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Living Your Dream Life – Total Self Actualization Program!

This year long personal development and self actualization program is the culmination of everything we have to offer here at True Life Development and the zenith of what we can do for you in your self improvement. The program consists of weekly 1-2 hour sessions for the course of 52 weeks, taking you through the linear progression of complete personal development from dealing with physical health, to your mind, to entrepreneurship and success coaching, and everything in between, including the sociological aspects of human life, and the spiritual as well for those who feel it applies to them. This teaches you self healing and healthcare practices, psychotherapy and mental mastery, meditation, problem solving, professional skill sets, the law of attraction, esoteric sciences, business development, and social science practices as well as so much more!

The training uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming to provide the most ultimate form of self improvement. Those taking the program are entitled to to free hypnosis tracks and biotechnology from the store for your personal use at your own leisure. And those engaging in the program will be given homework in between sessions and their progress monitored from session to session to ensure that each session is customized specifically to address the point you are at on your path at that given time. Due to the size of the package you are purchasing the sessions are greatly discounted and a generous time buffer will be added to any sessions necessary. This program is truly the most ultimate in personal development, specially engineered to fully self actualize anyone and bring them to their dream life in the space of a year, and if you are not where you want to be at the end of that time we will coach you for free until you are! So what have you got to loose? You are guaranteed to reach all of your highest goals! Sign up today!

Want to see an example of exactly WHAT YOU GET from an NLP based Personal Development session with True Life Development (this one done in person even though normal service is rendered via phone or skype):

And here are some testimonials from people who have gone through service here at True Life Development:

“I met Brian when I was in a very bad place in my life. Mentally, physically and spiritually I was lost, and suffering a great deal of pain. He was able to cure me almost miraculously and instantly using acupressure and other forms of shamanic healing. And working through his program of cleansing and healing he treated my root causes and rid me of my daily migraines, designed a diet plan to help me overcome my health and weight concerns, and helped me to achieve overall wellness that is permanent, not just a treatment of my symptoms but a full cure.

Brian also gave me the tools I needed to find my path again and has been there to not only support me in healing and finding myself, but has guided me to places I have never imagined. If you are looking for something in your life, whether it is to find wellness or enlightenment, or fulfilling any life purpose, desire or goal, Isantis can help you and will ensure that you attain it!”

Rochester N.Y.

“When it’s time for change, it’s time to call True Life Development! I thought I was hopeless before I came here, but it is evident upon meeting Brian that he is a highly evolved person, here for the purpose of helping others achieve the life they want to live. Brian has a lot of knowledge that he is willing and eager to share. He works with you to determine the best practices and techniques for you to use along your path. Sessions are professional and productive, and Brian provides a calming influence that nurtures a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn and grow. As a testament of his dedication to his profession, Brian will always work out special deals for repeat customers to fit any situation. After having completed the course of my work with True Life Development I feel like I have finally been able to make my life what I want it to be, and am so happy with how things have worked out! Before I started I would have never imagined I would be this happy, but thanks to True Life Development I am! What you get out of their personal development program is the success and lifestyle of your dreams!”

Rochester NY

“The great thing about Brian’s one-on-one sessions is that the healing doesn’t just occur during the session; he gives tools that one can take home and use on a daily basis in order to heal myself. Brian is a master hypnotist and a fantastic motivator. I always leave his sessions with an extra jump in my step, and a whole ‘backpack’ full of tools which I can apply to my daily life to make improvements in my health, my business, my relationships, and my overall well-being.”

Rochester N.Y.

“I have been doing a personalized program with True Life Development for almost 2 months now and the work Brian and I have been doing together has been invaluable. He has literally helped me to ‘break down’ my psyche better than anyone else I have seen, and I have also worked with another Neuro-linguistic programmer in my city who has been doing NLP for 30 years. The work we have done together has made it easier for me to see some of the patterns that I am perpetuating which are not self-serving. We wrote my ‘perfect story’ together, and I have been reading it aloud every morning, and I literally feel happier, more optimistic and more energetic after I read my Perfect Story each morning. He has given me several NLP tactics to use on myself in order to stop negative trains of thought in their tracks. He has hypnotized me in-session and I have felt the hypnotic suggestions intensely. I come out feeling much more relaxed and I end up thinking back to the hypnoses occasionally during ‘regular’ life. It has been an extremely valuable experience to work with Brian and I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Rochester NY

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