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Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

Do you ever feel insecure? Unsure of yourself? Pessimistic or perhaps even anxious about what is going to happen to you? Well the truth is that we all do. Insecurities are one of the biggest problems that people have holding themselves back in life. And it is time to solve that emotional problem that may be the very only thing holding you back in life. And luckily for you I have the cure!

Using the power of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming I have created an audio track that when listened to will completely reprogram your brain and delete the problem patterns you have had which make you feel insecure and prevent you from succeeding, and replace them with positive, powerful, proactive mental processes that will make you feel the confident ways you need to in order to succeed in your life.

This special hypnosis track is for overcoming anxiety and fear coming from past events such as trauma, or phobias.  This is a great track to have if you deal with anxiety or fear because it will help to permanently rid your subconscious mind of the elements from your past that are still plaguing you today and preventing you from moving forward without fear or anxiety, which this track gives you the ability to do by creating a fearless future for yourself! Permanently alleviate all of your nervous tension and insecurity that is preventing you from having the life that you want so that you can become a more confident, proactive, successful person! This is a truly empowering and important resource for effectuating the mental state you want to have!

This exciting product is on sale now and is one of our most affordable and low investment product! The normal price is $67 but it is on sale today for the new year new you special for just $17!!!! Make sure to take advantage of this special sale and don't miss out on the state of being you want to have and can today at such a low price!! That is literally less than the cost of an entree at a nice restaurant! And right now you have the ability to spend that small amount on something that will have exponential returns create permanent improvement in your life rather than just being money spent on momentary gratification like so many of the purchases you make. Just think about it, you have no problem spending that much on common things like coffee's, lunches, drinks at the bar, etc...why not invest that same amount in something that you will always have and will help you to self actualize?

This track should be taken in the same way as a medication would, on a daily basis. It is ideal to listen to the track as you go to bed, and/or when you first wake in the morning. When listened to on a daily basis the effects will become permanently encrypted in your neurological makeup, and you will not have to listen to it as often anymore in order for the effects to sustain themselves, though it is still recommended that you do so twice per week, about every 3-4 days.


Overcoming Fear and Anxiety:

"Brian's Overcoming Anxiety Hypnosis track was very useful to me in coping with work and travel. I highly recommend it! I am extremely relieved that it has freed me of my anxiety which made my life very hard and robbed me of my life force for too long!"

-Adam Alonzi

Promethius Biotechnologies

University of Florida


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