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How To Become The Ultimate Sex God/dess And Get The Sex Life Of Your Wildest Dreams!

Hi, I'm Brian Krall, Social Scientist and Sexual Educator. You may have heard of me from my hit show "The Sexuality Show" where I have my friends and colleagues who are famous authorities in the Sex Ed industry on to teach with me about various important sexual issues and topics. I've been educating people on sexuality and helping them to overcome sexual shame, repression and frustration and become sexually liberated and fulfilled for years because I know that sex is one of the most important things in life. Without the sex lives that we want we simply don't have the pleasure we want in life, and aren't going to feel happy or fulfilled. In fact you can even get sexually frustrated and repressed which will make you feel absolutely horrible...and can even lead to devastating mental health problems.

woman who has sexual trauma 3

I know this first hand because when I was a teenager I was very sexually frustrated. I spent years in celibacy and just couldn't get a girl even if my life depended on it. I was absolutely miserable because of it, and I don't think anyone should ever have to live like that. That is why I have made it my job to sexually empower people so that they can get the sex live's and all the sexual pleasures they want. Even live out their most ultimate dreams and fantasies.

Because it has been statistically shown that even in this advanced day and age, that most people's sex lives are not satisfactory! In fact it has been proven that most women have never had an orgasm from intercourse with a man! And we all know that the divorce rate is over you really think that's a coincidence that these statistics coincide? Of course it’s not!

So why should it be so common for people to not have satisfactory sex lives?


But one way or another most people are not having as much sex, as good of sex, or the type of sex, and the amount of pleasure that they wish they were having.

Aren't you one of those people?

But the reason why most people are not getting what they want sexually is because they have certain things holding them back.

And thus most people are sexually stifled and frustrated.

Haven't you ever felt that way? Perhaps especially now that you think about it?

Well "Sexual Frustration" is something that occurs because of any variety of reasons...

Perhaps you have been sexually shamed at certain times in your life, and feel ashamed of certain aspects of your sexuality, or just feel that it is taboo and weird and it makes you uncomfortable for you to think about...Even a small amount of sexual shame can cause great psychological issues and blockage that will prevent you from having the sex life you want.

Perhaps you have had to deal with some sort of sexual dysfunction, such as not being able to maintain an erection, or vaginal dryness, or issues with your sex drive or stamina. These situations can be very sexually frustrating.

Or perhaps everything is fine upstairs and downstairs, but you are just not having the orgasms you want to have. Perhaps your orgasms are disappointing and not very big, or happen and are over too quickly. Perhaps you just wish you had bigger better orgasms. Or perhaps you wish you were able to have more of them. Or perhaps you just want to be able to have one, because they never seem to come...Having orgasm issues is extremely sexually frustrating.

Perhaps you just don't get enough pleasure out of sex because you and/or your partner just don't have as much sexual skills as you wish. Perhaps sex has become more of a chore for you and your partner and it has become lackluster and you just do not get much out of your sex life anymore. Perhaps your sex just isn't as exciting as you feel it should be, and doesn't feel as good as it should. This is frustrating. But perhaps you need more pleasure out of sex. Have you thought about the kind of pleasure you would want to get out of your sex life?

Or perhaps because of your lack of sexual knowledge and skills it is the other way around and it is your partner(s) that feels that way about you. Perhaps you are not as good as your partner(s) wish you were at pleasuring them and your partner(s) aren't sexually satisfied...or are even sexually frustrated with you....Perhaps your lack of knowledge and skills has created awkward, embarrassing, and uncomfortable situations in your sexual history... Perhaps your partner(s) are so unhappy with their sex life with you that they have resorted to cheating that you may or may not know about.... These is all very common and very frustrating and upsetting scenarios and I understand your pain. But perhaps you and your partner just need to learn some serious sexual skills and gain more knowledge so you can retrain yourselves to have an exciting and orgasmic love life.

Or perhaps you are one of the many people out there who don't even know enough about sexuality to know what they should want, and haven't really explored their sexuality very much at all and feel completely out of touch with it. Perhaps you have been living in forced celibacy for some time and don't even remember what it is like to feel the touch of another person. Perhaps you even have a partner that you are not having sex with because you both are so out of touch with it. Perhaps you are so sexually frustrated that you have been masturbating too much, or lost interest in it totally, and you really feel that deep need to re-ignite the flame and have a healthy active sex life again. Or perhaps your sex life has just been boring and monotonous and you know that there should be more to it than there is. This will all feel very frustrating, and sad.

Or perhaps you are like most people and you have unfulfilled desires that you want to explore but are afraid to tell your partner(s) and do not know how to go about exploring them. Perhaps you have unfulfilled fetishes or fantasies you have kept hidden and secret inside of you because you are afraid to tell anyone about them...or maybe you even had told a past lover or two only to have them reject you and make you feel bad about it. And all you really want to do is be able to explore your hidden fantasies and fetishes and create the sex life you have always dreamed about. Perhaps you can imagine what it would be like to be living the sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies and feel every one of your sexual desires completely fulfilled...

What would that look like?

What would it feel like?

What would it sound like?

What would it taste like?

What would it smell like?

What would you be thinking and feeling emotionally when it happens to you?

What would be happening to you exactly to fulfill all of your secret desires and effectuate your dreams??

What really turns you on and makes you feel exactly how you want to feel sexually?

Let your mind wander and begin to take you through the scenarios you dream about that you would just love to have happen to you most ultimately...


Its Time To Finally Bring All of Your

Wildest Fantasies To Life!




Would it be maybe something like this?....


Magi Harem Shoot 2012 © SNTP

Or maybe something like this? Haven't you ever wanted more sexual pleasure and fulfillment? Ever dreamed what it would be like to have a more indulgent sex be able to take things to whole new levels of gratification and satisfaction?




Or have you ever found yourself daydreaming about sexual fantasies and kinky fetishes you wished you could experiment with but have always just been no more than forbidden dreams and guilty pleasures?


Young man and the woman are engaged BDSM in sex on a bed

Have you ever heard friends talking about their sexual adventures and wondered why you couldn't have those same kinds of sexcapades? And what it would take to become like them?

Have you ever fantasized about having a wilder more epic and orgasmic sex life? The kind you read about in trashy romance novels, or ancient middle eastern kings with a harems.

31874_show_harem (1)

Haven't you always just wanted to be a Sexual God/dess to the opposite sex? (Or the same sex if you are gay).

Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to be a sexual master who could give and receive the power of sexual pleasure like a Casanova or Cleopatra...and make everyone that you want super hot and horny whenever you want them to be, and make them cum harder than anyone ever has so that they will all get addicted to you and your sex....

Well now those fantasies can become a reality with the Ultimate Sexual God/Goddess Training from True Life Relationships!

This highly specialized intensive training will totally transform you into a God or Goddess of Sex in all ways possible. It is a complete identity level and lifestyle change.



Ok well not exactly like one of those kinds of Sexual God/dess, but kind of. Just someone more in modern human form. Someone who the opposite sex lusts after. Someone who fulfills all of their fantasies and others. Someone who can give others more orgasms than they've ever had and make them feel ways they never imagined. Someone who is so orgasmic and fulfilled that they ooze sexual energy. Someone who is a master of sex and sexuality and is able to use it to achieve a whole new level of pleasure and state of being...and can use it to control the opposite sex and turn them into their sex slaves. Someone like this:




(If you are a woman) Or this if you are a man:



That is what The Ultimate Sex God Training program can turn you into. But instead of me telling you about the program, why don't I actually give you a little preview of this specialized sexual training so that you can actually experience it for yourself instead:


And now I'm sure you can see for yourself exactly how this type of training will transform you into a Sexual God/dess. And that was only a short video giving you a micro-formula as a preview of what you will experience in this training program, which is exponentially larger and more intensive. So just imagine what you will get when you actually go through the complete transformation coursework and are able to get the amazing, epic sex life you have always dreamed of...



Living The Sex Life Of Your Dreams

Imagine yourself finally being in the lifestyle you want to be in. Imagine the men or women of your dreams being there with you, being yours and fulfilling your every desire. Imagine the pleasure and happiness that is yours in those moments, having the love life you have always fantasized of...and looking back to this moment where you made the decision to engage in this program and bring this special system into your life, and how it was the turning point that finally gave you the lifestyle you have always wanted.

With this training program you get the freedom and power of having the choice of what people you date, have sex with, and have sexual relationships with. You get full control over the quality of your sexual interactions and intercourse. You get to have the hot steamy epic sex life you have always dreamed and fantasized about! You get to make sure that you and your partner both get pleasure and orgasms. No more leaving it up to chance and then ending up sexually frustrated or embarrassed. You get full control over your love life, and just how much fulfillment you get out of it.


You get to live in sexual abundance and finally have sex with men and women hotter than you ever have in your life, and get the sexual pleasure of the healthy active sex life you have always wanted. If you are looking for more you can get into relationships with high value mates who are perfect matches for you and make you feel exactly the way you want to feel.

And most of all you get to step out of sexual repression and into the bliss of having a prosperous and fulfilling love life. You get to feel more pleasure than you ever dreamed possible and feel better than you ever have in your life. You get to live a wild adventurous fantastic kind of lifestyle that only celebrities, porn stars and kings get to live. And that will take you to a whole new state of being.


You get to finally able to feel amazing about who you are as a person! Because with this special program you get to feel what it’s like to be totally desired and wanted by the opposite sex! In fact you and your partners will experience such a new level of orgasmia that you they will get addicted to you and you won’t be able to get them to leave you alone! And there is no feeling in the world greater than that!

But the problem is that when you have sexual desires that are going unfulfilled it can actually backfire and you can become sexually repressed and worse...sexually unhealthy or deviant. Are you at risk of becoming a sexually deviant? Watch this video to find out:



This is exactly why you need to get this aspect of your life taken care of so you can have the healthy active sex life you need to be satisfied so you do not become mentally ill. And it all starts with establishing a solid sexual identity and seductive archetype so that you can get the sex you want to have.

The Secrets of Being A Masterful Lover

You see I have actually been there. I have been sexually frustrated, repressed, and unhealthy. I even lived for years in forced celibacy which was very painful for me. Because I actually used to have a lot of sexual issues. Insecurities galore. It all came from having very bad social conditioning growing up. A mother that was very sheltering and didn’t let me have any girlfriends or ever be alone with girls. Even as a teenager. I had to have sex with my girlfriends in secret and make it very quick. It was a very anxious feat and was hard to enjoy. Then dealing with the abusive girlfriends and unhealthy relationships I had after that...caused me to have some very serious sexual issues that I needed to overcome if I ever wanted to have a healthy active sex life. So becoming a sexually liberated and fulfilled person was a very serious journey for me.

But I learned a lot about human social and sexual psychology on this journey which led to me being so sexually empowered. I even learned some secret sexual psychology "hacks" which work almost like secret cheat codes to video games, and suddenly made getting sex from hot women super easy.

And the biggest hack I realized is what I am going to reveal to you now:

This sexual psychology hack is that no one out there wants to take responsibility for sex!

They don't!

It makes everyone nervous to think about having to try to make sex happen with someone they want!

But most people are too sexually insecure to do this, they don’t have the sexual identity or skills to be able to take responsibility for their sex life and making sex happen, so they end up making mistakes that prevent sex from happening whenever they are talking to someone they have attraction and chemistry with.

This is largely due to people not having evolved enough of a sexual identity and reality for them to be in control of their sex lives. And that is why this is the very FIRST thing that I teach in my course. Just check out this video on how to become more sexually evolved as a person so that you can become a Sexual God or Goddess and develop the sexual reality you want:



You see all people want is for someone to show up being the ultimate mate for them, and know how to do everything right and make the sexual relationship happen for you both without them having to put in the effort or take the responsibility!



And so all you really have to do is show up acting like the ultimate mate, and go through the motions of taking the interaction to sex, and NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG! And they will be super relieved that someone is finally making it happen for them (especially the really attractive high value mates, who are not used to people having the confidence to do so with them), that they will thankfully allow you to seduce and make love to them and enjoy every bit of it. As long as you have a strong sense of sexual identity because you are in touch with your inner Sexual God or Goddess getting the ultimate sex life of your dreams is just a matter of going through certain steps to get there.

Having A Naturally Epic Sex Life

Sex can be hard to get sometimes with some people who have sexual blockage or sometimes just because the situation is difficult. But it's not always that a matter of fact with my system usually it isn't. With this system you simply have the knowledge and skill set in order to make it happen with difficult women when you want to. You can have any woman (or man), even if she doesn't already want you, or is the very resistant and icy type. But you'll find that with this special system sex generally becomes extraordinarily easy to get...and happens very quickly, even instantaneously in many cases.

In fact most of the women I have had sex with it occurred within an hour or two of meeting. I have even had sex with multiple women within 15 minutes of meeting. And I am not talking about ugly sleazy slutty women who will fuck anyone. I'm talking about very high value women. Because this system is about getting the highest quantity and quality of mates easily and automatically. So you will be getting the ideal mates, and oftentimes instantly, if you just go through the motions.

Just check out this last hottie I had sex with instantaneously just so you can see the type of quality of person I am talking about that you can make sex happen with immediately. She is a physically ideal woman, an athlete and a dancer, and she is also an ideal personality, she is a scientist, an intellectual, and a very spiritual woman. Here are some pictures of her:


And she is into yoga, so she is VERRRRYYYY flexible, and not shy about showing off her sexy body and skills...



And here are some pictures of us after having sex...


IMG_0723 IMG_0731

But what if I told you that she was actually the one who asked me for my phone number, and then asked me out?

You see there are some secrets I still haven't shared with you...

One of the big things that really makes sex happen so automatically and instantly like that, is not just the system of outer tactics that I employ and will teach you, but the inner tactics that I mentioned before. One of the very valuable things I teach is how to be the most ultimate ideal mate yourself, how to become someone who is sought after by the opposite sex.

To do this you have to know exactly what they want and how to become that. You see there is a science to attraction, it is all about evolutionary psychology. And there are certain character archetypes that the opposite sex is attracted to that you can embody. These work to create sexual connections and dynamics in different ways, and you need to understand these complex social dynamics in order to be the type of person who can connect sexually with the opposite sex in an instantaneous fashion.

Man taking womans clothes off

This is called mastering your sexual personality and becoming the ideal mate. Once you have done that you will actually find that sometimes the people you want are actually already after you, and as you try to go through the motions of making sex happen with them, they are actually doing so too...sometimes before you even get the chance.

In this case literally right before I was about to ask her for her number, she offered it to me, and when I was about to try to make plans with her she asked me out...however we never got to do the things we were planning on doing, because before we could even get a chance to go on our date, one day we were texting and she asked if I was free now, and I told her I could be...and she came right over to hang out and we were having sex within an hour. And it was super hot too. And that is how the Ultimate Sex God/dess Methodology works.

But of course you can't just be the ultimate mate and expect the opposite sex to do all the work in making sex and relationships happen with you. You still have to go through some basic motions yourself. But in order to make it as easy as possible, we employ certain sexual "hacks" that trigger sex instantly. You can actually learn some of these top secret hacks for free right here, just as my gift to you for reading so much of this page, as you obviously really want to learn how to change your life and get the sex life of your dreams:

Well I have a special step by step process that I teach which I have formulated. However before I reveal my exclusive step by step system, I am really excited to share with you some of the dirty little secrets I have within the system. Some of the most exciting secrets I have are what are called "Sex Triggers", which are basically sexual psychology hacks that directly lead to sex because when you hit them, they instantly turn someone on and prepare them mentally to have sex with you! All you have to do is hit these secret sex triggers and you are guaranteed to get to sex smoothly, naturally, and effortlessly.

What are the secret sex triggers you ask?

They are:

1.) Comfort/Rapport - The more rapport you have with someone the safer they feel having sex with you, and the more their brain releases what are called "pair bonding hormones" for you. These are chemicals in their brain that tell them to mate with you. So make sure you build rapport with the people you want to have sex with!

2.) Humor - Similarly to pair bonding hormones and rapport building, humor causes the same chemical reactions in the brain as sexual attraction. So when you make someone laugh, if they weren't sexually attracted to you before that, they then will become so.

3.) Emotional Connection - The more emotional connection someone has the more sexual desire they have. You can even create the feelings of falling in love by creating deep emotional connections, which is the most ultimate form of seduction and will quickly create a very fulfilling and ultimate sexual relationship.

4.) Indulgence & Pleasure - creating a generally sensual, indulgent, pleasurable experience and atmosphere with someone, where they feel like it is ok to be that way around you and that you not only wont judge them for it, but encourage it and are an indulgent sensual person yourself, is one of the greatest ways to make sex happen. Also it links all of those sorts of feelings to you, and makes them automatically enter that state of mind (and body) whenever they are around you, or even think of you!

5.) Fantasy - The brain is the largest most important sex organ, not the genitals. Engage the mind and you will have entered the doorway to the person’s sexuality. And when you engage their fantasies you link them to yourself, and can make them feel like you are someone who can fulfill them, which is highly seductive and will make them want to have sex with you.

6.) Sexual Suggestion - It is very important to be sexualizing your conversations in little ways by dropping little sexual innuendo and cues, suggesting that you are a sexual being and that this interaction has sexual potential, but in harmless and stealthy ways.

7.) Pleasant Touching - Always be touching the person whenever possible, and not just in social ways, but affectionate ones that are appropriate. The more you can associate your presence with pleasant touching and the pleasurable physical feelings that go along with that the more things will escalate towards sex.

If you would like a more in depth explanation of these sexual hacks and how to trigger them, just check out this video below:


Once you involve these secret sex triggers in an interaction you are guaranteed to spark attraction and create chemistry between you and your prospect, and it will lead to sex almost automatically!

You see another secret of seduction is that all that people want is someone who understands how attraction and seduction works so that they can make them feel the way they have always wanted a prospective partner to make them feel. People just want to be made to feel good sexually. And that is all seduction is. Making someone feel the way they want to! And who doesn't want to be seduced? It’s like I said earlier, everyone just wants someone to show up and do this for them!

And of course, being the ideal choice in sex partners for them is also important. You can't be some creepy weirdo and expect someone to want you to seduce them. You need to be an ideal mate...however, another secret of being a master seducer is that this is actually much easier than you think! It’s just that most people are too lazy, and don't know how! But you will now! Just click here to get started:

Turning Sexual Fantasies Into Reality

The first step in making your dreams come true is to envision them in as vivid detail as possible. You can’t get what you want if you don't know exactly what it is. But once you know exactly what it is you desire, then you can begin to actually bring it into your life. That’s just how things work.

So just imagine what the love/sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies looks like to you...

And what does it feel like?

Watch the scenarios start to play out before your eyes...

What would you be doing when you have that?

And now just imagine the feelings that go along with them.

That's right, feels amazing doesn't it?

Now imagine the following scenarios:

Meeting a super hot girl/guy and hitting it off with them instantaneously, getting along famously and having that immediate chemistry and everything go smoothly and naturally towards a date which ends up being both romantic and epic.


Or looking down at your phone and having a phone full of attractive girls or guys phone numbers texting you to tell you they want to see you and the things they want to do with you. Feel that powerful feeling of having the ability to see who you want when you want, and do with them what you want.

And now imagine what you would do with your prospects to fulfill your sexual fantasies...

Would you be in bed with the most beautiful woman or man you have ever been with? What about having 2 or 3 beautiful men or women in your bed eager to please you?



Or having people declare their affections and dedication...or perhaps even submit to you and tell you they want nothing more than to be owned by you as your personal sex slave...


Because that is exactly what is possible when you have gone through this kind of transformation. I know because these are examples from my own personal sex life.

And these things have not happened to me based on good looks, or having always been someone who lived this way either. I used to be a very sexually insecure and awkward geeky boy who did not get girls and spent most of my early year’s celibate. And it was very hard to live that way.

So eventually I decided that I had to change and that's when I delved into sex research for over well over a decade (actually more like 15 years now). And as I studied and practiced sexuality I got more and more successful at it and my sex life became more and more epic and fantastic....and that is how I came up with this incredible system for living like a Sexual God/dess that you can now learn in a very consolidated and straight forward fashion without having to go through the same near decade of struggle and hardships that I did.

And what makes my special system so special is that it has been created using not only social science, but my own personal field research over the years, with literally thousands of women, as well as my colleagues and affiliates research. And while I do pull from others good material, I have a lot of my own secret tricks of the trade that NO ONE ELSE ANYWHERE OUT THERE TEACHES!!!

I have many exclusive secrets that I am especially proud of and work like magic in making sex happen. And even though my business consultants have warned me not to share these secrets with anyone except for at a very high price, they are just so special that I can't help but want to share some of them with you now.

So be sure to take notes if you haven't been already, for this is where I am going to give out some serious gold for you. Super secret tricks of the trade that no one else is teaching anywhere and you won’t learn from anyone but me. And when you use them, will work literally like Magic. For these are the Magic bullets that I use to make sex happen super quickly and easily. Oftentimes within an hour of meeting a woman.


Magic Bullets For Making Sex Happen

Now we are going to get into the actual physical and sexual tactics for making sex happen on a date, or when hanging out with a friend you want to turn into a lover or fuck buddy. These moves are super hardcore and require a certain amount of sexual comfort and confidence necessary to really be proactive and physically dominant. But if you can have the right state of mind and go through these moves you will not only successfully engage in sexual play, but your date will become super horny for you and want you to take things even further.

