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Sexual Abundance – How To Generate A Ton Of Leads, Convert Them Into Dates, And Close HARD – E Book
What if you could get dates and sex with all the attractive interesting people you wanted? What if when you saw someone you liked and wanted to date or have sex with it was no problem to get there with them? What would it be like for you to have the love life you have always dreamed of? To have all of the attractive mates you wanted? To be completely sexually fulfilled?

Would it look like this?

man with three women

Or this?

woman seducing man

Or maybe this??


attractive couple about to have sex

Because whatever it is that you want most ultimately, now you can have it! Announcing The Sexual Abundance E Book! This book will teach you how to generate tons of leads, convert them into dates, and CLOSE!  HARD!  If you have been living in sexual scarcity, or perhaps want to take your dating and sex life to a new level of abundance, this is the book for you!  Including all of the theories behind all of the pickup and dating practices, as well as actual case studies and conversation transcripts to show you how seduction and lead conversion actually work in real life practically, so that you can not only understand the theories behind it all but see how they actually function and make them work for you.  Includes over a dozen case studies to prove how these conversion/seduction practices work so you can see it for yourself first hand.  This book will take your love life to the next level.

This book is the product of a year and a half of intensive in depth social science field work on what works and what doesn't with trying to generate leads, convert them into dates, and close. Using both online and offline lead generation and dating, thousands of cases were detailed. And after amassing and formulating the data into concrete rules and principles of how to "play the game", this book was written detailing the findings of these studies and the best theories and practices to employ in your dating life in order to live in sexual abundance.

And sexual abundance is what this book will give you! Just imagine how good it will feel to be able to get any girl/guy that you want any time any where! Imagine how many dates and how much sex you will get when your conversion process is so easy because you know exactly what to do every step of the way. Imagine how much confidence you will have in yourself and how good it will feel to know exactly what to do and never have any problems getting the mates you want. Imagine how good it will feel to never have to be alone and to always have numbers in your phone of hotties you can call up any time you want. Imagine how much pleasure you will get from having all the sex you can handle and just how amazing it will be to finally be able to actually live the love life you have only fantasized about. What will it be like to have your wildest dreams fulfilled?   Imagine that...

Because that is exactly what this book offers you, and no less: The ability to meet all the people you are attracted to, get them on dates, and then get them into sexual interactions and relationships without any games or bullshit. Only scientifically proven sexual lead generation, conversion and closing tactics. This book uses the actual science of social networking and sales lead gen/conversion combined with the sciences of social psychology, pick up artistry, seduction, and sexuality to make your desires virtually unstoppable! With these proven tools there will literally be nothing standing in the way of you getting what you want. In fact most of the case studies I used in this book were specifically chosen because they were the ones in which the women were most difficult to get and some of the most difficult situations and conditions to deal with, but I was able to succeed easily anyways because of the highly scientific methods of this bulletproof lead conversion system!  Just check out these real life pictures of me and the women I picked up and hooked up with:



You see I know exactly how well this system works because I have used it myself in my own life to get the love life that I have always dreamed of. And I do live in sexual abundance because of it, so I am living proof, and I have the evidence and data to back it up! I've even done statistics and formulated graphs on my dating and sex life! That's how insane my success is with women!  And I have countless pictures to prove it!  In fact I have been accused of being overly social proofed with women and they get jealous of the fact that I live in such abundance!  And my biggest problem now is scheduling and trying to fit all of them into my busy schedule!  Just imagine what it will be like to live that way!  Because when you use this special lead conversion system that is how it will be for you!


1623345_374798742661804_1958869694_n 1625622_352189128256099_809222824_n

And in fact I am so sure of the solidity of this system and that it will give you the sex life you have always wanted fully and completely, that I am offering you this book with a 100% money back guarantee!  If you read the book and start applying what you learned and do not feel like you are getting your moneys worth out of it fast, you can return it within the first 60 days then I will give you your money back guaranteed! And you can even keep the book and continue to use it anyway! So this book is completely risk free! You have absolutely nothing to loose except your dream sex life! So make sure you do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to finally get what you want with completely no risk of failure or loss!


