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POY 3: Full Spectrum Holistic Self-Healing

Do you ever feel lacking in energy? Uncomfortable or pained? Do you get sick a couple times a year? Or perhaps have some disorders developing that you would rather not have? Unfortunately we live in a society where big businesses and government agencies as well as the health industry are causing people to get sick for profits! But do not worry! There are plenty of natural holistic remedies out there that will not only treat your symptoms, but your root causes as well, and stop any ailments in their tracks! With holistic health care you can become as healthy and physically optimized as you want to be! Imagine having all of the strength, energy and physical vitality you want to have! Imagine feeling as good in your own body as you want to and always feeling pleasant! Well YOU CAN!

In this transformational course you will learn everything you need to know to give you a basic working knowledge of holistic health and how to practice it so that you can become healthy too! From natural medicines to the mind body connection and a variety of therapies to acupressure and everything in between, you will have a whole toolbox full of remedies and treatments you can use to create the physical state of being you want to have! You will learn so much about your body and how to live a holistic lifestyle so that you can always be physically optimized! Just look at everything you get with this course--

What you will learn in this class:

-How to raise and balance your pH

-How to use Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

-How to use Incense for wellness

-How to use positive psychology and psychosomatic healing

-How to use NLP and Affirmations for wellness

-How to use sound, frequence, and energetic healing and biotechnology

-Brian Krall's personal holistic health care secret: "The Alchemical Shamanic Medicine Bath"

-How to use color therapy

-How to use Music and art therapy

-How to use acupressure and other modes of holistic healing

-And how to keep a wholesome active balanced lifestyle for your total well being


What can this program do for you:

-Teach you about holistic health care and healing

-Teach you alternative remedies for your health problems

-Teach you how to heal yourself

-Help you to overcome chronic illness and pain

-Help you to achieve and ideal state of physical well being!


Want to see a preview of the types of information and value you will get out of this workshop? Just check out these free video clips!

The Ugly Truth About the Medical Community!

Introduction To Holistic Health Care

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