Plus The First 10 People who ORDER NOW will get a free 30 Minute Mind Power Session with me!  A $90 Value!!!

As anyone can see, this is a lot of value you are getting together in one amazing package, at a very good price, which has been greatly discounted.  And which will provide exponential returns for you by completely transforming you and your life, and making you infinitely more successful.  So click here to get the course now!

As you can see you will literally be getting everything you need to succeed at mind control with this impressive product package. This NLP training course is much different than others you will find on the market. Many similar NLP training packages will use marketing to try to make you pay more than what you are getting. Like a training package I once bought years ago that was 22 hour long modules…only when I started taking them I found that every single module was teaching the exact same thing, just to be used for a different context. 22 hours of audio class that could have been taught in just one hour!

But you are not just getting this course and all of the individual modules and bonuses! You are getting the mind control abilities and all of the results you will get from it! You are getting:

  • The ability to control your state of mind and make sure you always feel the way you want to!

  • The ability to influence and persuade others in your life to think and do what you want

  • The ability to succeed and excel in the professional environment and business world

  • And the ability to seduce and have sexual relations with anyone you want!

Want proof of these claims? Well how would you like to see an actual sample of some of the actual hardcore technical content you will get from this workshop on mind control so that you can see exactly how you are going to get these results? Check out this segment on how to manipulate peoples sense orientation for persuasion and influence…

So obviously you can see how hardcore and technical the information in this program is…while also being super easy to understand and use too! And just how this program will give you the ability to control the minds of others!

And what’s even greater than the amount of value you will get from this program, is the price you will pay for it!

This program is much less than most other NLP masterclass programs which go for thousands of dollars or more. But I am here to help you not to bankrupt you. So that is why I am pricing this program not for the rich elitists out there so that I can become a millionaire. But for the hard average working man or single mom trying to make a career for herself. I am not here to break your bank, I am here to give you an investment opportunity in your future that will be not only affordable but minute compared to the amount of returns you are getting from it!

So instead of charging $10,000 for a weekend event, or thousands for a seminar like most of the big NLP marketing gurus do, I’m only going to be charging a fraction of that!  And for more academic material, and less marketing!  You are getting just the cold hard facts!  No marketing fluff!

And for only the fraction of the price that you would normally pay!!
That's right, I'm only charging $1,713 for this program!

But of course this program is worth much more than that, so do not get me wrong when I give you a lower price.  Because I do not want you to take this program for granted and not take it seriously since you have not invested much in it. Because this program comes at such a low investment I worry that some people may purchase it and then never even use it! But it is such a great investment that when you do use it it will radically and rapidly change your life!

And since I created this amazing program because I am passionate about helping people save their lives, I have actually decided to give away the first 25 courses of this incredibly hardcore NLP Mind Control 101 masterclass at an incredible discount!

So when you buy it today you will not pay $1,713 for this amazing product package!

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That's almost half of the price of what you are actually getting!

However that is not the real price! That is just a launch special price! Only the first 25 courses will be sold at that price! After that the price is just going back up to $1,713!!  I just wanted to make sure that the first possible customers who wanted to take this program would have absolutely no excuses for not taking it! And I figured that the people who were first in line and most eager and proactive about changing their lives deserved an extra break in the price. So you will get this whole phenomenal product package for half off today! There has never been a better deal for you that will produce better results!

mental programs

Go For The Sure Thing!

Now I know what you are probably wondering, well all this mind control science stuff sounds really good, but is it a sure thing? Sure this works for lots of other people, but will it really work for me? And how can I be sure?

Well you can be sure because I am sure. Which is why I am offering a 100% money back guarantee on this product. If you take these courses and use the product for 60 days and do not feel like it is working out for you you can simply just get your money right back! Yes that’s right! SO you can try this product out and make sure it works for you completely risk free! And if it doesn’t you wont be at any loss what so ever! You even get to keep the product and keep on using it!

And whats more is that if you feel like it isn’t working for you as you had hoped and you want help with your NLP so it will work better for you, all you have to do is contact me and I will give you a free NLP session to answer any questions you may have and help you overcome whatever difficulties you are having and coach and rehearse with you until you have it down!

So you are guaranteed that this product will either work for you, or I will do whatever it takes to get it to work for you, or just give you your money back!



And doesn’t it feel so good to know that there are absolutely no risks involved and that this product is definitely going to work for you no matter what, or it will be free?!

