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Here’s How To Become The Ultimate Man & The Ultimate Seducer!

What if you could be the ultimate man and ultimate seducer any woman has ever met?

Well now you can! Introducing: The Ultimate Man, Ultimate Seducer Work Book!

This book you are being presented with here will completely transform you and engineer every aspect of your self and life into the ultimate masculine, purposeful, successful, seductive human being. EVEN IF YOU FEEL LIKE A TOTAL FAILURE RIGHT NOW AND ARE LIVING IN SCARCITY LIKE I ONCE WAS BEFORE I STARTED USING THESE METHODS!

Ultimate Seducer

Believe me, I used to be a total looser before I formulated this system, and spent years in celibacy. But I am a different person today and am completely self actualized and living as the ultimate man now in especially with women and all because of the secret methods and exercises I am revealing within the contents of this book. These are my personal secrets that I never thought I would reveal to anyone, but I am here so that you too can experience this level of success and self actualization!

Just imagine what it would be like to be the idealized version of yourself. Completely successful and living the life you want. Feeling completely confident and good about who you are. And having all of the women you want and the sex life you want to have with them. Imagine just how good that would feel. All of the pleasures you would enjoy being the ultimate man and ultimate seducer. How would you live?

man getting hotties

This book is going to give you just that, through a series of a number of highly technical and specialized character exercises that will work you through the progression to becoming that ultimate man and seducer step by step.  In fact it is the actual systemized set of tactics that I myself used to go from unsuccessful in life, business, and women, to being wildly successful in all of these ways and more!  These systematic techniques got me out of poverty and to prosperity, and out of loneliness and into sexual abundance!  They helped me to become the person that I wanted to be most ultimately, and to cultivate the life of my wildest dreams!

How does the book do this you ask?  By engaging you in highly specialized character exercises geared for your personal development and self actualization. From psychoanalysis and identity building, to deriving your life's purpose and mission statement, to constructing your ideal set of beliefs and history, to programming your thoughts to be the most ultimate and success oriented, to professional development and business planning techniques, this work book leaves no stone unturned, and provides perfect examples using the most technological sciences such as psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and personality typology and social science.

And the book does this more specifically with exercises for becoming the master seducer you want to be to get the women and sex you want. From concocting your ideal woman and documenting your fantasies so that you can make them real, to programming your mind for being a master seducer, to becoming the ultimate seductive character archetype and learning how to seduce your ideal woman's character archetype, to learning and creating technical seductive patterns and formulas using social science, pick up artistry, and neuro-linguistic programming. You will also learn the secrets of sexual escalation, magickal sexual techniques for making women orgasm and getting them sexually addicted to you, and the dark secrets of BDSM and dominating women. This book truly has it all and will give you everything you need to be the master of your domain.

Want an example of what you get in this book? Just click here now to check out this awesome excerpt on how to go from being complete strangers, to having sex with someone in a completely flawless step by step system!

Young smiling couple looking at each other while lying in bed

By the time you have finished this workbook you will indeed be the ultimate man, and the ultimate seducer, dominating the social environment around him and attracting hoards of women into your personal harem. When you do these exercises you will be able to self actualize all of your wildest fantasies and live out your dreams. All you have to do is imagine them and then use the magickal NLP exercises in the workbook and you are sure to get there. They really do work like a charm!!! I can personally guarentee it because these are the same exercises I have used on myself in order to get the love life of my own dreams and fantasies, as well as become the person I wanted to be, and get the worldly success I wanted. And they are the same exercises and procedures I go through with all of my clients in programs to get them the results they want too! And you can get all of that here in this simple short easy to read and use book not for the price of a program (which is often thousands of dollars), but the price of a book!

Want an insiders look at just whats in store for you when you use the Ultimate Man Ultimate Seducer Method?  Just take a look at some real life photos of how I actually live on an average basis.  Here are just a couple of snapshot glances into what results this character and lifestyle system produces for someone, without them even having to try very hard at all, but just going through the basic motions:





Is that proof enough?  Need more proof that beautiful women want me because of these methods?  Here are some more pictures of the women I have hooked up with and even formed relationships with using the very same system you will learn and construct your reality with in this book.

Keep in mind that though some of these girls are models, these are not professional pictures that were pre-planned or staged in any way, they are just casual candid shots taken by my cell phone of my average daily life.  So while the quality of these photos is not that great, it will show you that this system does naturally get you the women you want in a constant and steady stream...





Just look at how that once bitchy hot blonde model goes at me like a tigress once I used my seductive NLP tactics on her to activate her desires towards me.  And you can too with this book!