First lets deal with sexualized physical touch. There is a really awesome physical move I have that I use with women first and foremost before making out with them or doing anything else. I call this the Magick Touch. I call it “The Magick Touch”. It is called “The Magick Touch” because it creates a very magickal moment between me and the girl in which our dynamic becomes highly sexualized and causes escalation to happen to other things. The way I illustrate this is as a man to woman. If you are a woman you can do this but in reverse.

The Magick Touch - While standing find an excuse to take your dates hand. The best way is to lead them into the kitchen to get something to eat or drink. Then twirl them around (if you are a woman you would twirl yourself not your male partner), and grab them from behind. If they twirl around all the way so that you are facing again, twirl them another 180 degrees and grab them from behind so they do not keep twirling. Wrap your arm around their waist and/or chest, or if you are a woman wrap the man’s arms around you from behind you, and put your arm around the back of his head. If you are a man start breathing heavily on your girl’s neck and ear, and then if she doesn't break away start kissing and biting it while fondling her breasts. You can even gently shove her up against a refrigerator or wall while doing this. If you are a woman just pull your man’s head towards your neck to try to prompt him to start kissing and biting it, and you can place his hand on your breast if you desire.  This move may seem intimidating because it seems so aggressive and sexual like something out of the movies, but in fact that is exactly why it works so well.  It is just so sexy that the girls I have used it on have always reacted positively and had fun with it, just like this one here:

When you get really good at it you will turn the woman on so much that it will just turn into a make out. But even if the girl doesn't turn around and start kissing you, if you do this to your date they will become extremely turned on, and you will be able to initiate a kiss soon after breaking away from this embrace. So let’s talk about how to initiate an amazing magical kiss in a really badass way using my next signature move. If you are a woman doing this to a man you can do it to him the way I describe doing it as a man to a woman, or you can do it in reverse in which you assume the role of the woman I am describing here and pull the man into you submissively.

The Badass Kiss Move - Lead your date to an area where you are near a wall or refrigerator, with them between you and the wall. Get really close, then suddenly grab them by the shoulders then gently but firmly shove them up against the wall while making deep eye contact. Then wrap your arm around their waist, and or run your hand up their spine and grab their hair, and kiss them very lightly, your lips just barely touching theirs. Then withdraw your head and look them in the eyes for just a moment, and kiss them again passionately this time. Then break away. As a woman you can do this to a man minus the hair pulling, or you can back yourself up against the wall and put his hands on you and act submissive trying to elicit a kiss and it will work. If they have short hair you can just grab their neck. But in either case it is important to not use too much pressure or force, and ease it off after a moment so they can be more comfortable and not feel totally dominated or like you are forcing them. See?


This move may seem a little hardcore, and like something out of a romance novel or film, which may seem unrealistic to some people, especially if you are not used to being sexually forward. However it does in fact work like magic and creates a super sexy romantic moment between you two and an incredibly sexual dynamic and turned on partner who will soon be ready for sex.

And as for escalating to sex, well all of those tactics are things I really have to teach you in full detail in my program. But first you need to know exactly how to EXPRESS YOUR SEXUALITY to the people you want. You see it all begins with communicating your sexual intentions. You see before you can get what you want with someone, you have to know what you want, and how to communicate that to them in a comfortable, confident, seductive and sexy way. Just check out this video here which is another actual excerpt from my program itself teaching you exactly how to do this, so you can get started using this powerful mode of sexual communication now:


Which, you will then further move towards with the next move...

Stealth Genital Stimulation - Unlike the other two moves, this one is extremely simple. It will seem minimalist in comparison with the previous two. Partly because after executing the previous two moves your partner will not need any more elaborate moves to get them further turned on, as they are already extremely turned on as it is. You just need to nudge them the rest of the way. see this move is quite simply some rubbing of their genitals. But what makes it such a tricky tactic is that you are going to first do so not with your hand, but with your knee and thigh. This should be done while making out.

One of you should be on top of the other, and what you need to do is work one of your legs in between theirs and gently begin to massage their crotch with your knee. If they do not object and seem to like it do so harder. If you are the man and they are the woman you should even then get on top of them and use a lot of leverage with your body weight and rub their crotch with your knee and thigh up and down. Then once they are very turned on by that, you can use your hand to massage it...but the beauty of this move that makes it so stealthy is that this is all entirely done with their pants on. Even as you massage their crotch with your hand, their pants stay on.

This will get them so incredibly hot and bothered, as well as impressed with your skills, that they will want you to do more...but just to be on the safe side to prevent them from thinking things are moving too fast I recommend stopping this for a little while and waiting to go under their pants or take them off until a little later when you can re-initiate. Its best to save actual genital contact until after you have done a sexual elicitation technique to get them mentally prepared for sex, which I will illustrate next...

The Lust Invoker - This one is also very simple and minimalist. Because again they will be so turned on by this point that they will only need a bit more prompting in order to make sex happen. This move is a verbal one, not a physical one. But it primes them mentally for sex and causes them to make the actual mental decision that it is going to happen, which is a very powerful thing for you to cause to happen. They may even initiate it with you when you use this tactic, which is why it is called a sexual elicitation/lust invoker.


All you have to do is tell them what everyone wants in a partner, by somehow working the following into your conversation: "I love giving orgasms", or "I take even more pleasure out of giving pleasure than receiving it." If you are a man saying this to a woman she will be very interested in how you can give her pleasure, and how much, and will be eager to find out soon. This will create an extremely passionate and lustful lovemaking session that will be very fulfilling to you both. Now if you are a woman you modify this a little in your favor and say "I love a man who knows how to please a woman" and then follow that up with "What would you do to please me?" Which will then help you to create the sexual experience you want to have with the man. When you use this, you'd better be ready to get wet, because sex is going to happen immediately after.

Advanced Sexual Techniques & Orgasms


Now that you have learned how to physically escalate to foreplay and sex with someone and make them super turned on and ready to jump your bones, you need to learn how to actually make sex good. Otherwise you'll just be one of those people who disappoints your partners and creates awkward situations and makes people sexually frustrated. This can be a very embarrassing and esteem destroying thing to have happen and we never want that to happen to you. So while it’s all great to be able to get to sex with anyone, you also have to be able to please your partners in sex right? Otherwise your sex life will consist of a bunch of failed attempts with frustrated partners and bad experiences. Obviously that is not the kind of sex life you want to have, and it is not the kind of sex life I am here to give you. I am here to turn you into a Sexual God/dess, and that means being able to please your partner(s) so that you can both have incredibly orgasmic sexual experiences.

And that is one of the golden keys to being a Sexual God/dess - People who are at that level of sexual mastery know how to please their partners very very well. They know how to create incredible feelings and experiences in another person, and give them phenomenal orgasms and lots of them. And this in turn only leads to more pleasure for them. Why?

Because those you give a lot of pleasure to will want to give a lot of pleasure to you!

Let that just sink in for a moment. The more you give the more you get. So it is very important to be able to give great pleasure and orgasms as a sex partner.

The rest is just being able to give instructions to your partner on what you like (and exploring your sexuality enough so that you know exactly what you like and what makes you cum really really hard.)

But in order to help your partner become more orgasmic, and help yourself to become more orgasmic as well, you want to first have a complete understanding of orgasm and what it is, as well as the types of orgasms that you and your partner(s) can have.

The dictionary defines Orgasm as: "A climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation"

But what you may have heard of before but never experienced for yourself is that women can actually ejaculate in addition to men, it is not something that only men can do! You've probably heard this and thought it was just an urban legend before, or something that only porn stars and select women can do, but not yourself or the people you have been with right?


Actually all women can ejaculate. Even if you are a woman and have never done so before and think that you can’t, or if you are a man and have talked about it with your female partners before and had them say that they cannot do so because they never have before - EVERY WOMAN CAN SQUIRT EVEN IF SHE HASN'T EVER BEFORE!

Why is that?

Because every woman has the gland and the fluid inside of her, it just has to be activated in a certain way.

What is this gland and its fluid?

It is called the female prostate gland, and the fluid is called "para-urethral fluid"

So all women are capable of having those same massive squirting orgasms that you have heard about, you just have to learn how!

Another thing you may have heard or even experienced before is that women can have more than one orgasm at a time. This is something you will also learn about in the Ultimate Sex God/dess training so that if you are a woman, or anytime you are with a woman, they can have as many orgasms as you two want them to have.

In fact teaching people how to give women multiple screaming squirting orgasms is one of my specialties and one of the big things you will learn in this training program, and you can actually begin learning about it by clicking this link here to watch a secret hidden video I have out there on the subject for just a lucky few who have the good fortune to find it.

However while most people know a bit about the female orgasm, they just don't know how to make them happen or how to make them happen in certain ways, most people know that women have a g-spot and that women can have multiple orgasms (they just don't know how to make that happen). And the female orgasm is a very large and awesome occurrence for a woman and making one happen or having one is a really amazing experience to have that is quite sexually empowering. In fact the average female orgasm is 8 times the magnitude of the average male orgasm! Can you believe that? If you are a man you are only having orgasms a fraction of the intensity and pleasure of orgasms women are having!

But one huge secret out there that most people do not know, is that men have a g spot too, and can have orgasms more the size of women’s orgasms if it is activated!

Isn't that interesting?

Oh but there's more. Another secret you will learn about in this program is that men actually can have multiple orgasms too!

Isn't that an amazing thought?

So obviously there is a lot about both male and female orgasm that you may not know about. And that there are different types of orgasms that each gender can have. And it is not just limited to the ones I mentioned already which are most common...

Oh no...there's much more...In fact there are about 10 different types of orgasms that each gender can have!

Yes that's right, 10! Can you believe that? Well its true!

Want to learn exactly what they are?

Well today is your lucky day, because I am going to outline the various types of orgasms for both genders right here. So make sure you take note of them because you are going to want to know which types of orgasms you are already having yourself or giving people, and which other types you want to try to have and learn how to give.

The 12 Types of Female Orgasm

1.) Clitoral/External

2.) G-Spot/Internal

3.) Cervical/Deep internal

4.) Combined Internal/External

5.) Anal

6.) Combined Anal and Vaginal

7.) Nipple (usually experienced during another type of orgasm)

8.) Full Body

9.) Squirting

10.) Multiple Orgasms – With climaxes separated into individual peaks with come downs in between

11.) Multiple "Stacked" Orgasms - Combined into one constant plateau with progressive peaks

12.) Tantric/Energetic/Mind Altering

Intrigued? Just wait until you read about the different types men can have...

The 9 Types of Male Orgasm

1.) Ejaculatory (Standard)

2.) Multi-Ejaculatory (With a refraction period in the sex session)

3.) Retrograde Ejaculatory (Press the acupressure point on the perineum during orgasm so that the semen does not get pumped out and you can then ejaculate again)

4.) Non-Ejaculatory (Stop yourself from ejaculating during orgasm for a smaller orgasm that will allow you to orgasm again)

5.) Prostatic (Male G Spot Stimulation) + Standard Ejaculatory

6.) Prostatic Non-Ejaculatory

7.) Multiple Non-Ejaculatory

8.) Heart Orgasm (Genital Orgasm Plus Heart Centered from Love Feelings and/Or Nipple Stimulation)

9.) Tantric Energy/Full Body Orgasm


Now that you have read about all the various kinds of orgasm you are just fascinated by the idea of having and giving all these various types of orgasms and how exactly that can be done! And that is exactly what I am going to teach you so that you can maximize your pleasure!

While you will have to wait to take the Ultimate Sex God/dess program to learn all about the different types of orgasm and the technicalities of how to have them, as well as all the other hardcore stuff I am going to teach you there, because it is all so highly scientific and I don't have the time or capacity to give all of that information away for free. I will start teaching you how to become more generally orgasmic here and now so that you can start getting more pleasure today.

You see there are 29 different types of erotic touch that I have outlined in my work as a social scientist and sexual educator. Learning these types of touch will make you better at foreplay so that you can make sex happen better and make it more progressive and climactic, and will make you much better at sensual play and causing a variety of pleasant sensations in yourself and your partner(s), as well as maximizing your fun and pleasure in sex and making you both more orgasmic.

What are these 29 types of touch you ask? Well I will reveal them to you now!


29 Types of Erotic Touch

1. Wrists and Hands – hold them and lightly caress them, they are very sensitive. and also you can pin them down above the person’s arms and be dominant over them with sensual play

2. Forearms and Underside of The Arm – These are highly sensitive and erogenous and can be easily stroked while holding hands and will get them turned on.

3. Hugging – If you are a man you can put your hands on the woman’s but and lift her up if you are standing. If you are sitting you can climb on top of her and hold her in a bear hug that is very dominant and makes her feel restrained. If you are a woman you can hug sensually or even as if you are a baby girl and give your man the sense that you need him and that there is some emotion in the hug. Put your head next to the persons and nuzzle them when hugging. And if you are laying down hug with your legs too.

4. Cuddling. – One partner should lie down on their back flat and put their arm under the other partner’s head, while this partner puts their arm over the other partner’s chest, and their leg on top of the other partner’s legs. The other partner can then wrap their other arm and leg around their partner as well. This is what I call “the super cuddle” and is about as much full body contact as you can have and is extremely intimate. You can combine this with any kind of caressing or body play that you want with your free hands, however just holding one another for a while can be all that some partners may want at some times as it does cause a lot of feelings and may be needed to help them feel comfortable and connected with you.

5. Hair and Head – playing with someone’s hair is very pleasant for most people. Run your hand up the back of the head starting at the neck and then go from there. This can be combined with a head massage or head scratching which most people also love. If your partner has long hair you can gently but firmly grab and tug it at the base of the neck which also causes very sensual sensations. Again start by running your hands up through the hair at the bottom of the back of the head. And you can be as dominant with this as they like.

6. Face & Head – you can lightly cradle the head and face by wrapping your hands around the jaw and back of the ears, or around the cheeks and temple. This is great for doing while you are kissing someone or cuddling and caressing them, and can be combined with deep romantic eye contact. You can turn this very sensual by beginning to caress their face and head which also has erogenous zones on it. The cheeks are highly erogenous, as are the lips, and even the forehead, so you can lightly caress these areas. Caress in broad circular strokes along the cheeks and outside of the face. This can also be combined with playing with their hair and giving them a head massage which is also very sensual.

7. Ears – lightly caressing the ear starting from the top and then following the curvature of the ear down to the lobe and squeezing it there (which is an acupressure point). Also one of the most intensely erotic ways you can touch someone is in their ear with your mouth. While cuddling or nuzzling or kissing their neck, direct your mouth to their ear and begin to lightly breathe hot breath into it. If they do not back away (as some may not like it because it may tickle, or feel weird or too intense, but most do like it), then continue doing it more heavily, and then put your nose into their ear to tickle it a little more directly, and if they like that start using your tongue on their ear, and then if they like that you can begin sucking on it and nibbling it a little, and even lightly kiss the outer part of it. Then you can move your efforts back down to their neck.

8. Stomach – lift up their top and lightly caress their stomach up and down with your whole hand at first, then you can concentrate lighter touching with just the finger tips along the sides and waist, which are more sensitive.

9. Clothes – Trace around the edges of her clothes with your fingers lightly and under the straps of her bra or panties before taking them off<

10. Ass Grabbing – Grab the whole thing; wrap your whole hand around it. This can be done when hugging or cuddling. This can then be combined with an ass massage and caressing the ass with your whole hand, which you can combine with caressing the small of her back which is highly sensual, and caressing the tops of their thighs which are also highly sensual, and you can then brush your hand against the bottoms of their genitals in a teasing fashion to start to arouse them.

11. Spanking – Start lightly and do it repeatedly to cause a light sting and if they are enjoying it you can increase how hard you are doing it until they show signs that it is enough. You can also use a flog or a paddle.

12. Wrestling – you can start with the hands by holding hands and then pushing or pinning them, or with hugging which you can do dominantly. And if this doesn’t prompt them to push back (as it often won’t if they are submissive), you can then roll over and bring them on top of you manually, and then roll back so you are on top. If this doesn’t prompt them tell them you want them to resist and wrestle back. Wrestling can be very fun and you can combine it with animalistic primal play such as biting and scratching, as well as nice light sensual romantic play such as nuzzling, hugging and cuddling.

13. Caressing – Light strokes with the whole hand are good for warming someone up and having a soothing effect that makes them feel connected to you and romantically engaged which is lightly erotic. However taking your palm off of the skin and using just the fingers in a light touch is much more sensual and becomes highly erotic and arousing. Using the broad caress with the whole hand first which can also be combined with groping and grabbing, and then use lighter strokes with just the fingertips. Finally, use the lightest touch possible and just lightly drag the very tips of the fingers over your partner’s skin concentrating your caress more and more on the most erogenous zones. You can also lightly drag the tips of your finger nails for the most intense sensual experience which borders on a tickle, or may actually tickle them at some places, so make sure that is something they enjoy.

14. Scratching – do it lightly in foreplay so that it is sensual and just harder than a tickle, you can do it harder during sex especially during peak experiences

15. Tickling – Lightly tickling certain areas of the person’s body can be very pleasant for some as you trace your fingers over their body, but be sure to ask them if they like tickling or not because some hate it

16. Chest – If you are a man with a woman cup the breasts and use your hands as a bra, then caress them in a circular motion starting at the bottom and working your way around to the top, and back down and around again, starting around the outside and working your way in a spiraling motion towards the nipple. DO not go right for the nipple but stimulate from the outside in and then the nipple will be highly aroused and you can focus on that by flicking it, tickling it, licking and sucking it, and even pinching it. If you are a woman touching a man he will not have the same sensitivity as you do in your breasts outside of the nipple, however men’s nipples are much more sensitive. So you can use a similar technique but without the cupping. Just trace a spiral outside the chest to the inside and then stimulate the nipple in the same exact way you would want your stimulated, but ask him what he likes too and give it to him the way he wants. This can help men to become much more sensually engaged and orgasmic.

17. Lips, Kissing, Licking, Biting, & Sucking – Brushing your lips along someone’s body starting at the neck and working your way down their shoulders and chest, and stomach, and legs is a highly sensual and erotic, arousing activity. You want to be breathing hot breath on them while you do so and make your kisses very sensual (not lick pecks, and not like you are trying to eat them). You want to be stimulating their skin with your lips in a caress like you did with their fingers. However using hot breath on them makes it extremely arousing. You can also use licking here and there by darting your tongue over certain erogenous zones such as the nipples, waist, hips and thighs, however many other areas the tongue will not stimulate well, and you should only use the breath which is the most sensual and arousing thing. You can use biting in these areas as well but it should be used even more sparingly than the licking and should be done gently and playfully unless your partner shows you that they like primal animalistic play and are getting rambunctious. A great way to bite that most people enjoy, which can be done at rounded areas such as neck and shoulders and waist, is by opening the mouth and dragging your teeth along the area. Sucking should be done even less as that only really feels good on the neck, nipples, and genitals.

18. Hips – These are sensual areas that are really great to trace lightly with your fingertips once you have worked down the waist or up the thighs and will really arouse your partner’s genitals. However they are also great for wrapping your hands around and pulling your partner in to you which makes them also feel aroused and “taken” and will make them want you to fuck them.

19. Pulling – Pulling can also be done by: The hair, the thighs or under the knees, the back, the stomach or waist if you wrap your arms all the way around, the shoulders. Just make sure that you use a firm grip and are supporting your partner and not pulling them in a way that will feel uncomfortable as that will be unarousing. When you pull them into you really wrap your arms around them and hug them dominantly to make them feel taken and controlled by you as well as taken care of and loved or romanced. This is highly arousing for partners especially submissive ones and will make them want you to take them more and have sex with them.

20. Pushing – You can grab someone by the shoulders and push them down and climb on top of them which is a very erotic and arousing experience especially if they are a submissive type. But even if they are not. While doing this look them intensely in the eyes. Place firm pressure on their shoulders and chest, but do not put your full body weight on it if you are heavy as that may be uncomfortable. Just put as much as it takes to hold them down, and then hold them there while continuing to look at them deeply in the eyes and give them a mischievous look. This can then be combined with kissing, hair pulling, choking, scratching, biting, or just wrapping your arms around them and hugging/cuddling them dominantly.

21. Choking – Some people are into this, mostly women. And though many women are into this, you absolutely must ask first and ask how much pressure they want. Some may just want your hand to lightly rest there. Some may want to be choked hard until they pass out. Communication is key. Make sure you do not apply more pressure than they want, and apply pressure around the throat but do not directly press down on the throat too hard. The idea is to constrict blood flow not air. I recommend not doing it for more than 30 seconds at a time.

22. Long Broad Stroking – You can use broad strokes of your hands and fingers up and down the entire length of their body while they lay on their back or front. As most of these zones are erogenous. You can start at their neck and shoulders and work your way down to their feet or vice versa. Or you can start at their wrists and work your way down to their feet or vice versa. You can start with your whole hand to warm them up which will feel soothing and romantic and then use lighter and lighter caress to make it much more sensual and erotic which will become very arousing to them. You can also do very light scratching as well which can be highly erotic for many people.

23. Feet – Grab the whole feet with your hands which gives a grounding feeling for them. And you can massage the underside of their feet with your fingers which is very relaxing and stress relieving.

24. Massage – A full body massage can be very stress relieving and romantic and make someone feel loved, however you can also make it very sensual and erotic.