Just look at the affection and love in these girls eyes for me.  This is exactly the type of response that you will get with beautiful women when you use this system.  Imagine how good it will feel to have girls behaving with you like this:


11329854_566410993500577_3312333192778455430_n 11536038_566411006833909_5448724734970010708_n

Want to see some more proof of what this book has to offer you? Here are a couple excerpts from it so that you can see for yourself exactly the types of benefits you will get out of it:

Setting The Foundations Of Closing

The first real lesson I have to teach you, in the spirit of doing full justice to these theories and practices, is that your close relies upon your open.  The best way to reduce flakes is to run a better set.  Understand?  So you can’t be half assedly generating leads and then wondering why they aren’t converting or closing.  You must be doing well with your lead generation in order to close well.  You must be opening well and running good solid game on your sets in order for the phone numbers you collect to be SOLID, and able to be converted rather than flake out on you.

But once you have got solid game that you can open sets with and generate good leads from being a hard closer is about constantly generating them as much as possible over periods of time and honing in on the right ones in your conversion practices, and managing your time, energy, and investments in practicing lead conversion and trying to close.


So now that I have drilled it into your head that you must manage your time, energies, and investments properly, I am going to teach you exactly how to close your leads effectively and quickly (Assuming that you are gathering them properly so that they are in fact live leads and not dead leads.)
Now the previous threads I showed you were women who did not make it easy for me, because most women are not easy.  You will meet women who you can have sex with right away, and women who will even pick you up, if you are playing the numbers game and going out enough generating enough leads, once in a while it will happen.  But you certainly cannot count on it.  In fact what you can count on, are high value women not being easy to get.  So I am going to continue to use illustrations of women who did not make it easy for me because it is really the only way to properly teach you how to practice the lead generation conversion and closing that is pickup and seduction.  Because if I were to try to teach you an “Easy way” based on examples of women who it was easy for me with…you would find that easy women are actually hard to come by, and that I had not actually imparted any real knowledge or skills to you.  So I will continue teaching you conversion and closing methods that will work on even the most difficult women.

Want proof that this stuff works even with the most attractive and difficult women?  Take a look at some of these pictures.  All of these women you see before you, smiling and happy with me, showing me affection, were women who had a hard icy exterior.  The types that had what many men call a "bitch shield".  But with good game like you will learn in this book these types of women will warm up to you and be easy to get.   Just see for yourself:








But you are probably wondering...what about closing the deal?  Will this book teach me how to sexually escalate?  Of course it will!  In fact it provides step by step instructions and pictures of exactly what to do throughout the conversion and closing process right up to the very end.  Here is a little sneak peek for you so you can know for sure that you are going to get what you want most ultimately:





You will have all the moves and know exactly what to do every step of the way...







And with sexual escalation tactics like that you will be able to seduce anyone you want and get sexual with them, and not only have sex with them, but form a relationship with them if you want to as well.  Because lead generation and conversion is not just about creating one transaction with someone, but the relationship you want to have with them.  So this book will go way beyond just how to pick someone up and have sex with them.  It will teach you relationship development and management and actually give you the ability to have the fulfilling sexual relationships you want to have!  Just like the ideal relationship I formed with my ideal woman using these methods:



But even if you don't want just one relationship but would rather have a whole personal harem!  Your possibilities are limitless when you use this system!

And obviously by now you know just how valuable this system is and all the benefits you will get from this book and how it will help you live in sexual abundance.  And I am sure that you can imagine now exactly how you would use this system to get what you want, and how you would live differently to fulfill all of your wildest dreams and fantasies.  And as you imagine that now realize that you can have it just as soon as you turn these thoughts and feelings into actual actions!  So what are you waiting for? The prosperous sex life you have always dreamed and fantasized about can be yours now! And right now the book is on sale for half off as a holiday special.  So act now and buy it before you miss this great opportunity! Just click the add to cart button below and proceed to checkout!

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