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POY 9e: Law of Attraction – In Relationships

This law of attraction course is all about how to apply the principles and practices of the law of attraction for your social life and relationships, especially in dating!

In this course you will learn exactly how to be calibrated, ready and receptive for a relationship so that one can come to you and how to organize your lifestyle so that it is also receptive to and conducive for attracting romantic partners!

You will learn how to properly arrange your life logistically and systematize your lifestyle so that it will manifest an abundance of romantic prospects!

You will learn how to cultivate an attractive, romantic, seductive character that will attract romantic partners to you, and how to deeply and thoroughly calibrate your personality and behaviors for flirtation, romance and sexuality so that the things can happen between you and the opposite sex that you want!

You will learn a specific formula for practicing the law of attraction in relationships and manifesting the romantic partners you want!

You will learn exactly how to figure out the specific types of romantic partners you want down to every last detail of their character, and how to use this blueprint for manifesting them in your life right now!

You will learn about how to attract and have healthy relationships with a balanced give and take rather than having unhealthy relationships with psychic vampires!

You will learn how to rid yourself of emotional blockage that has been preventing you from having the relationships you want and causing self defeating psychological relationship patterns! And you will learn how to get in touch with your feelings and your sexuality so that you can have the prosperous romance life you desire!

You will learn several very radical esoteric and even hardcore practices for using the law of attraction to bring love and romance/sex into your life like magick!

You will learn how to formulate a proper belief system for having good romantic/loving relationships!

And finally you will learn the definitive laws of how the law of attraction works in relationships in a concise manner that you can make sure you are applying to your life properly so that you are guaranteed success!

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Want to see an example of the exact type of material you will be learning in this course? Watch this video here:

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