25. Full Body Contact – Laying on someone with your full body weight can feel really great. Having as much skin on skin contact as possible can be highly sensual and erotic, and feeling your weight on them can make your partner aroused as well. And this can increase feelings of connectedness.

26. Holding From Behind – This makes many partners feel safe and intimately connected with you. It can be combined with wrapping an arm around the neck in choking as well.

27. Heart and Eyes – an interesting and highly intimate one you can do is you can increase feelings of emotional connection, intimacy and love which can be very romantic and arousing by placing your partners hand over your heart so they can feel your heartbeat and making deep prolonged eye contact. This will make them feel very connected to you emotionally and/or spiritually which can cause a lot of powerful romantic feelings including the feeling of falling in love.

28. The Inside of the Thighs – these are highly sensitive erogenous zones. Start by the knee and trace your fingers up to the inside by the genitals. This will greatly arouse your partner.

29. Genitals – A great way to touch the genitals first and foremost is to just hold them and apply a little pressure. Women should apply light pressure to a man’s penis, but a man can apply firm pressure to a woman’s vulva. Applying pressure and releasing, or using a wave type motion with the hand can be very stimulating and erotic.

Intriguing aren’t they? Can't you just imagine all of the kinds of amazing sensual pleasure you and your mates will get when you use these? Well how would you like a few bonus tips too? Go ahead and read on...

Bonus 1 – Use a feather wand for greatly enhanced sensual play, or brush your partners body with a flog or riding crop

Bonus 2 – You can make a fuzzy glove to use for sensual play by visiting a crafts store and simply stapling together some fuzzy material

Bonus 3 – Blind folds can increase the erogenous feelings and sensuality because of the sensory deprivation of one of the senses which then increases the others

Bonus 4 – You can combine ice and hot candle wax on the erogenous zones for an especially thrilling sensual experience


Now I'm sure you are super eager to go out and start experimenting with all of these types of erotic touch now so that you can see exactly how good you can make yourself and your partners feel with them, and you will be a master of sensual play now too that is on your way to becoming a Sexual God/dess and having the epic sex life you have always dreamed of! All you have to do to complete that journey is click here to enroll in the training program that will get you there!

Super Kinky and Hardcore Sex Tactics


Now if you think that all of the secret sexual tactics I have taught you so far are impressive, I can't wait for you to see what happens when you actually try them and see what results they produce! You are in for quite the treat!

And just you wait until you learn all the other dirty little secret sex techniques I teach in my patented sexual fulfillment system...because these are really just a chip off the tip of the iceberg compared to all of the other attraction, seduction, initiation, and orgasm giving techniques such as:
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      • How to use your sex appeal to drive the opposite sex wild


      • How to attract anyone no matter who they are or what the situation.

      • Special hypnotic seduction tactics to get someone super sexually interested in you and excited to see you again, and even fantasizing about being with you sexually.

      • How to break through barriers, resistance, and emotional/sexual blockage, and open someone up to being sexual with you.

      • How to make simple kisses extremely sensual and romantic so that they elicit someone’s passion
        Man seducing woman

      • How to make sex happen with anyone anytime anywhere.

      • How to properly escalate physical touch and initiate foreplay without it being awkward or creepy.

      • How to really activate and engage someone’s entire nervous system and body so that they are so turned on they won't be able to control themselves.

      • How to perform genital massage that will make your partner more orgasmic than they ever have been so that they will cum all over you.

      • How to give amazing oral sex that will make your partner scream and have multiple orgasms (even if they are a man!).

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      • And perhaps most valuable of all, how to get someone emotionally and sexually addicted to you, and fall in love with you, like I have done with plenty of girls, such as this one - just look at the love in her eyes, you can just see how much she is falling for me, which is saying a lot because she is a Capricorn and normally they are icy bitches, but this is just proof of how powerful this system is and the kind of real results it produces:


And here's another young girl I made fall in love with me. Just look at how she keeps her eyes open when she kisses me, that's a sheer sign of a woman being in awe of you. Both of these girls were wild in bed even though they were young. However the reason my system comes with a serious warning about getting people addicted or in love with you is illustrated well by the girl in this picture, who after sex became very possessive and wanted to own my cock. You need to watch out for that, because that will happen to you if you use these methods.


But perhaps most of all, just look at the love in this girls eyes...who happens to have a boyfriend and only met me that night, but yet she is still falling for me as you can plainly see!

1897875_566411016833908_5312575689450140367_n 11536038_566411006833909_5448724734970010708_n

But I know what some of you are probably thinking. We'll this stuff may work on most people, but me or my partner just aren't very orgasmic. We've tried some special techniques before and it hasn't helped us get more pleasure out of sex.


In fact I've actually been the one saying it before!

You see I've actually dealt with anorgasmia myself! (That's an inability or difficulty achieving orgasm)

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I Guarantee that this is so next level and will work no matter what your situation that I will give you your money back if it doesn't! That way you have absolutely nothing to lose except your own pleasure

What I am teaching you is basically a college level course in human sexuality. The material is highly scientific, academic and technical. You will even learn

      • Sexual Polarity and the nature of Gender and Gender Roles.

      • Evolutionary Biology and Psychology and the Science of Sexual Attraction and Mating

      • Sexual Psychology

      • The 16 types of Sexual Fantasies people have and how to reveal and fulfill them

      • How to engage in Psychological Foreplay and Mental Sexual Stimulation to make your sex much more intense and fantastic

      • Sexual Anatomy and The Erogenous Zones for proper arousal and stimulation

      • Medical remedies for sexual dysfunction

      • The Nature of Orgasms and how to become more orgasmic

      • The workings of both the Male and Female G Spots

      • Spots beyond the G Spot such as "The Deep Spot" and

      • "The Perennial Sponge"

      • The "U Spot"

      • The 11 different types of Orgasms a woman can have and the 8 different types of orgasms a man can have, and how to give them to your partner, or instruct them in how to give them to you. Including:

      • The Cervical Orgasms, the deepest most intense kind for a woman, and

      • Combined orgasms, as well as

      • Full body orgasms and Tantric Orgasms

      • The anatomy and inner workings of female ejaculation

      • How to become multi-orgasmic, even as a man

      • The Psychology of Love, how it works and how to make it work for you and not against you

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But of course I know you don't want to hear an list of the academic features of this class and why it is statistically the highest level of information you can get out there. I know what you really want. You really want another sneak peek into the highly specialized hardcore sexual training that you'll be getting to give you the pleasure and orgasmic state you want. Right?

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Just look at some of the other super hot top secret sex skills you will learn, which are considered forbidden by others

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  • How to communicate about hardcore taboo topics with people you want to experiment with in a way that is not awkward and won’t get you rejected, but will be comfortable and natural

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  • How to seduce and sexually liberate someone who has extreme sexual shame or blockage, or may even be a virgin, and release their sexual inhibitions and turn them into a total sex freak for you

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  • How to turn rejection around into sexual consent

  • How to make the people you want pursue you rather than you pursuing them

  • How to have sexual relations with people across great age or cultural differences

  • How to become an international playboy (or playgirl!)

  • The fine art of romance and invoking passion in people

  • How to make someone so hot for you that they cannot restrain themselves and will jump your bones

  • How to give a sensual erotic massage that will make your partner highly aroused and hot for you, and make them super orgasmic

    feather touch

  • The art of oral sex and how to work the opposite genders genitals in order to make them cum right in your mouth and face fast

  • The various types of orgasms, how to have them, and how to become overall more orgasmic and even achieve combined orgasms, full body orgasms, and Mystical Tantric orgasms

  • How to have multiple orgasms, or make your partner have multiple orgasms, even if you haven't before

  • How to make someone orgasm so hard that they have a mind altering experience and your sex becomes like a drug that they will get addicted to

  • How to make a woman cum or squirt for you when she never has before and doesn't think she can

  • How to practice domination for the most hardcore and fulfilling sexual experience

  • How to properly tie someone up


  • How to use pain in the right ways so as not to hurt someone or create a bad situation

  • How to elicit someone’s submissive side and get them to serve you sexually


  • How to be a submissive and have someone else take care of your sexual needs for you

  • How to do anal play and penetration properly so it will feel great instead of hurt

  • How to hypnotize someone into orgasming for you and create a hypnotic anchor for their orgasm that you can trigger at any time you want

  • How to guide someone to orgasm via phone or text message so that they are wanting and fantasizing about you whenever you aren't with them

  • How to make someone fall in love with you even if they originally didn't like you at all and weren't looking for a relationship

  • How to create a mystical experience with someone and channel orgasmic sexual energies between you two linking you spiritually using secret Tantric energy work tactics that some refer to as forbidden Black Magick


  • Secrets of actual Sex Magick...yes the spiritual kind, which is not just me using some crazy buzz word, but an actual thing I practice as a shaman and Tantric yogi. If you are not spiritual you do not have to learn about it, but you still may find it to be very fascinating stuff because it is. And if you are spiritual, I can teach you as much about sacred sexuality and the art of sex magick as you want to learn!

  • How to make someone want to be owned by you and treated like your personal sex toy, and how to turn someone into your sex slave that will be at your behest sexually and live to pleasure you


  • How to convert a monogamous person into a polygamous or polyandrous person

  • How to build and manage a harem of lovers


  • How to have orgies with them, and how to manage these multi-partner scenarios so they are not awkward and overwhelming

  • The secrets of keeping passion alive in your relationships and continuing to explore your sexuality more and more over time so that instead of dying out your sex life only progresses more and more

  • Sex games you can play to make your sex super fun and interesting

    Sexy officer

  • And many secret sexual ninja tricks that I cannot reveal here for free!

So when I say that with this system you will have the sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies, that is actually an understatement because in actuality I will be giving you a lot of sexual experiences you probably never even dreamed of because they were so far outside the scope of your reality that you never imagined them possible! But now they are!

And all of these amazing epic sexual experiences can start as soon as you click this button! As I'm sure that you have gotten sick of hearing about all the success myself and others have had and just want to go ahead and get started with it yourself so you won’t be missing out anymore 😉

The New Ultimate Sexual Reality


Now I know what some of you are probably wondering through all of this. You're probably thinking, "Well all of these claims sound so spectacular, that it almost seems hard to believe. Is this too good to be true? And how can it possibly work for me in my specific situation? What if these methods may work for you but don't work for me?" Well let me address that concern right now. The claims I am making may seem grandiose because that is how I live. And I know that this reality is hard for some people to wrap their heads around, I know this because that's how all of my students are when they first come to me, they think that this type of lifestyle isn't even real. And even I once upon a time when I was living in celibacy thought that lifestyles like these only happened in the movies and weren't actually real.

But I assure you it is real, for like I said I have lived it. And you have seen the pictures of me to prove it. And all of the things I have just listed that I will teach you are things I have done routinely with a number of different women, and have taught a number of men and women to do successfully.

And this is all stuff that doesn't just work for some people, on other certain people. This is stuff that works on everyone, even beautiful models like this woman who I picked up on the beach, even though she was in a shitty mood and was busy ranting and raving about some issues she was going through.


I seduced her and had sex with her, even though she played hard to get and kept giving me resistance. But once I got to sex with her she unleashed a wild side with me and became super dominant and practically raped me.

Here are some pictures of us that night, you can just see the affection and how taken with me she is because of my Sex God methods:



10653281_519161674892176_3655735458569682927_n 1782185_519161684892175_2200243811928843264_n

And this is only one of a large number of scenarios in my very epic sex life. Just to name some other examples of how I live using these methods:

I have taken frigid women and made them super hot and turned on. I have seduced women who play hard to get and were even bitchy, and successfully had sex with them.

I have released the sexual sides of women who had extreme blockage or shame, or were virgins.

I have made a girl who had an aversion to love and a relationship fall in love with me.

I have had young girls call me daddy and have me do all kinds of kinky things to them that even made my bros go "WTF" when I told them about it.

I have been in numerous BDSM relationships as different styles of Dominant.

I have learned the secrets to unleashed someone’s primal animalistic side and even had women dominate me and do all kinds of kinky things to me once I have done so.

I have had traditional conservative sweet innocent types of women ask to be tied up by me and told to do whatever I want to them.

I have women want to be owned by me become my sexual slaves and serve my every sexual need happily getting pleasure out of my pleasure and being treated like my possession.

I have given countless women over 10 orgasms in one sitting (many who have never had an orgasm before) and made them squirt all over me and my bed (even ones who said they couldn't squirt), and given several more women over 20 orgasms.

I have played with a myriad of toys in a number of fun ways to create different types of sensations and orgasms

I have hypnotized women to orgasm without touching them, and without even being present over the phone or text.

I have created orgasmic hypnotic anchors and triggers in women's body so they would begin to cum at my simple touch.

I have had Tantric sex with women and created a soul mate like energetic sexual bond between us and had mystical sexual experiences together that were nothing short of psychedelic.

I have had sex with multiple partners at once.

I have had multiple relationships at once with women who were not poly-amorous types but agreed to be polyamorous with me.

I have learned how to instruct women in the art of pleasuring me with the various techniques I want them to use.

I have even had multiple orgasms myself and reached new levels of sensuality and orgasmia even though I once struggled to be able to cum

And all of this coming from someone who went years in celibacy and could not get any sex at all! So I am living proof that you can have an epic sex life and be a Sexual God(/dess) to the opposite sex (or the same sex if you are gay). I've even got a whole diary detailing my epic sex life and all of my sexcapades and sexploits haha. No matter who you are or what your sex life is like now, I can help you to fulfill all of your wildest dreams and fantasies and become a Sexual God/dess.

And just to show you again how well this works, my girlfriend last year was a gorgeous red headed woman who said she wasn't attracted to me, and wasn't looking for a relationship or any kind of emotional connection what so ever when I met her. But I was able to seduce her and get her to come home with me, and she said that though she was going back to my place that night she was not sure she would ever want to see me again. However there I gave her tight little pussy 4 orgasms without breaking a sweat. After sex she stayed to hang out which she said she didn't normally do, but was doing because I kept her engaged with my presence. And then when she left I didn’t call or text her, but waited for her to come back after me, as that is what people will do when you are a sexual god/dess.

And sure enough she did. She said she wanted to see me again soon. So the next week we got together again, and I made her cum again, but this time took more time to instruct her in how to please me. And after sex she hung out again and we connected emotionally. I created an epic romance between us and It wasn’t long before we were on a BDSM adventure together with her as my Submissive and she started calling me Daddy and begging to give me Fellatio. It was like a mix between a fairy tale romance and a hardcore porno. Which is a very divine balance to have in a relationship. But I was her god and she was my goddess. Here are some picture of us on one of our very fairy-tale-esque date adventures:





See I created a spiritual bond between us even though she wasn't the spiritual type, using my special tantric secrets, and after a while she professed that though she hadn't found me attractive at all when we first met, and didn't want love or a relationship, she now found me more attractive than any man she could possibly imagine, and was deeply in love with me and wanted a long term relationship with me. She even allowed me to continue to see other girls (including the blonde from earlier) even though she lost interest in other men and wanted monogamy with me...but even expressed an interest in having threesomes with me and the other girls I was seeing.

And it gets even more epic than that. Way more epic. This was a girl who had never squirted before, and had had boyfriends try diligently to get her to squirt. Guess who made her squirt all over? Me.

This was also a girl who didn't like anal...guess who made her actually enjoy having anal penetration? Me. This is a picture of her looking beautiful after we got done having sex. You can tell she just got done having orgasms because of how flushed her cheeks are haha.

Becky looking beautiful in bed

This was a girl who was seen as the sweet and innocent girl in the sun dress by other people, but who I got so kinky within our sexual exploration together using different toys and bondage and pain...which I was able to do only because I had the right methods, because these things are in fact a fine art and you have to know how to do them right and how to do them well otherwise they can turn into a nightmarish experience for both of you that will traumatize you for life!

I'm sure that you've had some embarrassing experiences before, we all have, that’s part of the fun of exploring your sexuality. But some of this hardcore sex stuff is considered forbidden in this industry because most people do it wrong, and when done wrong it can be horrific. In fact some people can have physical harm done to them that causes them to be literally scarred for life and unable to experience sexual pleasure the same way anymore. You do not want to be on either end of one of those experiences. Which is why I am here to teach you how to do these things the right way so that no one gets hurt, or mortified beyond belief and becomes too insecure to experiment with their sexuality ever again. Let's not let that be you. When you take my program you will learn the safe and fun way to experiment with the most hardcore sexual experiences.

And speaking of scarring...this last girlfriend of mine was so taken with the whole experience that she actually asked me to brand her so that she would know she was mine and have a tattoo on her body of my mark to remember me by even after I moved away to Las Vegas so she would always remember what we had. And now she does.

It's amazing what someone will do for you when you have used my methods to become their own Sex God or Goddess. They will literally become your own personal sex slave and want to be fully owned by you, and this here is living proof. And we’re not talking about some whore I picked up in the gutter either, were talking about a beautiful classy intelligent respectable young woman. Someone who was so deeply taken by me that she wanted me to brand her as my property so she would eternally be marked as mine. Which was her idea, not mine. And now she has my brand on her to always know that her body is my own personal sex toy.


100_6076 edited

And I have our pictures to remember us by. Pictures of when I had her hot naked body wrapped up in chains on her bed, or splayed out in an "X" on mine. And even a fun picture of times we used to go for walks in the neighborhood with our wrists chained together, which was funny to see the reactions on other people's faces as they would look at us...


And I could just see how sexually stifled they are on their faces as they saw this symbol that her and I were engaged in such an extremely radical sexual relationship and were experiencing things so far outside of their very limited sexual reality that it made their mind play tricks on them...

But yet people do not have to be sexually stifled! And they shouldn't! Sexuality is natural and you can be sexually free and fulfilled just like me and my partners!

These girls I recruit to be my submissive’s in my harem are not even part of the kink/BDSM community. They are normal girls who are just looking for someone to fulfill their sexual fantasies! The same types of fantasies that everyone has! And when you become that fantasy fulfiller you will become a sexual god/dess to the opposite sex (or same sex if you are gay)

Just look at this most recent girl who I found and thought was absolutely gorgeous and an ideal personality for me and just perfect in every way and really wanted.






Yea she's gorgeous right? So you can see how when I saw her I just had to have her. And talking to her made me know that she was the perfect personality for me too. So what would you do in that situation? Would you be able to make the relationship you want to have happen happen? How would you respond when you met someone like this?

Well I can tell you what I did...

I seduced her and made her mine! What else would a person like me do?

On literally the very first day we spent together she said she wanted to be my slave. This was a girl who when she met me was so taken with me that she said she only wanted to serve me and realized that that was the purpose of her life. She said that being my submissive gave her existence the meaning she had always craved, and that she wanted me to own her soul. She even then when she left and went to work the next day said that she loved me and it hurt to be away from me. Here are some pictures of us on our epic fairy tale romance so you can see for yourself how in love we are and exactly the kind of relationship dynamic you can have with someone when you use this system:









12705748_648290311979311_8069687652531715453_n 12717192_648290375312638_4230604232310797009_n



Just look at all that love! It's amazing! You can just see for yourself how in love we are and all the romance and sexual energy between us! You can just imagine how phenomenal it feels to actually be in that kind of relationship dynamic! It's pure bliss!

This is indeed a real deal soul mate situation and we both knew it from the get go. And I wouldn't have been able to make it happen without the knowledge I am teaching you here in this program. Otherwise I would have never been able to seduce her and show her that we were meant to be together in the capacity that we are together now. But luckily I had the skills it took to make her fall in love with me and want to be owned by me thanks to this special top secret system.

And how did she respond to the feelings she felt for me? Well she stopped going in to her job so she could be with me as much as possible and started doing work as my spokes model in True Life Relationships and a pornographic model instead.

Yea that's right, so you can even see her naked too...





Look at that perfect ass! And I completely own it and get to fuck it whenever I want, in whichever hole I want and she will serve me and make me cum even if she is busy, sleeping, not in the mood, etc...because she is my slave and lives to give me pleasure!

She even asked me to tie her up and hold her captive and never let her go! She wanted to feel completely owned by me and like she was going to be kept as my possession forever! Want to see what she looks like bound and gagged? Check it out...


me holding her chain 100_6512

This is what people will do for you when you completely sexually liberate them and give them the sexual state of being they have always wanted! They will think of you as their sexual god and worship you and your genitals and live to please you!

That is just the type of effect you will have on the partners you want when you use this Ultimate Sex God/dess System! Remember this was a girl who I was the one who was very taken with and thought was perfect for me and I just wanted so badly...And so I made her fall in love with me and want nothing more than to be my property and live only to serve me as my own personal sex slave! What if you could do that with the people you wanted rather than having them just pass you on by?

And what's more is that she even helped me get more other ideal girls and build my harem since I had just moved to Las Vegas and she was only the first girl I had met. Now my harem has multiple girls in it who are submissive to me. This is just simply how people respond to you when you use the Ultimate Sex God/dess System! Can you just imagine how amazing it would be to have the ideal mates that you want want you so badly that they would just live to please you and even help you get other ideal mates to serve you as well?

Don't believe it? Just check out some clips from the first time I spent with her here and you will see exactly first hand out she acts towards me...I'm telling you this stuff is real, and serious!

Here is me asking her to tell me that she is "Daddy's good little girl" sexy...

