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The Female Submissive’s Workbook – A Blueprint For Female Submissive Sexual Identity, Dom/sub Relationship Structure, Submissive Training, & BDSM Lifestyle


Are you a female with a submissive sexual side who is new to BDSM and doesn't know exactly where to go with this aspect of who you are? Would you like a more formalized way of exploring this submissive sexual side of yourself and the BDSM lifestyle and relationship dynamics and getting properly oriented in it all?

Well now finally there is a unique Submissive Female's Workbook that will help you to engineer and build your Submissive Female Sexual Identity, Dom/sub Relationship Structure, Submissive Training and BDSM Lifestyle all together in one book! This is perfect for getting yourself properly oriented and self actualized as the submissive woman that you are, but will also serve as the definitive blueprint for you to give to your Dominant, or prospective Dominant, to ensure that they will have the best understanding of who you are and what you want and how to treat and train you, and structure your D/s relationship and life together.



Combining a highly specialized and technical blend of Logotherapy (Identity work), Personality Typeology, Social Science, Sexual Education and Kink/BDSM, this book is the ultimate submissive resource for you to have that will make sure that you are able to become the person that you want to be and get exactly what you want out of the BDSM Lifestyle (and not get what you don't want.) Finally all the different confusing aspects of your BDSM Identity, Roles, Dynamics and Lifestyle can be sorted out and the navigation and negotiation of everything with your Dom(s) will be completely simplified and made totally easy! No more disorientation or miscommunication!


With this simple, easy to use, fun, sexy workbook you will be able to self actualize as your ideal submissive self and the submissive Goddess that you want to be, and develop the sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies! A must have for any woman who has recently discovered the BDSM Lifestyle on her sexual journey and really wants to find herself as a submissive and reveal her submissive side to the fullest extent, and fulfill all of her deepest desires with BDSM. Become the sexual being and get the sexual reality you want right now with this very special work book!

Discovering yourself has never been so orgasmic!  Make sure you can experience all the pleasures the submissive role and lifestyle has in store for you!   This product is available for instant download upon purchase!  So just click the buy button now and make your sexual self and all of your dreams and fantasies a reality right now!  And don't miss out on our special launch sale of 60% off available for just the first week only!


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