You are absolutely certain of success with this product. I personally guarantee that you will have the ability to control your mind and others with NLP or else I will personally piggyback you through the course and even pay for you to use it for free. But one way or another I assure you you will be able to get the results out of this program that you want.

Because let me tell you something. I am not in this for the money. I am in this to help people. And this course may not be cheap because I have put so much time, energy and money into it myself so I can’t price it low. But I’m not here to rip people off, I’m here to give them the ability to control their thoughts and feelings, and be more persuasive and influential people, so that they can succeed in life. That is my mission as a Neuro Linguistic Programmer, and that is why I created this amazing product package for you. And so I have no problem refunding you if my products do not accomplish that.

But yet I’m also confident that so few (if any) people will ask for refunds on these products because I know these products are top of the line. This isn’t one of those products you are going to pay $97 for just to get a dozen or two dozen audio modules that barely teach you anything because its just a big marketing scam. You are going to be actually learning a wealth of information here and I know that everyone who takes this program is going to learn exactly how to control their mind and the minds of others and have radical rapid success in their life because of it. So I know that not very many people are going to ask for refunds, and that at worse someone might just need a little guidance, which I am willing to offer. And I’m also willing to offer refunds for anyone who just doesn’t seem to get it because I’m not another marketing scam artist like the other NLP teachers out there. I’m here to help people. And I know my workshop will do that for you if you are willing to apply yourself to learning the course and applying what you have learned.

Available For A Limited Time!

But I have bad news. Because this mind control program is so hardcore, I worry about it falling into the wrong plans and having evil people walking around using it for devious purposes to cause harm rather than good, like turning innocent young girls into sex slaves, or becoming evil politicians! So in order to prevent this top secret information from falling into the wrong hands, I will only be giving out 50 of these programs.

And since I’ve really overextended myself here with all the bonuses, the bonuses will only be available to the first 10 people who purchase this program.

But if you are one of those people who really needs to take control of your mind, and learn how to be much more influential and persuasive to others, and really want to succeed in life, you don’t have to worry about that deadline. The only people who are going to be left out of this are those who are too lazy to try to help themselves to change their lives, or who are too stupid to even know that they should much less comprehend the hardcore information in this program.  Those people can keep having their minds manipulated and controlled like zombie other more intelligent and powerful people LIKE YOU!  HAHAHA!


So if you are really sick of having your thoughts and feelings run awry, or not being able to get people to do what you want, then the answer to all of your problems is here. And I know what kind of pain you are in. It sucks having to feel ways you don’t want to feel like depressed, frustrated, angry, resentful, despairing, etc. And it also sucks when the people around you just wont listen to you and wont follow your direction, and even react negatively to you and just don’t like you. Those kinds of things are very painful to have to deal with, and I know you have been feeling that pain deeply and that its causing you to be very unhappy with your life.

That is exactly why I created this amazing mind control program! To solve all of your problems!

No matter what area of yourself or your life you want to improve, since it is all tied to your mind, this amazing course can help you with everything!  You can literally do whatever you want with this program!  You can help yourself!  The material of this program is taught in a way that gives you examples of how it could be used for anything you want!  To...

  • Become highly INTELLIGENT so that you are always in control of any situation!

  • Always have the optimal mental state that you want to!

  • Have more business success and make more MONEY and have wild SUCCESS!

  • Have powerful influence over others in your social environment so that you can get anyone you want to do anything you want!  You will be UNSTOPPABLE!

  • Be able to seduce and have sex with ANYONE you want!  You will get all the sex partners you want!

  • Help or hurt others psychologically as you please (which is why I want to only sell this program to people who want to use it for good!)

And it will indeed do all of that and more! The information in this program is so hardcore and powerful it helped to stop my pain and save my life when I was terminally ill! And has helped me to go from being near homeless to being a leader in my industry and being friends with people who used to be my heroes! This program will give you the ability to elevate your life in health, business success, social and sexual life, and many other ways!

I am going to teach you to use NLP to get whatever you want!  Just think about it...

  • Have you ever wanted to feel better than you do?  Have you ever imagined what state of mind you want to be in so that you can live the way you want to?

  • Have you ever wanted to be more in control of your life and the world around you?  Have you ever imagined what your dream life would look like?