And here is me asking her to whine for me, and tell me sexy things like who owns her, who she is, and who I am. This is a basic exercise in Dom/Sub role play...however in this very interesting clip when asked her to tell me who I am instead of her saying "You are my master" like she is supposed to, she unexpectedly says "You are God". Now this is not something I ever told her to say, she simply said it because it is what she was feeling towards me and how she saw me in those moments so that is how she answered the question naturally. This will really show you the profound effect you can have on people when using this Ultimate Sex God System and exactly why I call it that. Just look at how it makes people react to you:

And this is not because of some devious reason like I gave her drugs or something. This is simply due to the feelings I elicited in her just like the other women who submit to me and ask me to do things to them like make them my slave and brand them. All I do is show myself to be their personal sexual god that they have always dreamed about and help them to fulfill all of their secret fantasies they have always wanted to explore with someone like me. When you do that it is completely natural for someone to respond to you this way. But you have to be able to do so in the right way in order for them to trust you and believe that the reality you are offering them is real.

Though I'm sure some of you are still out there saying to yourself "Sex Slave? Come on, that sounds a bit radical. How can this even be real?" Well I assure you that in the world of BDSM there are such things as sex slaves (consensual ones, not bought from some Asian Mafia haha). And you can even take someone who was not in the BDSM Community and turn them into your real life consensual sex slave, if you have the right system in place. And that is exactly what I did with her. You see I did not meet her in the Kink/BDSM Community. I met her on Tinder just like any other normal girl. And then I simply used my sex slave system to turn her into mine.

And I know many of you out there may still think that this is just poppycock. But just watch those videos again and look at how she looks at me, how she talks to me, what she is saying and exactly how she is saying it. Look at the emotion in her face, and notice it in her voice. Everything she is doing is an authentic expression of her feelings for me. This is the power that a Sex God has, to create this level of seduction, sexual submission, and addiction that will actually turn someone into your sex slave.

And for those of you who this is so far outside of your sexual paradigm for that it seems almost too fantastic for you to wrap your head around the reality of....well allow me to break it down into rational scientific terms that you can understand. Here as another very special FREE preview for you into the system that creates the reality of the Sex God that I live in, is the social science formula that I use to create actual sex slaves for myself. Now you will really understand this reality for yourself, and can even begin to use it in your own life!

However maybe some of you cynics out there are thinking to yourself "well this probably only works on certain types of people, like "sluts" and "freaks" or people who are in the kink/BDSM community".


And maybe you are thinking, "well this wouldn't work on the types of people in my community or culture that I am going for" or "This wouldn't work on classy people".


In fact my current primary girlfriend is a high society girl who I picked up on my travels in INDIA! The most sexually oppressive culture in the world next to Iran! And what's more is that she is a Muslim! The most sexually conservative and repressed religion!! And she is one of the elite high class in India and is actually a Bollywood movie star, former Miss India, Model, and the owner of her own film company! But yet I was able to form a romantic and sexual relationship with her and have sex with her on our second date! And by date I really mean making passionate love all day long haha. And I used the secret tantric massage that I teach you in this program to form a deep energetic/spiritual connection between us and make her think that we were soul mates! And then I was able to get very very kinky with her - a girl who had never done anything kinky in her life! Don't believe me? Just take a look at these pictures I took of us that day, where you can tell that we just had sex because all of her makeup had come off haha:

img_20161120_184319 img_20161120_184326 img_20161120_184333 img_20161120_184343


As you can see she is very high class, and very beautiful. And even though she is a high society Muslim woman in India and a bollywood movie star and former Miss India, I was able to form the relationship that I wanted to have with her, and quickly. And that's not all, by the time I was done with my 3 weeks in India I had a whole HAREM of high class, beautiful Indian woman! Women who were smart, had amazing personalities, spiritual, and all interested in being my girlfriend! And in my travels through Asia, which is entirely made up of very sexually conservative and downright repressed cultures, I was able to seduce all kinds of nice conservative girls into doing BDSM with me, and even making porno with me! Even ones who were already engaged to be married!

So you see it doesn't matter what sort of community or culture you are in or how conservative it is, or what types of partner(s) you want or how high class or high society they are. Using the methods I am going to teach you in this program you can get literally anyone you want, anywhere you go. EVEN CELEBRITIES! Its been proven! And you will get to see all of the insurmountable evidence and examples of all of this crazy methodology at work in my program! Literally hundreds upon hundreds of case studies with fully recorded interactions!

But what many people have trouble wrapping their head around is the idea that this stuff can be part of their own personal reality, and not just mine. Even when I bring people out and show them how I can go up to complete strangers and get them responding to me like this they oftentimes cannot believe their eyes. Because most people don't realize is that this is all actually basic human nature. Human beings are social and sexual animals. And thus they respond to certain social cues in certain ways. And people are naturally submissive socially and sexually with dominant authorities that they trust. And people will want to give themselves sexually to someone who shows them that they can fulfill their desires.

These things are true no matter what kind of situation you are in or what kind of person you are dealing with. So as long as you learn this system and understand it you can make it work for you with any person you want. Even if you or your prospective partners was socially conditioned to think that sex is all so taboo...that can actually become part of the excitement of experimenting with this stuff! All you will have to do is unleash the hidden sexual being inside of them and set them off on the sexual adventure they have always wanted to go on with someone like you! Because humans are sexual creatures and you can’t contain your sexuality! It is meant to be explored!

And that brings me to my last point...




Your Succsex is Guaranteed!

What makes my system so special and able to work on anyone, even you, no matter what sort of limitations you think you have, is that its foundation is personality profiling and identity/lifestyle work to make sure that everything in the system is specially calibrated to your specific character and lifestyle. The rest is all social and sexual tactics that anyone can learn as long as they have intelligence, and obviously you have been reading this long because you are intelligent. You see these methods are a universal social science. They work on all of mankind in general. Not just me or someone in some special situation. So just because you have never lived like this before doesn't mean it can’t be a part of you reality. I hear that from so many of my new clients, who will literally say things like "This isn't real"...but they can only deny it to themselves for so long before they can't anymore. Because sexuality is a part of human nature. And you will experience it freely and fully when you use my Sexual God/dess system.

Just check out what past clients have had to say about my program:


"Brian Krall's instruction helped my sexual life and now me and my girlfriend are having a lot of fun in bed and she can’t get enough of it. Thanks!"

-Sean Buck



"I followed Brian Krall’s instructions and got THE BLOWJOB of a life time my girlfriend got loaded with cum haha"

-Omar Nawary


"I've always been the MAN in my relationship. But over 15 years somewhere I gave my wife my balls . So I'd been having Erectile dysfunction lately and didn't know why. Then I found True Life Relationships Sex teachings. After learning about dominance I went home grabbed her by her hair and face fucked her. Now I’m hard as a rock and have no more E.D.! She was all smiles and cuddled up to me like I her master just like the old days. Thanks Brian."

-Byron Jolly


“At first I didn’t want help with picking up girls. I had taken two Real Social Dynamics boot camps with Jeffy, who was a very hardcore instructor and I thought had taught me everything I needed to know. That was until I met Brian, due to him being in a venue while I was out and the girl I was with ended up going with him instead. That’s when I told him I wanted to learn from him.

I was resistant at first because I didn’t want to admit that I needed help. But once I engaged in a coaching program with True Life Relationships it elevated my game to new levels in just one night!

And I had incredible and instantaneous results! with Brian’s coaching I actually PULLED a sexy bartender back to his place with him on the first night! You will literally get immediate results when you use his methods!

Brian has an incredibly deep understanding of every segment of the game, from opening to sex. He has an extremely deep understanding of social dynamics. He easily defined my sticking points and explained to me what I was doing wrong, how I could do it better, and most important, WHY.

Brian is a pickup and seduction genius. His theoretical understanding of the game is only exceeded by his success in the field. Out of all the other teachers and gurus I have encountered he is the best and I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him.”

-Matthiew Goldman

Rochester NY


"Brian Krall changed me. I had just turned 30 not too long ago and had a sort of mini mid-life crisis. I was with a man that wasn't meeting my needs, working where I wasn't being treated right, and living in the middle of nowhere. So I decided to fix all that. I broke up with that man, I left that job, and I moved.

After spending much needed time alone, I decided I was ready to start dating again. But I knew I needed to do something different, so I found Brian and began my journey to redeveloping myself and finding my true sexuality.

Brian gave me a great sexual education and taught me many things. Through my sessions with him I found my deepest desires and fantasies could be fulfilled by becoming a submissive in a BDSM lifestyle, more specifically I became a "Daddy's" baby girl. This sexual awakening has had a profound psychological effect on me. I used to struggle with anxiety and depression. After finding my Daddy and giving myself to him entirely, those problems I had went away. My Daddy is in control and all I have to do is obey. I don't have to worry anymore. I know that I am loved through each punishment to make me stronger and each reward that reinforces our bond. It is a very fulfilling sexual dynamic.

Brian also taught me about sensuality and how to engage my entire body during sex and become more orgasmic, and also helped me learn how to squirt for the first time in my life through vaginal massage.

I owe Brian for helping me find myself and undergo this great sexual transformation which has allowed me to fulfill my fantasies. Without him I would probably be dating like I always had, having mediocre sex while feeling anxious and questioning myself the entire time. His teachings have markedly improved my sexual abilities as well, allowing me to give and receive greater pleasure than I ever have. I highly recommend taking his sex god/dess program for anyone who wants to have the best sex life possible."

-Erin Sullivan

Veterinary Technician

Rochester NY


"My sex life at first was very disappointing, even though I am a ladies’ man and have actually already been in the dating industry for some time I just could not get girls to orgasm. I was trying so hard to give the girls I was with the orgasm that they always wanted, but it always ended up with me coming to early during sex. I could see the disappointment on the girls face and this was embarrassing for me too. I felt hopeless and wasn’t sure I would ever be able to solve this problem, but I desperately needed to. I searched for “how to give a girl an amazing orgasm” and found Brian Krall's sex teachings. I was amazed by the free content, as well as his very powerful and affordable products.

Brian’s tools are easy to understand, learn to use and apply to your sex life. I learned how to be more sensual and engage my girl’s whole body, as well as be more dominant and give her instructions. Through engaging her this way I was able to give her so much pleasure she became speechless and looked almost hypnotized. I also learned vaginal massage for both the g spot and clitoris as well as oral sex tactics from Brian which made it easy for me to give my girl some of the best orgasms, (and multiple ones at that) that she has ever had, super fast! in fact the very first time I used his system I made a girl come 5 times in just 30 minutes! - 2 Times with my mouth and 2 times with my fingers and then one with my penis. I even made her squirt using his special methods! And she entered such an orgasmic state that it was almost like she was on drugs and forgot her name for about 5 minutes! Haha

Also with Brian’s Sex system I was able to teach the girl how she could give me the best blow job. And WOW that was amazing – Literally the best I’ve ever had. These sex teachings are a huge boost to my sex life, relationships and personal confidence. And it also has one a extra benefit: The girls are now lining up because they want more! And as they do, I am there with the tools Brian Krall gave me to pleasure them and myself more and more!"

-Robin Alexander

Writer and Dating Coach

The Reboot Program


“Brian is one of the most dynamic and inspiring relationship coaches, sexual educators and all around mentors I have ever met!!! He is brilliant and insightful beyond words. He holds an exquisite presence and doesn’t miss a thing! He is extremely organized and can pull together a multitude of tasks and topics.

But on top of it all he is Master in the art of intimacy, sexuality and love. Very few people can carry the full repertoire of depth that he can in these fields, with such a quick mind and open heart. A beautiful and powerful combination. He is kind and loving in a fierce and raw way, and in that way he can enlighten you and help you reach new greater levels in your love life, and any other aspects of your life as well. He has helped me a lot with my own business as a sex therapist, and that says a lot about him.

Brian has an incredible series of products and programs for all types of individuals in various formats to fit whatever is the best way for you to take in and integrate information into your life. I highly recommend working with Brian individually by taking his monumental new “Ultimate Sex God/dess Training Program”. He is loads of fun to work and play with!

Thank you for the work you do in the world Brian and illuminating my path!"

~ Nadine Keller, MA,

Sex Therapist


The Last two as you can see are actually from sex coaches themselves who were able to take their love lives and sex ed business to new heights using my system! So you know that if this is a program that even other dating instructors use to achieve their dreams that this is a radically next level type of program.

And this is why I am attaching a complete 100% guarantee to my program. I know how well it works for anyone and everyone.

Now some of you out there might be thinking to yourself, "Well I do not have the time or energy to put into dating right now". Well that's exactly why I created this system! You don't have to have a lot of time or energy! And you don't ever have to go out specifically to pick up girls/guys, you can do it whenever you leave the house to run errands or go to work, etc. This is a system that was made specifically for people who have a busy life. All you have to do is apply it to the lifestyle you are already living and it will start generating mates for you! And if you do not have time or money for dating you can just have people over to your apartment like I do to have dinner and sex. It’s that simple! It completely removes all of the effort and time investment from dating and makes sex just another natural part of your life!



However some of you may be thinking "Well that's great but I do not have enough money to be able to afford to invest in a special class right now". Well let me address that concern for you too. My first question to you is: how much is your current lifestyle costing you? The pleasure fulfillment you want out of life? Happiness? Companionship? The emotional state you want? Because to me those things are the greatest cost you could possibly pay for anything. You are already investing a lot in unhappiness and lack. And the investments you are making in those things do not have the return that you want on your investment. Indeed you are already investing in getting things you do not want. Why not invest yourself in something that is going to have a return on investment that you do want?

And my special system is actually much less expensive than what the other gurus in the industry charge for theirs, and yet it is higher quality and more technical and state of the art. Why? Because I am a social scientist, not just a marketer. And as a social scientist I am also a social activist, and I believe that people deserve to be freed from their sexual limitations. I believe in sexual liberation and sexual revolution. Which is why I have worked to make this system affordable to anyone.

And whets more is that just to ensure that your investment in my system gives you the return you want, risk free, I am giving you a 100% money back guarantee with it! After all, why wouldn't I? This system is scientifically proven and guaranteed to work for you! All you have to do is use it and see for yourself! And if you try it out for a couple of months and don't find it to be working, you'll get your money back in full! And you'll still get to use the system anyways! So you have absolutely nothing to lose except your own depression and loneliness!


See I know that your investment in it is safe and that you will be happy with the results you get and neither one of us will ever be at a loss in doing business together. So in fact you will find that you cannot afford not to take this system because investing in your unhappiness is far more expensive and risky. This system has absolutely no risks attached to it and is guaranteed to produce the results and rewards you want! So you can just go ahead and buy it now knowing you have absolutely nothing to lose what so ever (except for your own happiness if you do not act now).

Want to know exactly what the training program is before you buy? I'm glad you asked!




The program is intensive progressive training that takes over the course of a year to complete. It is divided up into 7 distinct phases of training, each dealing with a specific aspect of your sex, sexuality and sexual lifestyle development. Each phase takes two months to complete and consists of three different training facets:

Facet 1.) A pre-recorded Core Curriculum of about 8-12 video or audio modules teaching you everything you need to know on each topic in very in depth and highly technical detail. All in all you get over 70 core training modules over the course of this amazing college level program, which total over $10,000 in value!

Facet 2.) Personalized training sessions as needed to aid you in the specific application of the curriculum in your life for your goals and to make sure any and all questions you have are answered. This is where we customize your training to fit you specifically and make sure you are getting trained well in all of the technical areas you need it. You get as much personal training as you need, worth over $3,000 in value included in this program!

Facet 3.) A large package of supplemental training materials such as Articles, E-books, Audio classes, Recorded Training Sessions and Case Studies with Clients, and most of all hundreds of recordings and transcripts of conversations that I have had with the women in my life in order to show you exactly how each of the many things that I teach get applied to the real world! Each phase of the program comes with its own supplemental training materials so that you can get more specific and highly technical training in any of the areas you need it in any of the ways you need! This is what makes this program so dynamic and customizable to anyone’s special interests. Whether you pick and choose what extra materials to use, or go through all of them, they will bring your training to the highest level. And all together these training materials are worth over $11,000!!!

So as you can see this program is an extremely massive, academic, and multi dimensional coursework that gives you the greatest level of sexual training in the most dynamic, highly specialized, technical, hands on ways, and is an incredible amount of content...but not only that you get it at an incredible value! Because even though it is worth over $24,000 to get this kind of college level training, you can get it at a fraction of the cost! Because I am an educator, not a marketer. I am doing this because I think it is important to teach this stuff to others who are as dedicated to it as I am. I'm not in this to get rich by only selling it to millionaires! So don't worry. I've created not only an affordable price for those who want to buy the whole course, but also an affordable payment plan for those who want to pay as you go and take it in increments.

And this course was meant to be taken in increments as a step by step transformation process. So do not get overwhelmed by the large level of material when you look at the entire program package all at once. You see just like how college courses are delivered in 1-2 sessions a week, with certain amounts of homework and tutoring in between, rather than given to you in one massive download or in one 2 week retreat, this course was designed that way too. Because that is the only way to educate someone on such a great level of material, and give them full mastery of it, and a full personal transformation.

That is the only way that someone can go from being a layperson to being a PhD in some specialized area of study. So I have structured my program in a way that is not overwhelming to take, because it will steep you in the material in a way that will make it easy to integrate into your life and personality. Don't worry, even though it is a lot, I have designed just the right delivery method so that anyone can easily learn and apply everything that I have to offer (and affordably!)

This program is very progressive and follow a linear coursework meant to take you step by step through more and more advanced areas of your sexuality giving you higher and higher levels of mastery through a variety of specialized stages of focus. My colleagues and followers have called this a College Level Course because it is extremely academic and ultimate, and very intensive and hardcore. This is not for everyone, it is only for those who are incredibly serious and invested in all ways (time, energy and money) to becoming sexually self actualized and transforming themselves into the ultimate sexual beings and getting the sex life they have always dreamed of! Make no mistake, this course requires dedication and commitment! It also comes with homework that you will be required to complete in each phase before moving on to the next phase. This will ensure that you are actually becoming a Sexual God/dess!

With each stage of training you pass through your sex life will reach a new level. Until finally you are living the sex life of your wildest dreams. So in addition to the amazing resource packages and personal coaching you get in each stage of training, the core curriculum for each of the stages of training are as follows:


PHASE 1 - Developing Your Sexual Identity and Personal Sexual Reality of a Sexual God/dess -

In this first and foremost foundational phase of the program you will learn all of the scientific secrets of sexual psychology so that you can transform yourself into the sexual being you want to be.  There are exactly 20 Erotic Personality Archetypes I have detailed in my highly specialized Sexual Personality Typology system. We will delineate which ones you fit into naturally, which ones you want to fit more into, and then combine those together into your own unique personality archetype to establish your personal sexual identity. You will overcome any sexual issues that you have and become a fully developed and empowered sexual being and will be confident in your sexuality. Using personality typology, logotherapy and neuro linguistic programming we will develop a whole new sexual personality for you which will be complete with a new set of attitudes, behaviors, communication styles, seduction methods, and sexual exploration based upon this. After establishing and building your sexual identity as the Sexual God/dess you want to be we will engineer an entire sexual reality around that which we will manifest using secret practices and exercises in the law of attraction, ontology, neuro linguistic programming and other forms of personal development, psychotherapy and social science as well as some deep metaphysical and magickal stuff as well in order to create the sexual reality that you want most ultimately.

MODULE 1 - Psychological Foundations:

Here in the very first module for the entire program you learn all the basics about psychology that you need to know in order to build the strongest foundation for your identity as the ultimate sexual God/dess. - $97

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Overcome Sexual Insecurities so that you can be the person you want to be sexually and get the sex life of your dreams

  • How to practice self love in order to feel the way you want to and get the best possible lovers

  • How to gain and use sexual confidence in order to get the mates you want

  • The Evolutionary Psychology of Sexuality and what you need to know to have a healthy active sex life.

  • The right vs wrong attitude to have in order to get the sex life you want

  • The Sociology of Sexuality - Being Social Animals & How Sex Part Of Human Nature

  • The Esoteric Secret of Behavioral Physics for Creating The Sexual Reality You Want

  • The Truth About Masculinity & Femininity

  • How To Be An Ideal Mate So That You Can Get Ideal Mates

MODULE 2 - Self Identity Workshopping:

Here in this very "hands on" video workshop you do highly technical psychological identity building exercises using logotherapy, personality typology and neuro linguistic programming to begin your personal transformation into a sexual God or Goddess. - $127

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Who You Are & Building Your Sexual Identity - Identity Workshopping Questions

  • Self Analysis & Dating Analysis - Workshopping Exercise & Questions

  • Outlining Your Goals In Dating & Sex - Workshopping Exercise

  • Formulating Your Sexual Mission Statement - Workshopping Exercise

  • The Ideal Mate Blueprint - Workshopping Exercise

  • Sexual Fantasies - Workshopping Exercise

  • Unleashing The Power of Your Motivating Factors

  • Honing In On The Feelings Behind Your Desires For The Law Of Attraction

  • New Cognitive Realities For Manifesting The Ideal Sex Life

  • Being A Unique & Special Sexual Suitor In Order To Attract The Ultimate Partners

  • The Counter-intuitive and Paradoxical Secrets of Attraction Revealed!

  • Building The Sexual Self Esteem It Takes To Do What You Want Sexually!

