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Relationship Development & Management Program – For Individual Or Couples

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Are you looking to build a relationship?  Maybe you are single and are looking to build one from scratch, or perhaps you are already in one that you are trying to make work in the long run. Whatever the case True Life Relationships can help! Using state of the art social science work and highly technical Neuro Linguistic Programming based communication work to solve problems at their roots, and other sociological methods for bringing you and your partner together in a healthy and happy union to make sure that your relationship is balanced, complete, and prosperous.

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Want to hear from some of the people who have had their relationships improved by TLR's Relationship Counselling? Listen to what these clients have had to say:

“I was stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships until I met Brian Krall from True Life Relationships and had a session with him. In only one session he was able to pinpoint the root of my problems and help me to change this problem pattern permanently. Now I am finally dating men who are good for me and enjoying a much healthier dating lifestyle.”
-Emily Hilton
Exotic Dancer & Home Health Care Aid
Rochester NY

“After one session of coaching with Brian Krall, I’m left with three impressions that will lead to another session.

First, Brian obviously has an extensive knowledge of the theories and psychologies that implicate attraction. He is also able to clearly explain, and bring that information together into a story about why my dating life is non-existent.

Second, Brian has a good understanding of my personality. He is able to predict the problems I run into as an introverted, smart, strong personality, and makes insightful suggestions for improvement (such as talking about less academic subjects when in a flirting context). He set goals that feel attainable given my personality and lack of cold approach experience. As he described approaches, he took care to emphasize his favorite techniques and recommend techniques compatible with the ways I relate.

Third, Brian’s advice for women completely counters the passivity recommended by most dating books for women, so our conversation definitely wasn’t a re-tread of things I already know. I find passivity frustrating and dismal, so his recommended approach also makes me more excited about the process of finding someone right for me.”

Addendum: After two sessions with Brian I was able to secure a relationship with the exact type of man I wanted who has been my boyfriend for 9 months now! Thank you Brian!

-Jennifer Campbell
Princeton University PA

“I have engaged in relationship coaching and counselling with True Life Relationships. I was in a time in my life where I was not using my communication skills knowledge effectively in my present relationship and it was effecting the trust and causing my relationship to fail. Brian Krall was able to help me with that. He has helped me think, act and respond more clearly to my partner in my life and not allow my weaknesses and neediness cause damage in my love life. He designed a plan to overcome setbacks I may have in the future, and that can arise, and are preventable before they occur.

Brian Krall has helped me to regain trust with my girlfriend and soul mate when she was breaking up with me and would not talk to or see me because I had broken trust. I wasn't sure how the situation could be helped but I signed us both up for Brian’s Relationship Counselling and through doing individual sessions and doing couples sessions together I was able to rebuild trust and regain my relationship with her. She herself said that her sessions with Brian had been very helpful. I feel like his program is different than other relationship coaches out there and a very exemplary one because it is very sociological in nature and not only gives you a detailed blue print for how to behave and communicate with partners, but it takes your own setbacks and weaknesses and eradicates those through effective communication skills.

This relationship program is very beneficial because Brian will effectively show you methods and strategies to make you good with the opposite sex and help you in your dating and personal development by helping you step by step in your relationship and your own personal growth to get to where you want to be most ultimately. The costs for this material are an investment that should last a lifetime. I am very grateful to the True Life Relationships program for how it helped me, thank you Brian!”

-Stephen Kopehavn
Milwaukee WI

So whether you are in an unhealthy relationship pattern you want to make healthy, or have specific issues to work on, you can see that no matter what issues you are faced with in your relationship(s) True Life Relationships can help with our highly specialized Relationship Counselling for both individuals or couples! We offer 24 week long counselling programs that have a session structure of 4 weekly sessions per month that are 90 minutes each in order to be ensure to take your relationship life step by step to where it needs to be. Just the sign up button now before it is too late!

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