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POY 9D: Law of Attraction – General Practices

In this law of attraction workshop you will learn all about the practices used for the law of attraction and how to use them for you in your lifestyle and self actualization! This is where the theory, philosophy and principles meet the outer work. You will learn innumerable practices for manifesting the lifestyle you want and things that you want in life, including some very little known ones that have been hidden from mainstream media and teachers of popular "Law of Attraction" classes.

This is not your average lecture simply talking about "The Secret". This is very hardcore strategic practical manifesting in your real life in the real world! Includes not only esoteric practices, but some step by step strategic formulas for systematically achieving your desires and goals, and ways of systematizing and calibrating your life to fully attain that which you want in it. And also, this class teaches you little known secrets on how to make sure you are practicing the law of attraction properly so that it does not become self defeating. For anyone who has gotten into the basic theories of the law of attraction but hasn't really been able to bring about their dream life with it yet, this class can get you there!

Here you will finally learn a specific systematized set of practical physical measures to take to make sure that the internal psychological reprogramming is effectuated in the external world as well, and the inner and outer aspects of your life are working together in balance and harmony for the fullest effect of the law of attraction to take place.

And when you have finished this course you will in fact be a new self actualized person with a new positive prosperous reality, living the life you have always wanted to have!!!

Want to see exactly the type of material you will get with this course? Just check out this video:

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