  • Conveying Your Self And Your Value To Prospective Mates Properly To Get Them

MODULE 3 - Sexual Psychology, Identity and Reality:

Here in this transformative module you will learn the secrets of sexual psychology and how to build your specifically sexual identity and reality. - $127

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Secret Sexual Lifestyle Hacks - Special Things You Can Do That Will Get You Laid!

  • The Science of The Evolutionary Biology Of Attraction That You Must Understand To Have A Healthy Sex Life

  • The Nature Of Attraction You Need To Know In Order To Be Sexually Successful

  • The Scientific Sexual Selection System You Need To Put In Place In Order To Easily & Automatically Get The Best Mates

  • The Social Science Of Selecting Ideal Mates

  • The 2 Most Valuable Traits To Have As A Prospective Partner To Get The Ones You Want

  • The 3 Tiered Social Science Of Cultivating Attractiveness

  • The 5 Types Of Attraction & How To Use Them To Attract Hotties

  • Creating Attraction To Make The People You Want Want You Back!

  • The Psychology Of Sex Appeal & How To Create The Most Of It For Yourself With Secret Mind Tricks!

  • Manifesting The Sexual Reality You Want Through Your Sexual Energy & Vibe

  • Emotional Fitness For A Healthy Active Dating Life

  • The Secret Nature Of Desire & How To Fulfill Your Desires

  • How The Law Of Attraction Really Works & Using It To Manifest Your Ideal Sexual Reality

  • Unleashing The True Power Of Sexuality Through The Law Of Sexual Transmutation

  • How To Be The Self Actualized Sexual Being You Want To Be

  • Designing The Healthy Active Dating Life

  • Engineering Gender-Specific Attraction

  • The The Social Science & Evolutionary Biology of Fashion & How To Use It To Cultivate Your Sexual Image

MODULE 4 - Deep Level Identity Change Work:

Here you will undergo a deep identity level transformation and begin to actually become the ultimate sexual being inside of yourself. - $147

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • The Highly Technical Science Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Reprogramming Your Mind With It

  • Creating The Reality You Want Through "Associated State Rehearsal"

  • Shifting Your Mental Paradigm In Order To Transform Yourself Into A Sexual God/dess

  • How To Be An Authority Over Your Life

  • Harnessing The Power Of Your Mind & Consciousness To Super Empower Yourself Sexually!

  • Behavioral Science For Interpersonal Change & Becoming The Person You Want To Be

  • Unlocking The Best Mindsets For Success & Creating Your Own Reality

  • How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Allow What You Want To Happen Happen!

  • Unleashing The Mental Power Of Choice To Manifest The Sex Life You Want

  • Developing Your Personal Reality To Get What You Want Through A Strong Sense Of Self Identity And Confidence

  • The Esoteric Truth About The Abstract Concept Of "The Self" & What It Really Is!

  • How To Transform Your Paradigm and Be Your Truest, Most Authentic, Ideal "Self"

  • The Secret of How To Always Feel The Way You Want & How To "Pump Your State"!

MODULE 5 - The Reality Of The Sexual God/dess:

Here your identity as the Sexual God/dess is made external into a reality and you engineer your sexual lifestyle where the sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies can become real. - $127

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Get What You Want By Deserving & Being Entitled To It

  • Manifestations of Confidence For Social & Dating Success

  • Mastering Emotions To Master Dating & Relationships

  • Liberating Yourself From Sexual Shame & Being Shameless!

  • The Power Of Sexual Presence & Exuding The Presence of A Sexual God/dess

  • Unlocking The Forces Of Intent & Congruence To Get What You Want

  • The Secrets Of Social Intelligence For Complete Dating Mastery

  • Unleashing The Magickal Power Of Sexual Intent & How To Use It To Manifest The Sexual Reality You Want

  • Discovering Your Sexual Archetypes & Engineering Your Ideal Sexual Personality Type & Persona

  • The 4 Top Secrets Of Seductiveness To Get The Ultimate Mates

  • How To Be Constantly Improving To Always Be Getting The Sex Life Of Your Wildest Dreams & Fantasies

  • Statistics & Social Science For Systematizing Your Dating Life For The Greatest Success Possible!

MODULE 6 - Sex God Metaphysics and Meditations:

Where we finally bring your transformation as a Sexual God/dess to the most ultimate level - the Metaphysical/Spiritual, or if you are not a spiritual person simply to the intellectual/philosophical. This is where you will learn about sexual metaphysics and philosophy. And you will be taken through a Tantric Sex God/dess meditation to complete your transformation at the highest degree and raise your sexual consciousness to actually be a sexual deity! - $147

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Introduction The The Philosophy Of Sexuality & Your Sexual Reality

  • Ross Jeffries Top Secret NLP "Magickal Self Ritual"

  • Ross Jeffries Top Secret Ritual For Manifesting Ideal Mates Using NLP & Huna Magick

  • The Esoteric Metaphysical Secrets Of Sexuality To Manifest Your Sexual Dreams & Fantasies

  • The Mystical Ultimate Sexual Self & Sexual Reality Transformation Meditation To Become The Sexual God/dess You Want To Be!

That's a total of $772 worth of training! But that's not all! You also get all the personalized one on one training sessions you need to make sure you can implement this material in the ways you need to succeed. But then on top of the core curriculum, and the personalized one on one training sessions, you also get all of these incredible supplemental training materials, worth a total of $1,301! -

Supplemental Written Training Materials - $152

• The Ultimate Man, Ultimate Seducer Workbook - $97
• How To Meet And Pick Up Mates - $7
• On Sexual Selection & Mating Strategy - $7
• The Erotic Personality Archetypes - $17
• The Sexual Selection System - $17
• What Sexuality Is Really - $7

Supplemental Audio Materials – $555

• Conversation Recording On Social & Sexual Liberation With Hottie I am Dating - $97
• The Law Of Attraction In Sex & Relationships $147
• Shifting Your Paradigm To Next Level Of Sexual Reality Lesson Recording With New Student - $147
• The Ultimate Man & Ultimate Seducer NLP Mind Reprogramming Track - $97
• The Sexuality Show – What Is Sexuality? The Evolutionary Biology Explained (1 Hour long Radio Show): $67

The Ultimate Sexual Reality Real World Interaction Transcripts - $67

• How A Little Effort Can Go A Long Way
• How Being The Ultimate Man Will Make Women Want You
• How Girls Are Very Sexual
• How Finding Sexual Girls To Have Sex With Is Easy
• How Hot Girls Are Cool, Not Intimidating
• How To Use Natural Game
• How Picking Up Hotties Can Be Easy And Automatic
• How To Be The Ultimate Man And Get The Ultimate Woman
• How Girls Can Be Seductive Too

Supplemental Training Videos - $527

• How to get girls naturally by going out on the town and being fun and social – Extensive In field recording in Barcelona: $197 Value
• 2 Types of Beliefs: $17
• Behavioral Modification For Success: $17
• Emotional Intelligence: $17
• Overcoming Dating Limitations Part 1 – Sexism: $17
• Overcoming Dating Limitations Part 2 – Being Jaded: $17
• Owning Your Desires: $17
• The Paradoxical Dual Dating Realities (3 Hour Video Workshop): $97
• The Truth About Gender Roles Revealed: $17
• Using The Law Of Attraction To Create Your Sexual Reality: $47
• The Psychological Secrets of Sex Appeal: $67


So as you can see all together all the products you get in phase one is worth over $2,000! And that's not even including the personal one on one training sessions! This phase could be a complete course in and of itself! But that's just the beginning! Let’s see what I have for you in the next phase on how to actually express your sexuality and communicate it!

PHASE 2 - Developing Your Sexual Expression and Communication Style:

This is where you learn how your own special erotic personality archetype communicates so that you can express your unique sexual identity with people. You will learn flirting skills and how to sexualize your interactions, and what’s more is communicate in a way that is most authentic and calibrated to your own unique personal sexual identity. We will build your sexual communication style so that you can express your sexuality and your sexual intentions and have conversations and interactions which will be geared towards fulfilling your desires and having the sexual experiences and social/sex life you want to have.


MODULE 1 - Social Science: 

Here is where you learn the sociological science behind communication and human interaction and relations so that you can have a full understanding of what you are doing as you learn to communicate at the greatest sexual degrees. - $97

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Introduction To The Social Science Of Sexuality & How To Use It Personally For The Best Results

  • Stepping Into The Role You Wish To Play With The Magic of Method Acting!

  • Acting With Entitlement To Get What You Want

  • The Secrets of "Inner Child Seduction"

  • The 5 Channels of Man To Woman Communication

  • How To Get The Right Results Through The Right Kind of Effort

MODULE 2 - Communication Preliminaries:

Here you learn what to do before beginning a conversation and as you begin it in order to make sure that you get off on the right foot and your conversations are "framed" properly in order to be conducive to what you want with the person you are talking to. - $97

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Dealing With The Social Anxiety Of Approaching Attractive People So You Can Go For Anyone You Want!

  • The Social Science of Communication Submodalities & How To Work With Them For The Greatest Effectiveness

  • How To Use Body Language To Seem As Sexy As Possible & Attract Mates

  • The Secrets of Using Vocal Tonality & Voice Tricks To Sound As Sexy As Possible

  • The Logistics of How To Approach Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Several Communication & Conversation "Hacks" For Picking People Up

  • Easy Situational Conversation Opening Routines To Start A Conversation With Someone In Any Situation No Matter What!

MODULE 3 - Flirting:

This is where you will learn the fine art and science of flirting, and how to talk to someone in a playful fun seductive manner that they will enjoy and will make them want it and even reciprocate and flirt back with you. - $97

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Get Someone Invested In You Instantly With The "Bait & Switch" Trick!

  • Why You Should Be Direct With Your Sexual Intentions & Communications

  • How To Be Direct With Someone About Your Intentions Right From The Start To Establish The Sexual Frame

  • Advanced Direct Opening Routines

  • Dealing With Seemingly Impossible Situations & Making The Impossible Possible

  • Tricks Of Physically Opening

  • Working With & Calibrating To Their Responses To You

  • Overcoming Rejection

  • How To Transition To Holding Hands

  • Hugging

  • Doing Introductions

  • Using The Power Of Presumptions To Create The Reactions You Want

  • Setting The "Date Frame" To Avoid Going Into The Friend Zone

  • The Direct Sexual Vibe & How To Use It To Get What You Want

  • Changing The "Buyer/Seller Dynamic" To Make The Ones You Want Chase You!

  • The Social Science Of Situational Calibration For Total Dating Mastery

  • Unlocking The Hidden Power Of Empathy That Everyone Want's To Feel In You To Understand & Relate To Them

  • How To Prompt Others To Talk & Share With You So That Conversations Are Not One Sided

  • How To Be Persuasive & Lead The Interaction In The Direction You Want Through Leading Questions

  • The Power Of Observations & Curiosity & Using What You Get From Them To Move Things Forward

  • Turning Around Lame, Boring & Awkward Interactions & Making Them Exciting

  • How To Unleash The Power Of Self Amusement & Humor To Create Intense Attraction

  • How To Get Someone Instantly Hooked On You So That They Do Not Want To Leave!


MODULE 4 - Seductive Communications:

This is where you will learn to become seductive in your communications so that the person you are talking to will begin to want you and become aroused by you so that you can get sexual with them. - $127

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Give Compliments That Will Make People Want You

  • How To Qualify Prospective Mates To Get The Best Ones For You

  • How To Build Rapport And Intimacy With Prospective Mates

  • Fun Courtship Role Play's To Romanticize Interactions

  • How To Get Someone Attracted To You For Who You Really Are

  • How To Put A Dating Frame Around Your Interaction

  • Personality Typology for Seduction

  • How To Make People Pursue You

  • How To Communicate For Rapid Escalation

  • How To Be Direct & Confident Without Crossing The Line

  • Troubleshooting Flirtation

  • Making Sexual Statements of Intent For Sexual Escalation

  • How To Communicate About Sexual Escalation So That They Will Escalate With You

  • Baiting Them To Touch You


MODULE 5 - Sexualizing Communication:

This is where you will learn how to take your conversation sexual and get sexual with the person you want in a way that they will enjoy and continue to be aroused by, and not reject you for. This way you will be able to get into the sexual interaction with them that you want which can ultimately result in sex. - $127

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Create A Special Connection With Someone

  • How To Get Physical

  • Building Comfort

  • The Sexual Vibe & Building Sexual Tension To Make Them Super Aroused

  • Advanced Flirting Tactics To Make Them Hot For You

  • Sexualizing The Conversation Properly And Appropriately So You Do Not Creep Them Out

  • Sexually Liberating Women

  • Initiating Touch So You Don't Come Off As A Predator

  • Initiating Sexual Escalation And Getting Them Invested In It

  • Sexually Qualifying Mates So You Can Get The Right Partners For You

  • Seductive Sexual Conversation Routines

  • How To Kiss Someone Instantly!

MODULE 6 - Expressing Sexuality:

This is where you learn how to express your sexual thoughts and feelings for someone in a way that will not seem weird, creepy, of perverted, but instead will be arousing to them and make them want to not only express their sexuality back but act on the sexuality that you two are expressing together and make the interaction physically sexual. -

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Express & Communicate Your Sexual Intent Properly

  • Turning Sexual Intentions Into Sexual Actions

  • Seeding Escalation With Statements Of Intent

  • A Special Trick For Dealing With Resistance

  • The "Adventure Frame"

  • Using Reverse Psychology To Overcome Objections

  • Advanced Flirting And Seduction Tactics

  • Conveying Genuine Interest

  • Eliciting Their Sexuality

  • Dealing With Discomfort

  • Dealing With Sexual Shame Reactions

  • Overcoming Resistance

MODULE 7 - Advanced Sexual Communications:

This is where you learn the most advanced level of sexual communications for making your sexual interactions hardcore and kinky, or even relationship oriented. This is where you really use the science of communication to turn the interaction into what you want it to be most ultimately, be it hardcore sex or a developing love relationship. - $147

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How To Get Sexually Hardcore With "Extreme Statements Of Intent"

  • Initiating Rapid Escalation

  • Eliciting Their Sexual Intentions Towards You

  • Programming & Conditioning Them To Invest In You!

  • Getting Phone Numbers & Following Up So They'll Respond

  • How To Do Sexual Escalation Via Text Message

  • What To Do When You Get Rejected Or Negative Responses

  • How To Customize Your Seduction Style To Become The Ultimate Master Seducer/Seductress!

  • Communicating In "The Dating Frame"

  • The Power And Potential Hidden In Silences

  • Building Connection & Intimacy

  • Building Sexual Tension As A Driving Force For Your Interaction Towards Sex!

  • Psychological Foreplay - Special Mind Tricks For Cultivating Arousal!

  • Communicating Consent When Getting Kinky & Hardcore!

  • Finding Out What They Want & Giving Them That

That's a total of $839 worth of training! But that's not all! You also get all the personalized one on one training sessions you need to make sure you can implement this material in the ways you need to succeed. But then on top of the core curriculum, and the personalized one on one training sessions, you also get all of these incredible supplemental training materials, worth a total of $1,661! -

Supplemental Written Training Materials - $58

• Basic Astrological Profiles For Seduction - $7
• Communicating Sexual Intent - $17
• Dating Site Profile Examples That Work - $17
• Interviewing & Personality Typology For Seduction - $17

Supplemental Audio Training Materials – $1,116

• 2.5 Hour Phone Game Lead Conversion Marathon Example - $147
• Advanced Audio Class On Sexual Expression & Communication With Live Demonstration With Another Sexual Educator - $247
• Advanced Audio Course on Approach & Opening - $147
• Advanced Audio Class on Comfort & Deep Rapport Building - $147
• Advanced Audio Class on Qualification & Disqualification - $147
• NLP Mind Reprogramming for getting women as an automated response mechanism - $67
• Seductive Game Arsenal - $47
• Social Dynamics and Conversation Skills - Groups, Transitioning, Troubleshooting and Flirting – Advanced Audio Class - $167

Sexual Expression & Communication Real World Interaction Transcripts - $399

• Daytime Instant Conversion Example
• Fun Role-Play Pickup
• How converting cool chicks is easy
• How finding sexual girls to have sex with is easy because girls are sexual
• How girls are cool and easy
• How girls are sexual
• How girls are sexual part 2
• How hot girls are super cool if you are
• How most date planning goes with girls you are seeing
• How to convert a cute bisexual stripper
• How to convert a super hot skinny girl from tinder
• How to convert an ideal girl
• How to convert and go sexual over text with an ideal woman
• How to get a bikini model off tinder
• How to get a cute date easily from tinder
• How to get an awesome hot alternative chick
• How to have fun and play with girls via text
• How to pick up a girl who is ignoring you
• How to pick up cute blondes on tinder
• How to pick up cute nerdy girls from tinder
• How to pick up super sexy models on instagram
• How to pick up nerdy girls on POF
• How to talk dirty over text
• How using tinder is fun and easy
• Prom Princess Role-Play
• The conversion process is easy
• The easiest way to get laid
• A really badass opener that works wonders online
• How beautiful women are sweet to you when your game is good
• Romantic Pickup with a Dream Girl
• Good Game and persistence gets the girl
• How to get hot girls to pick you up online
• How to get a hot amazing girl to ask you out
• How to get a hottie to ask for your phone number
• How to get a poly hottie and business opportunity
• How to get a sweet beautiful girl from craigslist
• How to get high value women with the challenging frame
• How to get sexual with girls on facebook
• How to get casual hookups online
• How to get a hot bad girl
• How to pick up a hot girl on OKC
• How to proposition someone for sex on facebook
• The easy way to pick up hot girls
• My most badass opener killing it
• My genuine Romantic Opener
• My most amazing opener ever
• How online dating is simple and easy
• How persistence gets the close
• How to quickly close a cutie with a princess opener
• How qualification allows you to find really cool girls
• Demonstration of the best personality game out there – The Cube
• The easy way to pick up hot girls
• The perfect pickup with a hot young innocent girl
• The power of a good profile in action
• The power of a good profile 2
• The power of a good profile 3
• Troubleshooting connections online

Supplemental Training Video’s: $88

• How To Pick Up Beautiful Women Naturally On The Street In Everyday Life – In Field Video Recording in Las Vegas: $27
• How to get phone numbers: $17
• How to get sexual in spite of cultural taboo: $17
• The Right Vs Wrong Way To Talk About Sex: $27

So as you can see all together all the products you get in phase one is worth $2,500! And that's not even including the personal one on one training sessions! This phase could be a complete course in and of itself! But that's still just the beginning! Let’s see what I have for you in the next phase on the Forbidden Hypnotic Seduction Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming! -

PHASE 3 - Forbidden Hypnotic Seduction Mastery For Making The Mates You Want Super Hot For You!

Here you will learn the most hardcore attraction and seduction secrets that I have learned from top Pick Up Artist Gurus and Famous Seductive Neuro Linguistic Programmers such as my friends Ross Jeffries and Hypnotica. You will be given the devious ability to sexualize people’s states of mind using your words and make them so turned on by you that they will start pursuing you and trying to fuck you! You'll be able to go out and pick up complete strangers and take them home with you that night! Learn how to hypnotize anyone you want into wanting to fuck you and even falling in love with you and being yours! And you will also learn super hardcore Erotic Hypnosis for hypnotizing your partners into erotic and orgasmic states and totally mind fucking them so that they are completely sexualized and under your sexual power and control without you even needing to touch them! This is where we start to get really hardcore and delve very deeply into the forbidden secrets of sexuality!