Need even more proof that these types of women are physically intimate with me? Not a problem. You have plenty of beautiful women lusting after you when you are the ultimate man and ultimate seducer....





That beautiful redhead right there actually ended up being my girlfriend for the better part of a year and we had an epic BDSM Daddy/Babygirl relationship, largely because of the date you see pictured here.  And you will learn the forbidden secrets of how to develop those kinds of elite sexual dynamics here within the pages of this manual!

These are just a few of the pictures I have taken with women that I am comfortable sharing openly. You wouldn't believe the types of pictures I take. And there are plenty more that you will see in the book as examples of how the tactics you are going to learn there work in real life physical interactions.

But what you do not know is that I was once a complete looser who was living in forced celibacy and getting absolutely no girls, and the ones I did get from time to time were fat and ugly! I had absolutely horrible depression and social anxiety, and PTSD on top of that! I thought I was hopeless! Until I started studying all sorts of social sciences and everything related and formulated this special system that was guarenteed to transform me into the ultimate man and ultimate seducer. And the more I developed it over time the more ultimate it became! Until I had every single aspect imaginable covered! And then I went on to help lots of other guys like you using this system. And now I have put it all into this super affordable and easy to read & use book so that it can give you the love life you want too with hardly any investment on your part what so ever!

And this doesn't just work for me!  Check out this testominal from someone who used my book in cooperation with some of my coaching and the results he had:

“It's been more than two years since I've been laid. The last time I got laid, I had gotten lucky with this really cute Chinese girl that I really liked a lot. But since her, date after date, I couldn't get another lay and have been living in forced celibacy which is very sexually frustrating. Fast forward two years later, Brian moves to Las Vegas where I live and he started coaching me in his system “The Easy Automated Girl Getting System”.
At first I was skeptical because I had a lot on my plate and didn't think like anything was going to be able to change my life.  He helped me to redesign my image and wardrobe, He helped me with my inner game and I used his Ultimate Man Ultimate Seducer Workbook.  He helped me with my presentation and delivery and how I communicate with women.  He gave me pointers on some of the fine points of relating to women and taught me about female sexuality and dominance as well.   He helped me in field in person and I went from not even being able to get a woman to stop walking to listen to me when I was trying to meet her, to being able to command groups of hot girls attention.  More and more after a few weeks out I learned and developed a great skill set and was able to game more and more without Brians help.   He gave me a lot of constructive criticism along with positive feedback and I made rapid progress like I had not before with other peoples teachings in the past two years.
Then one night Brian had a girl he had brought out on a date with him that he let me talk to for practice and noticed that we liked each other so he let us spend some time alone and then prompted us to leave together and go back to my house and  I got laid for the first time in 2 years thanks to Brian.  And what was so amazing was that it felt so easy, it was like playing T-Ball.  Brians system for getting women and making sex happen is in fact EASY AND AUTOMATIC!  I highly recommend his system to anyone who is like me in that you do not have much time to go out to pick up mates and are just not having as much success with dating and the love life that you want.  Brian’s program can take you from sexual frustration to fulfillment.”
-John Betros
Poker Dealer
Las Vegas NV


So as you can see this stuff works!  And that is because this is the only product of its kind on the market! And only this highly technical workbook has the power to take all of your wildest dreams and fantasies and turn them into a reality! Because this is my own personal lifestyle system that I know first hand works, even under the worst conditions, because it worked for me in a very difficult social environment, with a very difficult personality (my own, due to the disorders I had such as PTSD) and because it is a system that is meant to be customized and calibrated to work for anyone else I am confident that this highly specialized and scientific system can work for anyone anywhere no matter who you are or what circumstances you have. So I am putting my personal guarentee on this product. If you read this book and use it systematically as instructed, and find no results what so ever within 60 days of purchasing you may return the product for a full 100% refund!


Just make sure that you ask for a free consultation first so I can help you in any of the ways you may need it because I am sure it will work for you if properly applied, and if it doesn't I will make sure that you have not been at any loss what so ever, and you can even keep the product and continue to try to use it FOR FREE!!! So this opportunity to change your life comes at absolutely no risk to you what so ever! You are either satisfied with getting the life that you want or you get your money back guarenteed! Why not just give it a try! You have absolutely nothing to loose!

I am even going to throw in my special Ultimate Man, Ultimate Seducer NLP Mind Reprogramming Track as an extra bonus to accompany this book as my holiday gift to you, just for a limited time. These two products go really well together and have a very powerful synergistic effect when used in cooperation with one another and are sure to make your transformation much more intense!

And just because it is the holiday season I am also going to be giving this book away for over half off for just a limited period of time! So go ahead and click the add to cart button now!!! Don't put off getting the love life of your dreams any longer!

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