  • Have you ever wanted to be able to make a situation go your way?   Have you ever imagined how you would use your new superpower when you are able to control the way things go?

  • Have you ever wanted to be more persuasive and make someone do what you want to make a situation better for you?  Have you imagined what you would make people do if you could influence them powerfully?  This course is going to make that possible.

  • Have you ever wanted to be more influential and powerful in the workplace so you could be more successful and get paid more?  Have you imagined how you want to succeed and what you would do with all of your power or money?

  • Have you ever wanted to seduce someone that you couldn't have?  Have you imagined what you would do if you had the power to seduce anyone and make them fuck/fall in love with you, and who you would use it on and what kind of love/sex life you would want to have?




This is the answer to all of your prayers! Once you take this workshop all your problems will be solved!


So now that you are ready to solve all of your problems by taking control of your mind and the minds of others, all you have to do is click on this buy now button right here to get started with the program! Once you have signed up for your NLP Mind Control 101 program you will be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the program via email so be sure to watch your inbox after you are done!

Literally as soon as you have signed up for the program you will be emailed every single one of the video modules. This is not one of those programs you have to wait to happen in weekly installments (as you get billed every month). No – you pay now, you get it all now, instantly. You don’t even have to wait for it to ship because it is digital. Its so easy and you get the instant gratification of knowing that the very moment you are signing up for the program is the very moment your life is going to change forever.

Just imagine yourself sometime in the future, maybe a couple months from now, or years from now, having changed yourself nad your life and making it everything you want it to be most ultimately. Maybe even imagine yourself a decade or more in the future. Living the life of your most ultimate dreams and fantasies. And feeling so good about yourself and your life and looking back to this moment in time when you were signing up for the program, and being thankful that you made the right decision on this moment to act now, knowing that this was the moment that changed everything.


Many people pass up opportunities like this and then end up living mundane mediocre lives at best…or worse, struggling with a lifestyle and a mindset that they are not happy with! Probably just like you have up until now! And if you do not take this opportunity right now you are going to continue to battle thoughts and feelings in your mind that you do not like. You are going to continue to be unhappy and probably unhealthy. You are going to continue to not have influence over the people in your life and have an unfulfilling social and sexual life. And worst of all you are going to continue to be unsuccessful in your professional life and career and never get ahead in the ways you want!

Is that the kind of life you want to live? If you haven’t been happy with your life as it is now, why continue with that life? You know it is not going to change on its own, you have to be the one to take control and make change. Otherwise you could have to deal with the same struggles and hardships you have been all along more and more in life, month after month, year after year….until some day you will be sitting on your deathbed decades from now looking back at your life and feeling nothing but remorse and regret. And not only looking back on your life with regret, but looking back on this moment as the moment that could have changed everything if you had made the right decision…but you didn’t…and you had to live with the outcome. That is not what you want is it?

Especially when happiness is literally sitting there right in front of you just a click away! All you have to do to change yourself and your life and make them the way you want them to be is go ahead and click the buy now button right here and you will be taken to the sign up page and then granted access to your brand new Mind Control 101 Program! So what are you waiting for! Your new life and new self awaits you! Don’t miss out while the opportunity is here!

Just click on the "Buy Now" Button and you will be taken to the sign up page for the course where you can fill out the order form.  And immediately upon completion of the order process you will be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the program!  It will be emailed to you IMMEDIATELY after your payment has gone through!  No waiting what so ever!  You can start to dominate your life RIGHT NOW!  Just go ahead and CLICK THE BUY NOW BUTTON BELOW NOW!!

PS – Just another warning – the results you get from this course will be very extreme. You absolutely must be prepared for change and to start living the life you want. I have seen many people run right back to their comfort zones once they started elevating their lives to greater levels, not knowing exactly how to deal with all the success. Make sure you are actually ready to start living your dreams now when you buy this!


PPS – The contents of these courses are very hardcore and must not be used for devious purposes even though they can be. Their sale is only intended to help you help yourself and others to find the right direction in life. They should not be used for any evil acts of seduction or brainwashing!


PPPS - If you cannot afford to pay for the entire package up front don't worry!  I'm willing to work with you! Click here to break the cost up into monthly payments for $97 per month!  So you have literally no excuses what so ever to not better yourself in these ways you need to!  I have done everything possible to make this as easy for you as possible!  If you do not take this opportunity to succeed you are going to be doomed to failure and you will deserve it!

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