MODULE 1 - NLP Seduction: The Psychological Science:

This is where you learn the psychological science behind NLP in all of its complexities so that you can fully understand what you are doing while you are doing it in order to make sure that you can do it properly and effectively, and become an NLP Master. - $97

MODULE 2 - NLP Seduction: Seductive Influence:

This is where you learn the foundational principles of using NLP to seductively influence someone’s mind and make them interested in and attracted to you. - $97

MODULE 3 - NLP Seduction: Basic Seductive Language Patterns:

This is where you begin to learn basic NLP language patterns for seduction which will have a hypnotic effect on the listener and make them want you deep inside of their subconscious mind which is a very powerful effect to have! - $97

MODULE 4 - NLP Seduction: Covert Hypnosis for Seduction:

This is where you will learn the forbidden science of how to secretly hypnotize someone you are talking to and generate a powerful desire for you sexually deep in their mind that will make it impossible for them to resists having sex with you! - $127

MODULE 5 - NLP Seduction: Hypnotic Commands and Anchors for Sex:

This is where you will learn to create a sexual state in someone and then set and use hypnotic commands and anchors in your targets which you can use to trigger their sexual feelings and impulses for you that will make them get sexual with you whenever you want! - $127

MODULE 6 - NLP Seduction: Advanced Seduction Patterns:

This is where you learn the most advanced seduction NLP patterns that will allow you to infiltrate someone’s mind and rewire it for being your sex partner, creating a sexual state in them so intense that there is no way they will be able to stop themselves from having hardcore sex with you, or even falling in love with you! -


MODULE 7 - NLP Seduction: Fractionation and Advanced Anchors:

This is where you begin to attain an advanced mastery of NLP by learning two highly specialized and technical NLP skills that will make it much more effective and powerful and will make you a highly influential and seductive person who will be able to create the sexual states you want in your targets and then create anchors for them that you can trigger any time you want! - $127

MODULE 8 - NLP Seduction: Mind Altering Energy Work Patterns:

This is where you will learn the forbidden secrets of how to actually alter someone’s consciousness and put them into a trance and create an intoxicating altered state of mind like they were on a drug. You will be able to not only manifest intense romantic/sexual feelings in them but create an intoxicating pleasureful drug like experience which can even feel mystical and spiritually transformative, and thus will get them deeply and intensely connected to you and feeling as if you are their soul mate and their personal God/dess. WARNING - These tactics are powerful and should only be used on people you care about, otherwise you will have a psycho stalker on your hands! - $167

MODULE 9 - NLP Seduction: The Forbidden Patterns:

This is where you learn the most top secret mind altering energy patterns that are considered forbidden from being taught in the NLP industry because they are extremely hardcore and will actually turn someone into your sexual mind slave, and if used for devious purposes can be extremely evil! This is one of the main reasons why I am not offering this course to just anyone and everyone, but only exclusively to a few handpicked people who I know have the merit to learn all of these things and use them for good, to create positive relationships and pleasure in their partners. This stuff is extremely hardcore and is not for everyone! So make sure you use it right! But if you do you will be able to create very intense sexual connections and relationships with the partners you want and be their Sexual God/dess! - $167

MODULE 10 - Erotic Hypnosis:

This is where you will learn exactly how to totally hypnotize your partner and put them into a sexual trance state in which you can bring them through a sexual experience and actually make them orgasm for you on command using only the power of your mind and voice! This is something that only a Sexual God or Goddess can do and you will be able to with your partners, who will now be your orgasmic mind slaves who will cum for you whenever you want on your command! This is a very powerful and rewarding ability to have! - $167

That's a total of $1,320 worth of training! But that's not all! You also get all the personalized one on one training sessions you need to make sure you can implement this material in the ways you need to succeed. But then on top of the core curriculum, and the personalized one on one training sessions, you also get all of these incredible supplemental training materials, worth a total of $1,364! -

Supplemental Written Training Resources: $181

• Covert Suggestions Vs Overt Commands Article: $7
• NLP Feelings Elicitation & Anchoring Procedure: $27
• Ross Jeffries Quick NLP Pattern: $5
• Ross Jeffries Seductive Hug Pattern: $17
• Socially & Sexually Liberating Women with NLP Article: $27
• The Love Vs Attraction NLP Pattern: $27
• The Natural Woman Gemini Sequence Pattern: $27
• The Twin Brothers Pattern: $27
• Using NLP To Inoculate Emotional Blockage: $17

Supplemental Audio Training Resources: $982

• Hardcore Spiritual NLP Seduction (Epic 7 Hour Interaction Recording) - $297
• How to Cultivate Intimacy with NLP (2 ½ Hour Phone Conversation Demonstration) - $167
• How to do perfect Phone Seduction with NLP (1 ½ Hour Phone Conversation Demonstration) - $127
• Intellectual Dating Conversation Prepping for Sex with NLP (1 ½ Hour Phone Conversation Demonstration) - $127
• Using NLP To Build Deep Rapport (2.25 H982our Phone Conversation Demonstration) - $167
• The Sexuality Show – The Psychology of Seduction with Ross Jeffries (1 hour and 45 min podcast) - $97

NLP Seduction Real World Interaction Transcripts: $167

• Example of how The Twin brothers routine always gets good results no matter what
• Example of doing the twin brother’s routine with a sweet girl
• How to use NLP to go deeper with an interaction that isn’t going anywhere
• Using NLP To form a deep connection and ultimate sexual relationship
• How to connect deeply with someone who is resistant using NLP
• How to get a girl who isn’t even into guys using NLP
• Overcoming objections with a perfect girl using the Twin Brothers routine
• Overcoming obstacles and closing with a hot blonde hardcore Christian teen

Supplemental Video Training Materials: $34

• NLP Sensory Orientation Influence: $17
• Using NLP Affirmations To Create Change: $17

So as you can see all together all the products you get in phase one is worth $2,600! And that's not even including the personal one on one training sessions! This phase could be a complete course in and of itself! But this is barely even the first half of the program! Let’s see what I have for you in the next phase on the Arousal, Sexual Escalation, and Foreplay Tactics for making Sex Happen Anytime Anywhere with Anyone! -


woman seducing man

PHASE 4 – Arousal, Sexual Escalation and Foreplay Tactics For Making Sex Happen Anytime Anywhere with Anyone!

This is where you will learn how to go from a social interaction to a sexually charged one. How to go from being just friendly with someone to being affectionate, to being sensual, to being sexual. You will learn some top secret Seduction Ninja tricks for making sex happen whenever you want with whoever you want no matter what situation you are in. You will learn how to express your sexuality and interact with someone sexually in as hardcore of ways as you wish and you will be taught how to escalate things sexually as rapidly as you wish to.  You'll learn the proper kissing techniques so that you don't turn someone off by being a bad kisser. And you'll be able to go from just talking to making out. And to go from making out to taking off clothes and engaging in foreplay. This is where everything changes and you will learn how to start initiating sexual play and what to do when clothes are coming off so that it doesn’t become awkward and you don’t accidentally prevent sex. You will learn how to engage a person’s entire nervous system and turn on their whole body and make them want you so bad that they will be the ones initiating sex. You'll learn about erogenous zones and how to stimulate a woman’s breasts or a man’s nipples, and different sensitive areas of the body such as the neck and waist, and thighs....


MODULE 1 - The Social Science and Social Psychology of Seduction, Arousal and Making Sex Happen:

In this module you will learn the underlying science and principles of seduction, arousal and sexual escalation what you need to know to make sex happen when you want with who you want. - $97

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • The Sociological Principles Of Seduction

  • The Social Psychology Of Seduction & How To Make It Happen

  • The Psychology Of Sex Appeal

  • The Psychology Of Arousal

  • Preliminaries To Sexual Escalation & Arousal

  • The "Inner Game" Of Seduction

  • How To Know What Is Going On In Someone Elses Mind

  • How To Calibrate To Others Sexually

  • How To Be Persistant & Not Let Anything Stop You From Getting What You Want!

MODULE 2 - Sexual Escalation Techniques and Tactics:

In this module you learn how to touch someone sexually and escalate that touch towards foreplay, so you can get to sex when you want, without fear of rejection.

In this Module you Will Learn

  • How To Initiate Touch

  • How to actually touch someone seductively and physically escalate your interaction towards sex!

  • Build Physical Momentum towards Sex

  • Get Them Engaged In Sexual Escalation & Escalating With You

  • Make It Happen With Anyone You Want In Any Situation!

  • Overcome Rejection!

MODULE 3 - Rapid Escalation To Sex:

Once you have learned how to escalate an interaction towards sex, now you will learn the secrets of how to speed up that process and make it happen as quickly as possible! - $127

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Where To Find People Who You Can Have Sex With INSTANTLY!

  • Direct Rapid Escalation Openers

  • How To Make Sex Happen Immediately Upon Meeting Someone!

  • The 5 Pillars Of Rapid Escalation

  • Rapid Escalation For Getting To Sex Fast!

MODULE 4 - Kissing:

This is where you will learn about the fine art of kissing.  From the first kiss, which is the turning point in a romantic interaction, to how to make out with someone to make them want to do much much more with you and bring things towards sex.  You will become a masterful kisser in this module which will stimulate the romantic feelings you want your prospective partners to have for you! - $97


MODULE 5 - Advanced Level Seduction and Sexual Escalation Methodology:

This is where you will learn to become the ultimate seduce who can seduce anyone they want and create intense sexual scenarios. All of the most advanced secrets of seduction are revealed here!  $147

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Sexual politics that you must be aware of in order to get anyone you want

  • Dealing With Sexual Shame

  • How To Liberate Others Sexually

  • How to turn around rejection and make someone who is initially saying "no" change their mind and say "yes" to you,

  • Forbidden Next Level Seduction Secrets

  • How To become a master seducer who can get anyone you want!

MODULE 6 - Arousal:

This is where you learn the physiological secrets of arousal and how to use them to stimulate someone sexually so much that they will want to have sex with you.  $147

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • How to arouse someone to the point of no return!

  • How to get someone so aroused that they escalate on you!

  • How to communicate about sex comfortably to gain consent

  • How to deal with any issues that might come up that could possibly prevent sex and overcome them so you can still get to sex

  • How to become someone’s lover and romantic partner if that is what you want, rather than you two just using each other for a casual hookup

MODULE 7 - Creating Sexual Partners:

This is where you learn how to continue your seduction and escalation over time with people who are more difficult to get and are taking longer to have sex with, or who you want to form an actual romantic relationship and sexual partnership with.  $167

In This Module You will learn:

  • How to master the social science of lead generation and conversion in dating.

  • How to get to sex and initiate it!

  • How to manage and master your dating life  to get the sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies.

  • How to get someone wanting you in the ways that you want them and more!

  • How to get someone wanting you back again and again, over and over...

  • How to get someone infatuated with you!

  • How to develop the relationship or relationships you want, with whoever you want, whether you just want a boyfriend or girlfriend, or want an entire harem!

MODULE 8 - Dating Mastery:

This is where you will learn to master the art of dating and how to get and date the people you want to.  - $127

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • How to engineer your dates for seduction and making sex happen

  • How to get people to come to your house with you,

  • How to engineer your home environment for seduction and sex,

  • How to create romantic feelings and make people want to see you again and again,

  • How to develop and manage relationships and your entire dating lifestyle!

  • How to attain the love life of your dreams and actually get girlfriends or boyfriends who are committed to you as your sex partners!

MODULE 9 - Foreplay:

This is where you will learn exactly how to escalate right into the beginning acts of sex.

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • How to navigate through arousal and sexual escalation and into sexual consent

  • How to communicate with someone in order to make sex happen and make sure that they are mutually involved.

  • How to begin the preliminary sex acts that lead right into actual intercourse.

  • Secrets of using aphrodisiacs to create a highly sexual state in someone.

  • How to engineer your bedroom for sex

  • Many secret bedroom tricks for creating sexual scenarios

  • How to make it so that they want to fuck you so bad that they are actually the one escalating on you and trying to initiate sex with you

MODULE 10 - Advanced Level Sexual Connections:

This is where you will learn the most ultimate aspects of seduction, arousal and foreplay and how to make sex happen with those you want, and explore your sexuality together and create phelonenal sensual experiences and pleasure together. $167

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • How to navigate consent through complicated sexual interactions to seduce them even if they have sexual blockage.

  • Erogenous zones and sensual touching for extreme arousal

  • The 27 Different Types Of Erotic Touching

  • How to make sex fun and playful and enjoyable for you both and create an extremely pleasurable sexual experience for you

  • How to create the wildest most fantastic sexual experiences and fulfill all of your desires and fantasies

  • How To form ultimate sexual connections and build incredible sexual relationships with the partners you want!

That's a total of $1,370 worth of training! But that's not all! You also get all the personalized one on one training sessions you need to make sure you can implement this material in the ways you need to succeed. But then on top of the core curriculum, and the personalized one on one training sessions, you also get all of these incredible supplemental training materials, worth a total of $1,722! -

Supplemental Written Training Materials - $256

• 100 + Craigslist Ads That Get Great Results - $97
• How to write an OKC profile just for hookups: $27
• The “Sexual Adult” Dating Site Profile That Gets The Best Matches: $27
• How To Do Perfect Foreplay: $27
• The Meet To Sex System: $17
• How to Gain Consent while Sexually Escalating for Great Sex! - $27
• How To Reframe Resistance: $17
• The Sexual Adult Dating Site Profile Example: $17
• Sexual Abundance E-Book – How To Generate A Ton Of Leads, Convert Them Into Dates & Close HARD! – With Innumerable Real World Case Studies & Conversation Transcripts: $97

Supplemental Audio Training Materials - $964

• Advanced 1 Hour Audio Class with Student in Sexualizing Your Interactions: $67
• Advanced Lesson In Quick Closing (1 ½ Hours): $97
• Audio Class On How To Get Women Who Play Hard To Get With Several Real Life Case Studies (2 ½ Hours): $167
• Girls Are Horny and Want To Fuck – Real World Conversation Recording On Dealing With It: $27
• How To Convert A Lead Into A Date with Great Phone Skills – Real World Conversation Recording (45 Min): $27
• Advanced Audio Class on Overcoming Difficulties with Sexually Escalating And Making It Happen With Creative Escalation Tactics – 1 ½ Hour Class with New Student: $127
• Overcoming Logistical Difficulties And Pulling Via Text – 1 ½ Hour Advanced Audio Lesson: $97
• Perfect Phone Seduction With A Sexy Teen (Epic 3 hour interaction): $97
• Perfect phone seduction for dating part 1 – How to get a first date (Epic 3 hour interaction): $97
• Perfect phone seduction for dating part 2 – How to get more dates (1 hour 45 min interaction): $47
• The Sexuality Show – Having A Healthy Active Sex Life (1 hour 15 min Podcast): $47
• The Sexuality Show – The Art Of Seduction (2 Hour Podcast): $67

Seduction, Sexual Escalation & Making Sex Happen Real World Interaction Transcripts - $247

• From Normal Conversation To Hardcore In Text Follow up
• How I got a Model to cheat on her fiancé with me
• How to be a HARD CLOSER!
• How to get a badass hottie!
• The easiest way to get sex
• How to not get in your own way when someone wants you
• How to pick up a traveler for casual sex on instagram
• Picking up chicks is easy if you put in the effort and go through the motions
• Romantic Sexual Seduction
• Hardcore Sex God Rapid Escalation – 10 Examples with astonishing results!
• A casual sex routine that works!
• An extremely hardcore pickup with a 17 year old girl (yes that’s legal here)
• Craigslist ads so good that women responded with nude pictures!
• From normal social mode to hardcore with a blonde hottie over email
• Hardcore facebook seduction
• How craigslist makes getting sex easier than any other dating site
• How easy it is to pick up hot girls on craigslist
• How facebook can be used to pick up your friends teenage daughter
• How to build deep sexual comfort and spiritual connection
• How to casually close a hot stripper on facebook
• How to easily pick up a hot 18 year old
• How to establish authority in their world so that you can lead them to sex
• How to get a sexy little goddess easily!
• How to get top not girls automatically!
• How to go instantly sexual with a sex goddess!
• How to go sexual with a girl in front of everyone
• How to order up hot sex online
• How to pick up a sexy older woman on OKCupid
• How to pick up girls for sex on fetlife
• How to write a craigslist post that just makes girls give you their phone numbers straight away
• How to make a girl pick you up by putting her in the friend zone
• Ordering up sex with a beautiful woman on Craigslist
• How picking up girls can be easy when you got game
• How to use sexual comfort to really bring women out sexually
• The no bullshit approach to picking up a hot sexual woman on craigslist for sex
• When a Hottie gives you an opportunity to close, do it!
• When she’s not responding, just close!

Supplemental Training Videos - $255

• 8 Scientifically Proven ways to create Chemistry: $47
• The 7 Steps To Get To Sex On A Date Guaranteed: $47
• 9 Ways To Get A Girl To Fuck You Instantly!: $47
• How to go from friend zone to fuck buddy: $47
• The Top Secret Stealth Escalation Formula For Breaking Through Resistance: $67

So as you can see all together all the products you get in phase one is worth $3,000! And that's not even including the personal one on one training sessions! This phase again could be a complete course in and of itself! But this has just only taken you through the first half of the program! Let’s see what I have for you in the next phase on Sensual Play, Oral Sex, Sex Techniques and becoming Super Orgasmic! -



PHASE 5 – Sensual Play, Oral Sex, Sexual Techniques, and Becoming Super Orgasmic! 

This is where it gets really exciting! Here you'll learn a variety of physiological tricks, toy play and creative methods that will help you to stimulate and engage the senses to create a surreal type of experience. You'll learn how to play with sensuality and indulgence in ways that are so gratifying they will make you and your lover feel like you are on drugs....and you will learn some sensual secrets such as how to engineer your entire home environment to be as sensually engaging and stimulating as possible, how to use the power of aphrodisiacs to radically ignite someone’s mind and bodies chemistry for you, and how to create a sensual romantic date experience through atmosphere, aromatherapy and massage and other sensual stimulation that will make them feel like are you the ultimate lover. This is where you will learn how to give your partner the most massive intense orgasms the human body can possibly handle. The kind that will make them buck and rear and squirt their glorious warm fluids all over you....and not just once either...but again, and again, and again, and again...until they are just about ready to lose consciousness!

And this is also where you will learn all sorts of interesting advanced complicated crazy technical sex tactics and positions to put an added dimension to your lovemaking with your partner so you aren’t always stuck in missionary. And with these different positions come different angles of penetration and new sensations to well as different types of orgasms! In this phase you will really become a Sexual God/dess because now you will be giving your sex partners the most ultimate sexual experiences they have ever had and can ever possibly have...and orgasms so powerful that will create so many endorphins and hormones in their brains that they will feel like they are on ecstasy and will even get addicted to your sex...literally!

And I'm not just saying that for emphasis! It’s not an exaggeration! You will learn to turn any of your partner(s) into orgasmic beings as well, even if they have never had an orgasm before! You'll become more climactic and even multi orgasmic! Learn how to deal with any sort of sexual difficulties that may be limiting your orgasms. Learn the different types of orgasms that men and women can have and how to experience all the different types of orgasmic pleasure that you can! And then you will learn how to become multi orgasmic and experience whole new levels of ultimate orgasms!


MODULE 1 - Preventing Bad Sex and Making It Great:

Here you will learn exactly how to deal with any physical sexual issues you or your partner may have or encounter on your sexual journey together.  $97

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • How to make your genitals look better so that you can be proud of them and feel like a porn star to your partners!

  • You will learn about sexual health and how to deal with sexual dysfunction and disorders to make sure that they will not prevent you from having the sex life you want.

  • Develop a greater sexual intelligence and knowledge of sex in order to make sure that your sex life is never bad and that you can always have good sex.

  • Empowering sexual exercises that will make you more physically vigorous and capable in bed

  • Secrets of how to unleash and harness the power of your libido

  • Secret desires and fantasies that most people have that they will never tell you about!

MODULE 2 - Sensuality and Sensual Play:

Here you will learn all about the secrets of you and your partners hidden sensual nature and how to play with your sensuality in order to create the most ultimate physical sexual experience between you and your partner(s).  In this module you will learn how to engage the entire body in infinite different ways in order to create pleasures and sensations that you and your partner have never dreamed of before! - $147

MODULE 3 - The Best Oral Sex Methods:

Here you will learn the best oral sex methodology on the market! Everything you need to know to give and receive the best possible oral sex with your partner will be learned here so that you can give them not only the most pleasure they have ever experienced (and receive it yourself) but make them cum for you over...and over...and over again! - $147

MODULE 4 - Sexual Intercourse Positions and Techniques:

Now you have finally gotten to the core of the program.  What to actually do during sex.  From positions to techniques, now you will become a master of actual sexual intercourse itself.  $147

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • The secrets of sex positions and techniques to make sex the most fun and amazing

  • How to maximize the pleasure and orgasms you and your partner are able to have!

  • How to really unleash the passion between you and your partner and make romantic love with them, or make sex hardcore and primal!

  • A special method for how to make a vagina tighter around a penis and make sex feel better and be more intense!

  • How to use sex toys to enhance your sex life in ways you never could using only your body!

  • A special secret esoteric Taoist sex technique for building the maximum intensity and climax!

  • How to be a master of intercourse beyond that of any Porn Star!

MODULE 5 - Secrets of The Kama Sutra:

This is where you will learn all sorts of ancient esoteric secrets of how to make sex phenomenal from the time tested text on the sexual art and science the Kama Sutra. You will learn highly specialized sexual positions and techniques to be used during intercourse that will really take your love making to the next level and make it out of this world! - $147

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • How To Stimulate Erotic Desire

  • Different types of embrace

  • Various types of caresses

  • The art of scratching

  • On biting

  • On copulation and special tastes

  • Virile behavior in women

  • And on superior coition or fellation

MODULE 6 - Orgasms & Becoming Multi Orgasmic!

This is where you will learn all about the science of orgasms and how to become as orgasmic as possible! - $167

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • What orgasms are

  • The difference between male and female orgasms.

  • How to make someone orgasm.

  • The different types of orgasm and how to give them

  • How to create multiple orgasms in your partner, and in yourself.

  • The mystery of female ejaculation

  • The 9 levels of female orgasm!

  • How to become a highly orgasmic person, and make your partner more orgasmic than they have ever been.

  • Begin to really feel like the ultimate sexual God/dess living the sex life of your dreams!

MODULE 7 - Advanced Sexual Pleasure Tactics:

This is where you will learn all of the secrets of sexual physiology in order to give your partner a phenomenal genital massage to make them feel more pleasure than they ever thought was humanly possible!  - $167

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • Special mind tricks to let them know that you are their Sexual God/dess and can make them feel better than anyone in the world!

  • How to unblock pleasure and allow yourself to experience it

  • How to create pleasure sharing scenarios

  • How to maximize you and your partners pleasure

  • You will learn about the other special spots inside of the female vagina besides the G-spot that will actually give her even more intense pleasure!

  • The secrets of making women squirt!

  • How to try kinky new things together to really take your sex life to the next level!

