This special PUA Master Class Workshop is all about how to approach a woman (or if you are a woman, a man) and open a conversation with her (or him), any time, any place, any which way possible that you might encounter a woman you want to talk to!

See a beautiful woman across the street and don’t know what to do? You will after this workshop! Cute nerdy/intellectual looking type of girl in the book store and you don’t know how to break the silence? Not anymore! At the gym and you see a hottie working out but feel intimidated and don’t know how to approach and open a conversation with her? Take this workshop and you will be able to do so with her and any other woman you want!

This is perhaps the most important Relationship Workshop that True Life Relationships has to offer, because the point of meeting is the most important point in any relationship. This is the point that makes everything else happen. Whether you are looking for marriage, or just casual dating, you absolutely must be able to meet women in order to do either of those or anything in between. And the only reason why men go without doing things such as getting married, dating the women they want, or sometimes even loosing their virginity is because they just do not know how to meet women. Even many men who have dated a number of women still do not know how to meet women without being provided a third party introduction or situational meeting, such as working together. And that is exactly why most relationships these days are not healthy or happy, and do not last. Because people are dating due to lack of options, based upon the scarcity principle!

And so it is time to make sure that you have the options you want in the opposite sex. It is time to be able to get the opportunities you always wanted with beautiful women (or if you are a woman, with men), so that you can have the abundant love life and the healthy happy relationships you really need, no matter what kind of romance life you are looking for!

This workshop is packed full over 5 hours of material! Everything you need to know on how to approach and open the highest value women with absolute perfection! Just check out everything you will learn when you take this groundbreaking workshop:

-How to overcome the special type of social anxiety that EVERYONE suffers from when they see someone they are attracted to and want to talk to, called APPROACH ANXIETY, with a wide variety of remedies and exercises, and you will become thoroughly prepared to meet and have interactions and relationships with the opposite sex.

-The rules of what groups to approach or not approach when you are out trying to meet others

-The difference between “Direct” and “Indirect” approaches and the logistics involved in them.

-The basic concepts involved with approaching women that you need to know first and foremost in order to be successful in picking them up.

-The highly specialized methods to use together with a friend as your wing man so that you two are acting together as a team in order to tactfully maneuver with the groups you approach in the best way possible so that you can both help each other to be successful, rather than holding each other back or interfering with each others success anymore!

-Exactly how to approach even the most difficult women to approach at the most difficult times and places, such as the middle of the day when she is on the run!

-The 10 different specific types of conversation openers

-The special body language logistics of approaching a woman and how to approach her properly in order to appear non-threatening, and even more – high value

-how to approach a girl when she is already with another man who may be her boyfriend!

-How to approach women who are seated at a table while you are standing

-What to do when you are out at a bar and a woman asks you to buy her a drink, and how to avoid being used by her for this drink and feeling like a looser because she just took the drink and left!

-You will learn several different definitive step by step formulas for approaching and opening set out by a handful of different Dating Guru’s to suit different styles of approach and scenarios you will be approaching in, several of which will take you well beyond the approach and opening, but right up to getting her phone number!

-You will learn a myriad of specific openers: Humorous openers, Unbreakable openers, Power Openers, Opinion Openers, Direct Openers, and much much more! You will in fact be given literally more than a hundred specific openers to use in your own life! Well over a hundred openers that you can use word for word, so that you never have to not know what to say when you see a girl (or guy) you want to talk to!

-And you will be given a whole slew of Situational openers: What to say to a girl when she is at work, when you are at the mall, at a restaurant, at a grocery store, at a gym, at a park, at a concert, on the street, at a bus stop, when you are short on time, and much more!

-And you will also be taught how to deal with introductions, which can be a very awkward formality for many people with romantic intentions, but not for you!

-But that’s not all! What if you approach a girl and your approach anxiety proved to not be in vain! What if you approach her and she is actually unfriendly!?!? Don’t worry! You’ll be taught how to deal with unfriendly girls too! You will never have to worry about dealing with rejection or “bitch shields” again after this workshop! You’ll thrive upon situations in which the girl doesn’t respond in a friendly manner and will turn that situation right around in your favor!

-And whats more is that you will actually be taught a highly technical and tactful set of things to say to a girl who tells you she has a boyfriend, in order to turn that scenario around as well! Never get brushed off by a girl with the “I have a boyfriend” reply again! Instead impress her with how cool your response to that is and keep the interaction going in your favor!

-As a special bonus you'll even be given some openers for online dating!

-And as another added bonus, you’ll be given real life scenarios from the instructors own field work illustrating how it all works!

And the program is presented with special visual aids illustrating the logistics and key concepts, and special captions for all the specific language used so that you are sure to get everything down word for word!

Want to see a free sample of the kind of material you will be learning here? Just check this out -

So whether you are new to the dating game entirely, just out of a long relationship and trying to jump back into the dating pool, or have been actively playing the field for quite some time and are looking to really bring your dating to the next level and increase the quality and/or quantity of the women (or men) you are dating, or perhaps looking for that most ultimate “One” to marry, this course can help you meet all the beautiful women you want so that you can succeed in your dating and have the love life of your dreams! Don’t wait any longer, you never know who you might miss out on meeting! The women of your wildest fantasies are out there waiting for you to approach them and impress them with your ability to open a compelling conversation that will get them interested!

Due to high industry standards a course of this size and content normally goes for $499, however we are going to be selling it for only $197!

Don't miss out on all the beautiful women you want to have and can today at such a low cost! That is literally less than the cost of one of the bartabs you will have to spend on them when you are out if you do not know what to say to get their interest! Don't be one of those guys that tries to buy womens attention with drinks! It doesnt work and will only cost you money and embarrassment. When you know what to say to women to get their attention you will be able to pick up any chick you want! And right now you have the ability to spend this small amount on something that will have exponential returns create permanent improvement. Just think about it, you have no problem spending that much on common things like lunches, dinners, bar tabs, etc...why not invest that same amount in something that you will always have and will help you to self actualize?

And what is different than those other things you waste your money on like bar tabs and such is that THIS HAS A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! So there is absolutely no risk to you! This is an investment that is guarenteed to produce the return (of girls) that you want or else you get your money back! If you take this workshop you will absolutely be able to approach and open the girls you want no matter what the situation, and if you have tried it out and do not get that result in the first 60 days you'll get a full refund! So the only thing you have to risk loosing here is your loneliness!


But you will certainly loose out on the opportunity to get the girls you want if you do not act now! Because this price will not last! This product should really be $499 because it is 5 hours of video workshop that I have put a lot of time into producing and am only going to be keeping it on sale for a short period of time! So act now before its too late!

So what are you waiting for??? Take the course today!!! You have absolutely no reason to wait, and if you do, the next time you check back the price may have gone back up! So treat yourself to the love life you’ve always wanted today!! Just click the add to cart button right there now!


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