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Super Healing and Rejuvination System!

Many people turn to personal development and self help because of a health/medical crisis that they are in, or because they need some form of healing (which they are not getting from the modern medical community). And for those people who come to True Life Development primarily in search of healing first and foremost, I have created this special package deal for you, which contains all of our healing and health care products in one bundle, to be taken in a linear progression as listed below, which will guarantee your return to health! And all for one very low and affordable price!!

In this exciting package you get the following:


This course teaches you how to heal and cure yourself through dietary work using little known dietary secrets that will not just treat symptoms but permanently heal and cure root causes! In this course you will learn all sorts of secret insider information on diet. Such as what the health care crises controversy is all about. How your body is biologically able to never get sick. What toxicity is all about. What common foods have incredibly harmful effects on your body and why/how. What common foods have extremely helpful effects on your body. What your pH is and how to properly moniter it for your health. The truth about alcohol and tobacco, and more!

What can this program do for you:

-Teach you esoteric secrets about nutrition

-Teach you about natural medicine

-Teach you about toxins in food

-Teach you the secrets about meat

-Teach you about alternative dietary health care remedies

-Teach you the secret about doctors

-Teach you about curing root causes

-Teach you about raw foods

-Teach you how to never get sick again!

Normal Price: $100

Testimonials about this product:

In the first course, I learnt a lot about diet, how it truly affects
your body and mind and why it’s important to avoid certain foods. As
well as things you should include in your diet.
I found the information easy to understand, though the course was extremely thorough and intensive.
The course was supposed to be introductory but it gave me a very good idea of what to expect with different foods. I felt that everything was really relevant to me now and I definately plan on taking more courses.


Australia/New Zealand

It has only been the first lesson and I am already sold! I enjoyed the lesson to the maximum! It was more informative than I anticipated! Interesting enough, thoughts that I have pondered and information that I frequently researched was mentioned in your lesson.
Energy of the food comes into your energy field, this statement stood out to me. It actually caused a ‘U’ turn in my diet, which I am appreciative to you for. Energy is a big thing for me and I don’t want any dead or negative energy entering my energy field through food! I love to learn and the interesting facts you shared really made my day and all the days that followed. I can not wait to experience what is ahead!



This holistic self healing course addresses everything you need to in the holistic spectrum to completely and entirely heal yourself and optimize not only your health but your whole state of being!

What can this program do for you:

-Teach you about holistic health care and healing

-Teach you alternative remedies for your health problems

-Teach you how to heal yourself

-Help you to overcome chronic illness and pain

-Help you to achieve and ideal state of physical well being!

Normal Price: $100


Ideally to be taken after the preceding courses on holistic health care/healing and Re-calibration/ontology, this program brings the holistic healing to the deepest level, completely recalibrating yourself and your lifestyle to be completely healthy and optimized for the way you want it to be!

What can this program do for you?

-Give yourself and your life a complete holistic make over!

-Teach you even more esoteric health secrets!

-Help you bring your health to the next level!

-Transmute all of the elements in your life from negative to positive on the deepest level!

-Help you holistically calibrate your lifestyle for the optimum state of being!

-Help you never get sick again!

Normal Price: $100


A very empowering hypnosis track to get you into your ideal state of physical health and well being. Recalibrate your reality to one of optimal physical health and wellness. Be strong and energetic! Reprogram your mind body connection and your entire system for an optimal state of being! A must have for everyone!

What this track can do for you:

-Help relieve physical pain and suffering

-Help to alleviate health problems and bodily disorders

-Help reconnect your mind and body

-Help you to achieve an overall state of physical well being

-Give you more energy

-Give you more strength

-Help you to feel the way that you want to!

-Help to disconnect you from a painful past and move you forward into a future of health!

Normal Price: $47


This Acupressure Workshop teaches both the basic theory and practice of acupressure, and in a way that is very easy to understand and apply to your lifestyle. The acupressure sequence that is taught in this workshop is very easy to use and fun! And it only take a couple of minutes to do each day so it can easily fit into even the busiest of schedules!

The sequence is a very popular one amongst medical groups because it is both a general and an ultimate sequence, and has a very wide variety of benefits! This Acupressure sequence will help you to purify, recalibrate, balance, harmonize, and strengthen your whole entire body, mind and spirit! Try it Today!

Normal Price: $47


How often do you get sick? Or feel tired and low on energy? This report shares a Isantis Tao’s secret formula full of information that “They” don’t want you to know about on how to never be sick or even low on energy again! Break free of the medical crises with this ground breaking formula!

Normal Price: $17.50 - Yours Free as an added bonus as part of this awesome package!


This contains 4 frequencies for pain relief and healing: 2.5, 31.32, 15, and 111. These frequencies are isochronic so they do not require headphones, simply let them play in the back ground of your daily life and they will do their work in your brain. Best when used in cooperation with other holistic healing methods.

Yours Free as a special added bonus gift when you buy this package!

That's well over $400 worth of products ($412.50 to be exact!), which you get in this package for only $97!!! Were actually loosing money on this just to make sure that everyone who needs to get well can!!! Making this the best way to give yourself all the healing you need altogether as easy and inexpensive as possible! Don't wait any longer to give yourself this gift in your self actualization!

Want a free preview of the type of value you will get out of this package? Just watch this exclusive Holistic Living Video Workshop!

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