MODULE 8 - Sex Games and Orgasmic Mind Tricks:

This is where you will learn a huge variety of sex games that you and your partner can play during sex to make your sex life super fun and exciting like you two are going on a sexual adventure together. And you will also learn how to use erotic hypnosis for orgasmic mind tricks to keep your lover your orgasmic mind slave so that you can trigger their orgasmic response and make them cum for you whenever you want, even while you two are apart! - $167

In this module you will learn:

  • Sex games you and your partner(s) can play to spice up your sex life and make it more fun and pleasureable

  • How to produce and have the different types of orgasm's that a man or woman can have

  • How to use the power of the mind to become more orgasmic

  • How to use mind games to make your partner cum

  • How to use operant conditioning to make your partner cum on command

That's a total of $1,186 worth of training! But that's not all! You also get all the personalized one on one training sessions you need to make sure you can implement this material in the ways you need to succeed. But then on top of the core curriculum, and the personalized one on one training sessions, you also get all of these incredible supplemental training materials, worth a total of $798! -

Supplemental Written Training Materials - $85 Value

• Options For Sexual Play List: $17
• Sensuality & Sensual Play Article: $27
• The Types of Female Orgasm: $7
• The Types of Male Orgasm: $7
• How To Order Up A Sensual Experience Online, Real World Transcript: $27

Supplemental Audio Training Materials - $214 Value

• The Sexuality Show – Maps To Hidden Pleasure with Sheri Winston (1 Hour Long Podcast): $87
• The Sexuality Show – Sensuality & Sensual Play (1 Hour and 45 min Podcast): $127

Supplemental Video Training Materials - $409 Value

• 8 Ways To Make A Woman Cum HARD: $67
• How To Get More Pleasure From Sex: $27
• How To Get A Girl To Have Anal Sex And Make It Good: $97
• How To Perform Cunnilingus & Give Multiple Screaming Squirting Orgasms: $97
• How To Become A More Orgasmic Man: $27
• The 12 Types of Female Orgasm: $47
• The 9 Types of Male Orgasm: $47

So as you can see all together all the products you get in phase one is worth about $2,000! And that's not even including the personal one on one training sessions! This phase again could be a complete course in and of itself! But this has only just brought us up to the most advanced and hardcore part of the program! Let’s see what I have for you in the next phase on The Forbidden Kinky Secrets you will learn for the Wildest Sex Life Possible! -


PHASE 6 – Kinky Forbidden Sexual Secrets For The Wildest Sex Life Possible!

This is where things get super hardcore and intense...Here you will learn the Fine Arts of playing with Fantasies, Fetishes, Sex Toys and Games, Role Play, Anal play, Primal Play, Pain, and even super Taboo Stuff such as Daddy Dom/Little Girl Dynamics and even Rape Play!...& many things so naughty I don't want to bring them up here because they certainly are not for everyone...but maybe some of them are for you...This is where you will start experimenting and really exploring your sexuality and take things to the most ultimate level. And if you can handle it we can get into some super hardcore badass shit…like Dom/sub dynamics, how to train slaves, and how to use BDSM to create as much stimulation as possible, Erotic Mind Control, and even the mystical side of Sexuality!

Yes, this is where you really become The Sexual God/dess in the most ultimate way possible. By learning the science and art of Sacred Sexuality, Sex Magick and Tantra and how to have mystical sexual experiences with your partner. And not only that but how to learn the science and art of Erotic Hypnosis and Sexual Mind Control so that you can trigger pleasure and even orgasms in your partner whenever you command or trigger them in the ways you want...and can turn them into your sexual mind slave if you want...this stuff can in fact be used for devious purposes, so make sure you only use it with those you care about! I will even explore how BDSM and Sex Magick can be used together in insanely hardcore sex rituals that only Sex Gods and Goddesses like those who take this course can perform!


MODULE 1 - Introduction to Kink/BDSM:

This is where you will learn all of the basics about Kinky sex, BDSM and the relationship dynamics you will have and what you need to know to explore this hidden realm of sexuality.  - $97

What You Will Learn In This Module:

  • The roles played in BDSM relationships and the proper Dominant and submissive attitudes to have to make them healthy.

  • The different levels and types of Dom's and subs.

  • What a submissive's rights are

  • What a Dom needs from a submissive.

  • What partners need from each other in BDSM Dynamics

  • What to do when you have a new submissive suitor to get the exploration process started.

  • The 10 principles for a healthy 24/7 Dom/sub relationship.

  • Everything else you need to know to get started in BDSM.

MODULE 2 - Forming Dom/sub Dynamics Through Proper Communication:

Here is where you will learn how to actually get into BDSM with someone and form D/s dynamics, even if you are introducing it to them for the first time and they are completely foreign to it and it seems taboo to them.  - $127

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • What questions ask a new prospective sub in order to get to know them in the right ways.

  • How to introduce kinky topics in innocent ways to make them more seductive and get your partner interested in them.

  • Special magickal things that you can say to people who are not subs that will elicit their submission using the power of NLP

  • How to turn others into your sexual mind slave!

  • How to talk to a sub as a Dominant in a way that will frame your D/s dynamic and make her submit to you.

  • How to dirty talk in your D/s dynamic in order to make it super sexy and kinky!

MODULE 3 - BDSM Psychology and Relations:

This is where you will learn all the hidden aspects of the underlying psychology involved in BDSM and what the philosophies are that you need to know in order to play a role in this lifestyle.  This is where you really start to take things to the ultimate level! - $147

In This Module You You Will Learn:

  • About the theories behind the Dom and sub roles are and what the proper mindsets are to have in them in order to ensure that they are healthy.

  • How to relate to your partner through BDSM and use it to establish a deeper connection and more wild and intense sex life with them.

  • Why submissive’s submit and what they get out of it, and what "Subspace" is and the 2 different kinds of it.

  • Hw to communicate and relate to them on a much deeper level and form a much more intense sexual relationship with them.

  • How to deal with emotional issues in a Dom/sub relationship.

  • The interpersonal forms of power and Power Exchange in D/s relationships, and how to take control from a submissive.

  • How to use "Erotic Trance Words" to have a hypnotic sexual effect on them, and how to use classical conditioning on them in sexual ways in order to reprogram their mind sexually for your purposes!

MODULE 4 - BDSM Sex Tactics and Techniques:

This is where you will learn the actual outer tactics and techniques used in BDSM. From how to play with BDSM properly in both Dominance and Submission, to how to use BDSM toys. Now it is time to really have some kinky fun with BDSM and play with all the new hardcore ways there are for you to play and experience pleasure! - $147

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • The theories of impact play and how to do it safely and sanely.

  • The proper techniques for:

    • Flogging,

    • Whipping

    • Paddling

    • Face slapping

    • Bondage

    • Wax play

    • Breath Play

    • Many other forms of play

MODULE 5 - BDSM "Scenes":

This is where you will learn about how to create and construct super awesome kinky hardcore BDSM Scenes so that you and your partner(s) can get the most pleasure (and pain)!  Here you will really start utilizing formal BDSM play most officially! - $147

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • What "scenes" are

  • The anatomy of a scene

  • How to build scenes and negotiate them

  • How to execute a scene successfully

  • How to maintain communication and trust during a scene

  • How to finish them and what to do afterward.

MODULE 6 - Dom/Sub Relationship Dynamics and Structure:

This is where you will learn how to properly structure your D/s relationships in order to make them most conducive to what you and your partner both want in the relationship. This structured relationship style in BDSM is what makes these relationships so effective and successful, so you will learn how to use this structure in order to have the best possible relationships and sex life with your partner.  So whether you are a Dom or a sub you will learn exactly how to have a BDSM relationship that will be healthy, happy and fulfilling, as well as kinky and hardcore! - $147

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • What thing's a Dom needs to train their sub in.

  • How to negotiate the relationship to make sure both of your want's needs are fulfilled

  • How to have the relationship you want and will be most happy with

  • Creating BDSM rules and guidelines for the relationship and what some examples of good rules are.

  • Formal D/s relationship structure.

  • How to engineer rituals within the relationship.

MODULE 7 - Sex Slave Training 101:

This is where you will learn the hardcore secrets of Master/slave relationships and sex slave training. Whether you are a Dom or a sub who is just trying to give your relationship more structure and take it to the next level, or you are trying to have an actual Master/slave relationship and be a good Master or slave, this super intense module will teach you exactly how sex slave training should go in order to create the most orgasmic relationship dynamic for you both! - $167

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • How to change a sub's thoughts and make her accept slavery.

  • The various aspects of slave training:

    • the physical,

    • the verbal,

    • the psychological,

    • the emotional,

    • the sexual,

    • the domestic.

  • What a subs role in slave training is,

  • How to develop yourself as a Master to attain complete Mastery!

  • Operant Conditioning for programming a slave's mind and behaviors

MODULE 8 - D/s Rules and Lifestyle, and Punishments:

This is where you will learn how to set up a BDSM relationship for living an entire 24/7 BDSM lifestyle together and dealing with the protocols involved in that. How to structure your relationship with rules and regulations to ensure its effectiveness and success.  This is where you train your submissive and structure your relationship to be exactly what you want it to be! - $147

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • The In's & Out's of Daily living as Dom and sub

  • Giving tasks and assignments in training your submissive.

  • What to do if a sub breaks a rule and how to resolve it.

  • Guidelines for punishments and how to correct infractions.

  • How to use punishments and reward systems to ensure operant conditioning of the sub in a D/s relationship.

  • About teaching obedience through penalties.

  • Alternative punishments that work.

  • Ideas to enforce when punishing a submissive in order to properly train their mind.

  • A Plethora of Examples of effective punishments.

MODULE 9 - Advanced Submissive Training:

Here you will learn the advanced level of submissive training in order to really mold your submissive in the deepest psychological ways into the sub you want them to be to please you.  By the end of this class you will have the well trained submissive that you want who will serve all of your needs as a Dom! - $167

In This Module You will learn:

  • A myriad of ways to make your sub/slave feel deeply and fully owned.

  • How to get a sub to submit to training

  • Advanced submissive training theory

  • Behavioral training and teaching your slave to obey, serve and please.

  • Voice and speech training so your sub has the sexiest voice possible and knows how to sexy talk you exactly how you like!

  • Slave Discipline training to change behaviors.

  • Using your subs service as a catalyst for the relationships growth!

  • Being the best Dom for your sub

MODULE 10 - BDSM Orgasm Training:

Now that you have a working knowledge of BDSM and are in a functional BDSM relationship and lifestyle, you will learn all the most advanced next level secrets of BDSM and how to use it to become the most orgasmic beings possible as both Dom and sub! Here you will learn about BDSM and Erotic Hypnosis to create "Mind Orgasms".  This is where you finally become the ultimate sexual being and a Sexual God! - $167

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • About Orgasm play and the 6 different ways of playing with orgasms to become more orgasmic!

  • Orgasm Control and Release Training and "Edging".

  • How to use operant conditioning to train a sub to be able to cum on command anytime anywhere you say so!

  • How to create multiple partner scenarios in a formal play party!


maxresdefault (1)

MODULE 11 - Sacred Sexuality and Tantra:

Here you will learn the esoteric philosophy of "sacred sexuality" and Tantra for experiencing the most ultimate sexual connection with your partner using the secrets of spirituality, metaphysics and mysticism.  - $147

Here In this Module You will learn:

  • About the spiritual philosophy of sacred sexuality.

  • What "Soul Mates" really are.

  • The basics of sex magick and what it really is.

  • How to have "Tantric Sex" with your partner in to have a mystical experience making love to them and become one together spiritually

  • The concept of "Tantric Orgasm"!

MODULE 12 - The Forbidden Secrets of Sex Magick:

Here you will learn the most esoteric of what I have to teach - Actual Sex Magick! You will learn the metaphysical theories of Sex Magick that you need to know to understand it. Here is where you really learn how to function spiritually and magickally as a mystical Sexual God/dess! - $167

In This Module You Will Learn:

  • How to unleash and harness the power of Sexual Kinetic Energy!

  • Sexual energy charging and creating "Sexual Power Objects" such as Talismans.

  • Easy to use techniques for practicing sex magick either alone or with a partner.

  • The European form of Partnered Sex Magick called "Dianism".

  • The hardcore esoteric secrets of Taoist Sexual Sorcery.

  • How to sexually empower yourself through charging sexual breath work

  • Yogic Breathwork for Orgasm Enhancement!

  • May other sex magick techniques you can use to create change in you and your partners personal reality using the power of sex magick!

MODULE 13 - Advanced Tantric Sexual Practices & Energy Work:

Here is where you will learn the advanced level secrets of Tantric Sex! And not only that but other forms of Tantric Energy Work and Practices to super empower you as a Sexual God! - $167

What You will learn In This Module:

  • Advanced Tantric Sex Positions from the Kama Sutra.

  • A myriad of super empowering Tantric techniques that are both sexual and non-sexual

  • Tantric meditation,

  • Tantric Mantras for calibrating your state

  • Tantric Breath work for super-charging your body!

  • How to be able to raise your state of consciousness and being with your partner to the highest level with these amazing practices and really live in the metaphysical reality of a Sexual God & Goddess!

MODULE 14 - Tantric & Taoist Sexual Massage Secrets For Healing & Empowering:

Here is where you will learn all about Yoni Massage and how to give Yoni Massage in order to really make your female partner more orgasmic and sexually awakened. And you will learn the Taoist secrets of Sexual Acupressure for doing healing and empowering sexual body work with your partner’s energies. Now as a Sexual God or Goddess you will have the power to sexually heal, charge and transform your partner’s sexual energies just as a mythological being as you should be able to! And you will be like a superhero to them and they will worship you for it! - $167

MODULE 15 - Sex Magick & BDSM Rituals:

Here is how you will learn the most hardcore and esoteric secrets that I have to offer that you won't learn anywhere else! How BDSM and Sex Magick combine and how to use them together! This is the most advanced level sexual teachings out there!  Now you will be existing at the highest level of spiritual sexual reality and will have the full powers of a Sexual God/dess! This final class in this phase is so empowering you will hardly believe it! - $167

In This Module You Will Learn About:

  • The use of impact play in sex Magick.

  • Penetration as "Psychic Yoga". Y

  • How to use Sex toys as spiritual tools.

  • How to construct and execute actual hardcore sex magick rituals, the effects of which will be so intense you will think you are dreaming!

That's a total of $2,275 worth of training! But that's not all! You also get all the personalized one on one training sessions you need to make sure you can implement this material in the ways you need to succeed. But then on top of the core curriculum, and the personalized one on one training sessions, you also get all of these incredible supplemental training materials, worth a total of $2,035! -

Supplemental Written Training Materials - $388

• A Submissive's Bill of Rights: $7
• Basic Submissive Training Contract: $17
• Advanced BDSM Slave Contract: $27
• Baddy’s Babygirl Hypnosis Script: $47
• Dictionary of BDSM and Kink Terminology: $17
• Dominant Dating Profile Example: $17
• How To Elicit Submission: $27
• How to Get 2 Girl Threesomes: $27
• Sex Games & Role Play: $27
• The Submissive Workbook: $97
• A Super Seductive Dominant Dating Profile with example of results: $27
• The Levels And Types of Dominance: $17
• The Types of Submissive’s and Submissive Roles: $17

Supplemental Audio Training Materials - $820

• How To Seduce A Hardcore Christian Girl You Just Met (2 Hour Phone Call Recording): $47
• Daddy’s Babygirl Erotic Hypnosis Track Example: $97
• How To Get Kinky With Someone On The Phone (40 Min Call Recording): $47
• Hardcore Dominant NLP Mind Reprogramming: $67
• Hardcore Phone Domination & Erotic NLP (45 Min Call Recording): $67
• Hardcore Phone Domination & Erotic NLP To Make Them Cum HARD (1 Hour Phone Call Recording): $87
• Turning a princess into a sex slave with NLP & Erotic Hypnosis (20 minute recording): $47
• Submissive Training Negotiation Session Example (4 Hour 45 Min Recording): $167
• Relationship Counseling Case Study – BDSM Unhealthy Relationship Patterns (1 hour and 45 minute session recording): $97
• Relationship Counseling Case Study – Can You Be A Conservative Christian Into BDSM? (2 Hour session recording): $97

Kinky Real World Interaction Transcripts - $387

• Conversion, Connection & Submissive Creation
• Domination Intrigues Women
• Hardcore Sexting, Domination & Orgasms
• Hot Hispanic girls are fascinated with Daddy Dom’s
• How to convert girls from the Kink Community
• How to Dominate girls and turn them into your subs easily
• How to get a Goddess with Tantra
• How to get a hot young blonde babygirl off tinder
• How to get a hot young feminist to be your babygirl
• How to get a random hotties phone number and then turn her into your sex slave
• How to get an amazing sex slave and soul mate off of tinder
• How to pick up a hot kinky girl and get kinky with her via phone
• How to use Romantic Dominance to make the perfect first date
• How to introduce polyamory and kink to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, in a way that will cause them to respond positively to it.
• Making another hot young girl my babygirl
• Sexually connecting with a new sub via text
• The Simple, Easy & Effective Dom Vs. Sub Opener
• Talking Dirty and doing BDSM over Text
• The power of seducing someone into slavery
• Using Kinky Hypnotic Suggestion
• Dominance works so well with hot women
• Dominant Seduction is the Easy Way to get to sex
• Hot girls just want to be ravaged
• How getting a hot sub can be made super easy
• How getting hot babygirls on craigslist is easy
• How getting hot babygirls on craigslist is easy part 2
• How getting threesomes with hot young girls on craigslist is easy
• How to get a hot young blonde babygirl off craigslist
• How to get a hot young girl to submit to you sexually using craigslist
• How to get a princess type of babygirl
• How to get a threesome offer from 2 girls
• How to get people interested in you on fetlife
• How to get with awesome girls who are already into BDSM
• How to recruit ideal subs via social media
• How to solicit someone who is under the protection of someone else in the kink community
• How to use craigslist to pick up kinky sexual freaks
• How to get a girl to convert her boyfriend to polyamory so that she can hook up with you
• International playboy game with young Filipina model
• The easiest way to get a babygirl
• Using Dominance to get a normal girl to become your sub via OKCupid

Supplemental Video Training Materials - $769

  • 7 Ways to Bring out someone’s Kinky Side and get kinky with them: $27
  • 11 Ways to Dominate a Woman: $27
  • Sex Toys 101 Video Workshop: $97
  • BDSM 101 Part 1 – Introduction to BDSM: $7
  • BDSM 101 Part 2 – Dominance: $7
  • BDSM 101 Part 3 – Submission: $7
  • BDSM 101 Part 4 – Types of Play: $17
  • BDSM 101 Part 5 – BDSM Toys: $17
  • BDSM 101 Part 6 – Rules: $7
  • How to be more sexually hardcore: $7
  • DDLG Part 1 – The Psychology of Incest Play: $27
  • DDLG Part 2 – The Way Of The Daddy Dom: $27
  • DDLG Part 3 – How To Be A Babygirl: $27
  • How To Flog Properly: $17
  • How to turn someone into your sex slave in 10 steps: $27
  • Romantic Dominance Part 1 – What is Romantic Dominance?: $17
  • Romantic Dominance Part 2 – How To Ask Someone Out Using Romantic Dominance: $17
  • Romantic Dominance Part 3 – How to Initiate Sex Using Romantic Dominance: $27
  • Romantic Dominance Part 4 – The Sexiest Way To Say I Love You (With Romantic Dominance): $17
  • Romantic Dominance Part 5 – The Sexiest Way To Propose To Someone (With Romantic Dominance): $17
  • Introduction To The Spirituality Of Love & Sex: $7
  • Sacred Sexuality 101 – The Spiritual Philosophy of Sexuality: $47
  • The Spiritual Power Of Orgasms: $17
  • The Mystery Of Female Ejaculation & How To Make Women Squirt: $97
  • How To Have Tantric Sex In 5 Steps: $97
  • How To Empower Your Self With Basic Sex Magick: $47
  • The Most Esoteric Sex Practices Revealed (Taoist Sexual Alchemy): $17


So as you can see all together all the products you get in phase one is worth about $4,629! And that's not even including the personal one on one training sessions! Again, this phase could and should be a complete course in and of itself! But this is not even the last of it! There is still one more next level phase to bring you to total mastery! Let's see what I have for you in the next phase on Managing Your Relationships, whether you want to become an international playboy, have a harem of devoted sex slaves, or be in a loving monogamous relationship with a "Soul Mate" that is headed towards Marriage! -

PHASE 7 - Getting Them Sexually Addicted To You & In Love With You & Managing Your Relationships & Even A Harem!

This is where you will learn The Social Science of Relationship Development and Management. This is where you will learn the actual sociological science of how to develop and maintain relationships in a manageable way that will make them conducive to what you want and make them sustainable even amidst the complications of an abundant dating and sex life. You will learn how to build and manage a harem, have multi partner sexual scenarios and orgies...and how to make sure that while you are managing so many partners that you can't see all the time that your partners stay addicted to you and focused on you while you are apart using hardcore phone sex and “sexting” secrets that will make them fantasize about you and masturbate to you while you are away...and you will even learn the fine art of hypnotic texting and how to make someone orgasm just by reading your texts! With this final stage you will truly be the master of your sexual domain.


