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POY 2: Curing Root Causes with Dietary Secrets

This course teaches you how to heal and cure yourself through dietary work using little known dietary secrets that will not just treat symptoms but permanently heal and cure root causes! In this course you will learn all sorts of secret insider information on diet. Such as what the health care crises controversy is all about. How your body is biologically able to never get sick. What toxicity is all about. What common foods have incredibly harmful effects on your body and why/how. What common foods have extremely helpful effects on your body. What your pH is and how to properly moniter it for your health. The truth about alcohol and tobacco, and more!


What can this program do for you:

-You will learn the dirty little secrets of the medical industry

-You will learn esoteric secrets about nutrition so that you can feel the way you want!

-You will become naturally full of energy and vitality!

-You will discover secrets about natural medicine so that you never have to be sick!

-You will discover the dark secrets about toxins in food that are making you sick

-You will have the insider info about meat revealed to you

-You will learn special little known holistic and shamanic medicine remedies for your ailments

-You will be given cures to your root causes of illness!

-You will be given the miracle cures for any disorder!

-You will learn how to never get sick again and always feel how you want to in your body!


Testimonials about this product:


In the first course, I learnt a lot about diet, how it truly affects
your body and mind and why it’s important to avoid certain foods. As
well as things you should include in your diet.
I found the information easy to understand, though the course was extremely thorough and intensive.
The course was supposed to be introductory but it gave me a very good idea of what to expect with different foods. I felt that everything was really relevant to me now and I definately plan on taking more courses.


Australia/New Zealand


It has only been the first lesson and I am already sold! I enjoyed the lesson to the maximum! It was more informative than I anticipated! Interesting enough, thoughts that I have pondered and information that I frequently researched was mentioned in your lesson.
Energy of the food comes into your energy field, this statement stood out to me. It actually caused a ‘U’ turn in my diet, which I am appreciative to you for. Energy is a big thing for me and I don’t want any dead or negative energy entering my energy field through food! I love to learn and the interesting facts you shared really made my day and all the days that followed :) .
I can not wait to experience what is ahead!



Want to see a preview of the types of information and value you will get out of this workshop? Just check out these free video clips! Including a leaked excerpt of this very course just for you so you can see what it is all about!


Dietary Secrets for Weight Loss!

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