MODULE 1 - Shifting Your Relationship Paradigm:

We are going to start this last phase in your transformation with analyzing relationship patterns and changing your relationship paradigm.  On how to grow through breakups in order to date up and shift your relationship paradigm.  We will go over what to do when you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship pattern. Dealing with "Attachment Issues" and "Abandonment Issues" that can prevent a healthy relationship. Overcoming "Relationship Blockage" that will stop you from getting into a relationship, or at least a sustainable one. Improving your relationship patterns and how to make sure that your next partners are always better then the last ones, rather than worse. Dating Dealbreakers. Knowing what you want in a relationship and using the law of attraction to get it. Using personal development in dating to ensure that you can get the highest quality partner(s) possible. And living in sexual abundance & Prosperity! - $97


MODULE 2 - Connecting With The Right Partners:

This is where you will learn how to create the kind of connections you want with the kind of people you want who have relationship potential! You'll learn how to connect with someone’s heart in addition to their genitals. How to create romance and not just sex. How to use the law of attraction in dating and romance. How to "play the field" in dating to hone in on the right partners. How to screen and qualify potential mates and select the right ones. The 3 best qualities for romantic partners to have. How to create meaningful connections. Being what people want in a relationship and what it really means to be "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" material (which is not what you think!) And how to begin relationships. - $97


MODULE 3 - Creating Romance & Intimacy:

Here is where you will learn to turn your connections romantic and build an intimate emotional connection with your partner(s) that can lead into a love relationship! This is where you will learn how to stimulate emotion and turn that into an emotional connection. You will learn how to stimulate the senses to create romance between you. You will learn how to build your connection and intimacy with them. You will learn how to activate deep and intense emotions in your partner and share them between you through the magic of "The Law of State Transference". You will learn about pair bonding and creating security in your connection with your partner. You will learn about using childhood regression to create deep intimacy between you and your partner. You will learn about how to get past the honeymoon phase in your relationship and create a happy and healthy one. And you will learn about the 6 human emotional needs that all people have that need to be met in your relationship. This is where you really begin to create the love life that you want most ideally! - $127

MODULE 4 - Falling In Love:

Here is where you will learn all about love and how to create a love relationship and the love life that you really want! From the science of what love is, to how to make someone fall in love with you and create a good love relationship with them. You'll learn about the concept of love and what the idea means in someone's mind and how to use it. You'll learn about the two different types of love that are unhealthy or healthy. You'll learn about the 3 levels of love relationships you can have at different levels of success. You'll learn the psychology of why we love. The science of what love is psychologically and what the brain chemistry and neurological mechanisms of it are. You'll learn about the brain systems of Lust, Romantic Attraction and Attachment which create pair bonds and love relationships and how to be aware of those processes so that you can be in control of love forming with the right partners. The traits of romantic love that makes it what it is and what love means to us. The 36 magical conversational questions that you can ask someone that will make them fall in love with you. And how to navigate saying the words "I love you" for the first time. So here you will learn literally everything you need to know about love in order to make it happen and get the love life that you want most ultimately! - $147


MODULE 5 - Lessons In Relationships:

This is where you will learn countless lessons on relationships that I have learned over the course of 2 decades of having over a dozen serious relationships. You will learn what I have learned about relationships through having so many serious ones and what has made them work and not work. And you will learn a myriad of very interesting relationship revelations I have had in each one so that you can learn from my failures and successes to make sure that you can prevent the former and bring about the later in your love life without having to go through all the trial and error that I did! -

MODULE 6 - Developing Sustainable Relationships:

This is where you will learn how to go from "just dating around" with your partners to actually developing the real healthy relationships that you want to have with them! You will learn secrets of how to get someone thinking about you while you are not around and make them want you and miss you while you are apart and even become addicted to you! You will learn the 3 evil relationship destroyers that you must innoculate against in your relationships to make them last.  You will learn how to manage your investments in your partners that you are dating in order to make sure that your connections are balanced and healthy. You will learn about how to get into "relationship mode" and create commitment in your partners. You will learn all of the social science secrets of relationship development to create the love life that you want. And you will even learn how to use behavioral conditioning in your partners to turn them into the partners that you want them to be in your relationship! And how to deal with jealousy and troubleshoot any issues that it may cause, and prevent attachment issues from poisoning your relationship and setting healthy boundaries. This class will ensure that you can get into the relationships you want to be in, and make sure that they are healthy and sustainable! - $147

MODULE 7 - Having Relationships - Part 1: Types of Relationships:

Now that you have cultivated an abundant prosperous love life you will learn the pros and cons of both monogamy and polyamory based relationship paradigms so that you can make an educated conscious decision on which one is right for you. You will learn about the debate between monogamy and polyamory and what the pros and cons are for each one. You will learn about the 15 different types of relationships you can have across various single and multi-partner scenarios, so that you can choose the best ones to fit your specific relationship wants/needs and lifestyle. - $127

MODULE 8 - Having Relationships - Part 2: Multiple Partner Scenarios & Building A "Harem":

Here you will learn about all the multi-partner dynamics that you can play with while seeing multiple people. You will learn about how to create fun and pleasurable 3-somes and multiple partner sexual play. You will learn about how to develop and manage multiple relationships at one time. You will learn how to lock in multiple commitments from multiple partners and create an actual "Harem" for yourself of numerous partners who are committed to you. You will learn how to manage a harem in order to make it sustainable. And you will learn how to become an international playboy (or playgirl) and have many lovers around the world in different countries! So if you are looking to live like a King in sexual abundance with a harem of exotic lovers (or even sex slaves), this is the class that will give you that! -



MODULE 9 - Having Relationships - Part 3: Monogamy & Marriage:

So you have dated around for a while and have found one single person you love most and wish to devote yourself to, possibly for the rest of your life! Monogamy can be a very beautiful thing when done right, or it can be very socially unhealthy and can ruin your life when done wrong! So here you will learn all about monogamy and marriage and how to do them right, and not have things go horribly wrong for you! You will learn how to choose monogamy appropriately, and how to make an intelligent educated decision about marriage and make sure that a marriage would work and not end in divorce and devastating heart break. You will learn about amazing progressive romantic marriage vows to create an ideal union. And finally you will learn what typical marriage progressions are and what causes them to end so that you can prevent yours from doing so and make sure it continues progressing! So if you are looking to create a fairy tale romance with "The One", this class is what will get you that love life you have always dreamed of! - $167

MODULE 10 - Managing Progressive Long Lasting Partnerships:

This is where you will learn the secrets of how to manage your relationships in order to make sure that they are sustainable, long lasting, and progressive, and will not just peak after the honeymoon phase and then peter out and end in heartbreak like so many do! You will learn about the 3 levels of relationships and how to make sure you have having the highest most successful kind. You will learn about value sharing and having complimentary roles in your relationships to ensure that they are equal, balanced as well as growth oriented and synergistic. You will learn about how relationship balance can be used to create relationship longevity.  The 4 Primary Keys To A Successful Relationship.  The 10 characteristics of a "Conscious Partnership". You will learn about managing gender roles in your relationship. You will learn about structuring relationships and instilling relationship rules for success. You will learn about how to analyze and improve your relationships to make sure they are progressing and growing over time. You will learn about creating sexual rituals and the sexual secrets to ensuring that your sex life does not die out, but can continue progressing so that the relationship can as well. You will learn the psychological secrets of what makes relationships last and be successful. And you will learn everything else you need to know to really master your relationships and make sure that they not only work, but are successful and that you and your partner can grow together as one! - $147

MODULE 11 - Overcoming Relationship Issues:

And finally, in this last module in the core curriculum of the Sex God/dess Program, you will learn how to deal with and resolve any issues or problems that may come up in your relationship. Every long lasting relationship is bound to have issues at some point. And whether your relationship works or ends all lies with your ability to overcome the issues that may come up over time. So you must make sure that you are prepared with this most important concluding module in the relationship phase. Here you will learn about how to be prepared for conflict and problems and how to prevent them before they even arise. You will learn about choosing your battles, as well as testing the waters to make sure that there won't be any problems. You will learn a special social science formula for having difficult conversations and making them easy and productive. You will learn what to do when your partner gives you drama or causes problems and how to resolve them. You will learn about the nature of conflict and conflict resolution, and how to resolve any and all conflicts that you may have with your partner. And you will learn about some special last resort tactics for dealing with serious recurring issues in relationships that just seem to not be working. And finally you will learn how to deal with breakups so that they are not any harder than they have to be. However with this skill set, you are certain to be able to make any relationship work that you want to! - $167

That's a total of Over $1,500 worth of training! But that's not all! You also get all the personalized one on one training sessions you need to make sure you can implement this material in the ways you need to succeed. But then on top of the core curriculum, and the personalized one on one training sessions, you also get all of these incredible supplemental training materials, worth a total of $2,142! -

Supplemental Written Training Materials - $54

• How To Make Them Want You While You Are Apart: $27
• The Complete Science of Love explained: $27

Supplemental Audio Training Materials - $902

• Relationship Case Study – Shifting a girl’s paradigm from monogamy to polyamory: (4.5 Hour Epic Conversation Recording): $227
• Relationship Counseling Case Study – Dealing with Deserving Issues Towards The Partner You Want: (1 hour 40 Minute Session Recording): $127
• Relationship Counseling Case Study – Introduction To And Issues With Polyamory (1.5 Hour long Session): $127
• Relationship Counseling Case Study – Managing Polyamory And Jealousy (1 Hour long session): $97
• Relationship Counseling Case Study – Developing A Relationship in spite of adversity (1.5 Hour long session recording): $127
• Relationship Mode Dating Conversation Recording – How to talk to someone for relationship purposes (2.5 Hour conversation recording): $197

Relationship Development & Management Real World Interaction Transcripts - $347

• Conversion, Connection & Submissive Creation
• Converting my friends resistant teenage daughter who later became my girlfriend
• How to build and manage a relationship over text message
• How to cultivate True Love with a most ultimate woman
• Making Deep connection and forming a very ultimate sexual partnership
• How to attract and make your ideal mate pursue you
• How to get a Goddess
• How to get a polyamorous Dancer on Fetlife
• How to get a Soul Mate on facebook
• How to get an perfect girl on craigslist
• How to get girls to come to you through sex videos
• How to get hot intelligent above average girls on facebook
• How to meet people who are relationship material on craigslist
• How to say goodbye in a way that will make them come back to you for more
• How to seduce a hot young foreign girl on facebook
• How to seduce older classy beautiful women online and become an international playboy!
• Lead Management and Loss Prevention
• How to react when a lead goes cold in order to re-ignite it!

Supplemental Video Training Materials - $839

• How to get a boyfriend: $27
• How to get a girlfriend: $27
• How to build a Harem: $47
• How to deal with breakups so they don’t break you: $17
• Overcoming Heartbreak: $67
• How to get your Ex back: $17
• Why people cheat and how to stop it: $17
• What if you are not finding “The One”?: $17
• Romance & Courtship in “Rape Culture” – How to date, mate and find love against all odds & adversity! 3 Hour Epic Social Science Seminar: $297
• How to free your mind from emotional blockage and shift your paradigm so that you can attain True Love (special teachings from Deepak Chopra): $67
• The Psychology of Love – How to get it and keep it: $67
• The Science of how to make someone fall in love with you: $67
• The Art of Romance Part 1 – Creating Romantic Connections: $17
• The Art of Romance Part 2 – The 4 Forms of Romantic Touch: $17
• The Art of Romance Part 3 – The Perfect Romantic Kiss: $27
• The Art of Romance Part 4 – Romanticizing Your Time Together: $17
• The Art of Romance Part 5 – How to make love super romantically: $27

So as you can see all together all the products you get in phase one is worth over $3,600! And that's not even including the personal one on one training sessions! Once again, this phase could and should be a complete course in and of itself!

And so now you know exactly what it means when I call this a college level course that will fully transform you into the most ultimate sexual being possible and get you the sex life of your wildest fantasies! You will not find this level of highly specialized sexual education training materials ANYWHERE else! I know because I am friends and colleagues with everyone else on the industry, and they all only specialize and teach one single aspect of human sexuality. But I wanted to put together a complete college level course for people who wanted to learn everything they needed to know to become an actual sexual God or Goddess and get the sex life of their dreams!

And so here it is! Literally everything you need to know to become God's gift to the opposite sex (or the same sex if you are gay) and get more pleasure and the wildest sex life than you could possibly imagine. Altogether including the one on one training this course is worth $24,776!!! But since you are buying all of this together as one great big package, you won't be paying anywhere near that much!!! Today is your lucky day because I am going to be dropping the unit price down to just a fraction of the cost!!!

In fact most of my affiliates who are Gurus in the Sex Education industry that I have learned this types of special secrets from teach their programs for sometimes $10,000 per ticket...And not as a one on one coursework, but as a giant class where you are just one of many people and are not getting things customized and personalized to you...and not as more than a year long intensive progressive training either, but just a single weekend event only learning about one small area I cover in this course!

And keep in mind that this whole program is completely personalized to you through the one on one training you will receive along with the core curriculum. It is not me just teaching a certain set of things for a certain type of person. It is completely customized to you. So whether you are man or woman, dominant or submissive, want one type of relationship dynamic or another, and have any certain specific set of desires, fetishes and fantasies, I WILL TURN YOU INTO THE SEX GOD/DESS YOU WANT TO BE WITH THIS PROGRAM!

I am offering you a completely personalized one on one training that is going to be given to you week by week so it will be easy to integrate into your life and take you step by step through the personal transformation you want to have to turn you into The Sexual God/dess you want to be and get you the epic sex life you dream about!

As you can see this is a highly advanced academic intensive college level Human Sexuality course, but unlike college courses it is all about you and giving you the practical information you need to get the sex life you want, not just about teaching you studies. This will not only teach you everything you need to know about Human Sexuality, but knowledge that you can use in order to be the most ultimate sexual being and effectuate your wildest sexual dreams and fantasies!

Now I know what some of you are probably thinking, what if I don't want or need the entire course? What if I am not single but am already in a coupleship and don't need any of the content on how to get mates? What if I am a woman and it seems like some of the content is useful only for men? What if I am not interested in any of the content on BDSM or Polyamory or Sex Magick? Or what if I am only interested in learning one part of the program like the part on actual sexual techniques, or the part on BDSM?

Well that's fine!

All you have to do is let me know that when you order and that is what you will receive!

Of course it is highly recommended to take the entire program since each field of information is preliminary to the next, but I understand that some of it just might not be applicable to some people, or wanted. So if you are interested in some parts and not others you will only get what you want.

And in fact even if you are taking the entire program if you are ever taking one of the modules of the course and feel that it just does not pertain to you enough and you are not finding it useful enough, just let me know and I will immediately send you the next module that week to replace the previous one.

So when you take this course you will only pay for the parts that you find useful! You will not be paying for anything that does not pertain to you!

And don't forget that you also get a huge package of resources for each phase largely comprised of conversations I have had in my own life that will show you exactly how information you learned in each phase applies to the real world and can be implemented. These resource packages alone are worth thousands of dollars and could be a course in and of themselves. And I have added every possible angle to these packages so that everyone taking the course will get these practical examples and additional resources to help them understand and implement the material. Not all of these will be specific to everyone's situation and lifestyle, but whatever it is you want and are trying to do with the program you are sure to have the added resources to help you with that. And you get these at the beginning of every phase to go through at your own leisure.

Then at the end of every phase you get actual personalized custom coaching from me where you get to have all of your questions answered and all of your specific needs and situations addressed to make sure you are becoming the sexual person you want to become and getting the sexual lifestyle you want to get! And you get as many of these coaching sessions as you need before proceeding on to the next phase! So your success is assured!

So now you are probably wondering exactly what this course costs, right? I imagine that after reading about the extreme level of content and value in this course and everything you will get out of it you are probably thinking that it is very expensive...

Well actually it is...or well, it used to be. However after getting my huge investment that I had to make in time, energy, and money creating this course paid back to me, I decided to make it more affordable, now that I myself can afford to. So even though this was originally over $2,400 because it is a college level course that I invested that much time energy and money over the years in creating it.

So of course the price you pay for something reflects the value. This is not a cheap course because it was not cheap to develop, and the quality you get is not cheap. It is in fact the best on the market. And even the price of $2,447 was still much better than paying $10,000 just for one single weekend event to learn just a small piece of what I am offering, like other people in the industry charge. And yet here this is the most advanced Sexual Education training available in the entire world and it still costs less than that for how much you get. However we live in a world where you get what you pay for, and since this is the highest quality training, it is not cheap. But luckily for you you are reading this page after I was able to make some changes in the program to make it more affordable to everyone!

You see because I am a social scientist and activist and am not actually in this for the money I took it upon myself to create a special structured way of delivering the product at a well reduced cost and with an affordable payment plan that anyone will be able to afford, especially given the steal that they are getting on the program.

So now when you sign up for this Ultimate Sex God/dess Training Program, you will only have to pay an astonishingly low amount of $97 per week!!!

You won't find a better investment with a better pay off! All the sexual mates and pleasure and orgasms you can handle can be yours for just less than $400 a month!!! It's an investment that will have returns for a lifetime! You simply cannot get a high level college education like this for that kind of cost!

And keep in mind that you will only pay for what you want in this course. If you wish to only get the materials that are applicable to couples, you can! If you wish to start in phase 3 and only go to phase 5, you can! If you wish to only get modules that are specific to you, you can! If you wish to only learn about Kink & BDSM, you can!

With this program you will receive each of the resource packages at the beginning of every phase, and then you will receive one module of the core curriculum delivered right to your internet connected device each week. And any time you get a module that you don't want, just email me and say you want the next one instead and you will get it delivered right to you as a substitute! You can even skip an entire phase if you want! Just let me know! Maybe you are not interested in learning NLP, or about Kink/BDSM, or want to skip over one phase and go right to the next one. You can! Just tell me what you want delivered next and that is what you will get. This way you won't pay for anything you don't actually find useful, and will only get what you really want and what you benefit from the most.

And what’s more is that you don't even have to take the whole course! You can stop it any time! Once you have gotten as much as you want out of it and are ready to stop just email me and let me know! You won't receive any more products for me and your payments will be immediately cancelled. So as soon as you wish to opt out of the course you will get no more charges! Its that easy!

And this is indeed the most ultimate and hardcore sexual education training available on the market! I did years of market research to engineer this program to be the best available! That is why it is called The Ultimate Sex God/dess Training Program! And it will get you the sex life you have always dreamed and fantasized about! That is what it is designed to do! So there is no better program to take out there, and no better investment to make in your life!

And now is the perfect time to make that investment in yourself, because the returns will be even higher than normal! What do I mean by that? Well remember how I said that this has been called a College Level Course? Well I am actually not even charging as much for this program as I really should be! I am doing this because I am really a social activist that really wants to spread sexual education to everyone! So I am actually undercutting myself and putting this course on sale as part of a launch special just to make sure that everyone who wants and deserves a chance at this program will get one! And I am doing this because I really think that it benefits me to work with people who can take immediate action when they see something that they know they need to create the change they want in their life. So I have priced this course a lot lower than I should. And now is the time to take advantage of my crazy offer before I change my mind!

All of that sexual prosperity and fulfillment can be yours now! But only if you act immediately because I only have room for 3 more clients right now! So if you want to end the pain and transform your sexual frustrations into sexual fulfillment you must act now!!! So it is time for you to take action and start the transformation process right this very moment! Simply click on the "add to cart" button right there at the bottom right of this and fill out the form to purchase your first months service package now! I use PayPal so that your payment is entirely secure and in the unlikely event that you should not receive the service you purchased it is entirely refundable. But once you purchase and start this program we will begin right away and YOU WILL SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS!


After placing your order you will be contacted personally by myself, your Dating, Relationship and Sex Instructor, Brian Krall, later that day to schedule your first session! Or if you want to go ahead and email me to do so you can at And in any case you will be on your way to the dating and sex life you have always wanted immediately!

And just in case you are wondering if there are any risks involved, there are none! Not only do I record all sessions and give you the recordings of each session to make sure that you retain EVERYTHING you got out of each session down to a "T"...But I also GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL SEE RESULTS FROM THIS PROGRAM!


If you are not satisfied or feel like you are getting your money's worth in the first 30 Days just let me know and I will give you a complete refund and you will get whatever I gave you up to that point at no cost and we will part as friends. (But I'm very confident that will not happen because I give my clients exponentially more value than they pay for, which is why I am able to offer this money back guarantee, no one has ever asked me for a refund on any of my services, or ever said that they didn't feel like they were getting more than their money’s worth, just look at my testimonials.)

And just in case you are still confused about how this all works and have any questions, or maybe are even thinking that you might be too extreme of a case or too different from most people in some way and are not sure exactly how this type of program could work for you specifically, just send me an email at with any questions or concerns you may have and I will get back to you, and we can even schedule a free 15 minute strategy session to make sure you know your needs will be met and that you can attain the love life of your dreams here at True Life Relationships!

So what are you waiting for! Act now before my schedule fills up and I have to pull this program off the market! I will actually only be giving out 5 of these programs because my schedule is already very full. If you wait any longer you may lose out on this chance of a lifetime to get all of the ideal mates you want to get and have the sexual fulfillment you have always dreamed of! Don't deprive yourself of the sex life you have always wanted any longer! Time is wasting and this opportunity will end soon!

So just go ahead and click add to cart now before it’s too late and somebody else gets your spot!




PS: Warning - This program is not for everyone. It is only for people who value sex and really want to be living a highly sexual lifestyle. This program is extremely powerful and will have intense results that can be overwhelming and shocking to those who are not ready for them or are not really sexual people. You absolutely must have a high sex drive and be able to handle having a lot of sex in order to take this program, as well as be sexually open minded to the types of wild and kinky sexual experiments your partners are going to want to do with you. Consider yourself warned.


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