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The Easy Automated Mate Getting System 2.0!

Can You Turn Loneliness and Sexual Frustration into Sexual Fulfillment?

I know what you are wondering. Is it even possible? Can a lonely person actually fulfill all of their sexual desires even if they have no prospects in their life right now? Can you instantly get the sex life you want?
And I know how hopeless it can seem at times. When you are sitting alone at home, wondering why you don't have someone special in your life and wishing you did. Just waiting for someone to show up in your life, yearning for the touch of another persons skin and wondering if and when you will ever get that...and telling yourself that maybe if you just keep waiting that someone will show up eventually and be that special companion to you...but they never do...because that's just not how the universe works.
And that is the problem that most people are faced with that can make life very hard and depressing because you have to live without the love and sex life you so desire. That can make you feel very lonely and desolate, which are two of the worst feelings to have. I know, because I used to be there.
And in those moments of loneliness when you imagine having the love life you want, it can seem like a pipe dream. Like something that's just so far outside of the reality you know that it must not be feasible. And so you tell yourself to just ignore those desires and focus on other things and give up on finding love and sexual fulfillment...But that only furthers the vicious circle of loneliness and sexual frustration.
But still the it really possible to turn loneliness and sexual frustration immediately into sexual fulfillment?
You see, I did...and today I am going to reveal to you a special secret scientific system I formulated in order to turn a life of social and sexual scarcity and loneliness into one of complete and total abundance and fulfillment. A system that when you apply it works like an absolute miracle and makes getting sex completely easy, effortless, and automatic when you just apply it to your life and go through some basic steps involved.
Let me tell you exactly how this system works, because I actually created it not for you, but for myself, since I had it harder than anyone ever has, and I needed something like this in order to break my celibacy and unhealthy dating lifestyle.
You see I used to be totally alone for a long time, living celibate, lonely and frustrated...
But now because of this special system I live in abundance with super hot women.
Here's are a few pictures of me with some of my close female friends and women I have dated, just to give you an example of the lifestyle I have now.
Here's a picture with me and two female friends of mine who are models at one of my DJ friends birthday parties at a club, which they attended wearing only panties and body paint:


And here is a picture of some showgirl friends of mine in Las Vegas:


And before you ask, no these are not just pictures of platonic friends...Here is a picture of me with some stripper friends, all of whom I have been sexual with:


And just in case you want more proof that I do in fact date and have sexual interactions with beautiful women...


And I have lots of sex too...but I can't show you pictures of that haha, this isn't playboy this is an informational article on how to become sexually fulfilled.
The point is that I have plenty of options now, but keep in mind it was not always like this. I used to have no one...and was rejected by women and felt completely unwanted and depressed.
That't right. Even though I can get women like that now, I was once horribly alone. Living in the forced celibacy of a cold desolate lifestyle. Super lonely and desolate, not to mention sexually frustrated...wondering if any woman would ever want me. But then I was instantly able to get a stream of sexual partners using the easy system I am going to reveal to you here.
We are all concerned with finding sexual partners and romantic companionship. It is the greatest human drive to want that. Sex is a super important part of human life. Without it you cannot be happy or fulfilled. Its just the way the brain is programmed because sex is what is necessary for replicating your genes and human evolution. Without it the human race would die off, so our instincts tell us that it is the most important thing in life. And we can all feel that very powerfully in our bodies, minds and emotions. We want mates more than we want anything in life, such as money and success.
But not getting the men and women you want can be hard to deal with. Especially if you are dealing with rejections, or even heart break. And settling for below par mates isn't much better. But lets face it, we all go through times when we are single, lonely, frustrated...and not by choice.
But if you are sick of feeling that way...or even have been meeting men or women who you really like and seem like a great match for you but only lead you on and then reject you and leave you feeling even worse than you did not worry, I have the solution for you and am going to give it to you today!

The Problem with "The Dating Game"

Many people are alone, sexually frustrated, tired of not having the sexual partners they want and fed up with the whole dating game and going on dates that go no where and are just disappointing, or worse: lead to heart ache...Lets face it, dating can be very emotionally difficult. We all feel that way sometimes. And we all want the companionship of sexually desirable mates, and to have a better love life whether we are looking for just one ultimate person to fulfill us totally, or to just date around and enjoy the company of a variety of people.
Many people these days are realizing that the traditional social protocols and "dating" paradigm is entirely flawed. This is because it teaches us to put ourselves into outdated, contrived and sexually maligned gender roles and abide by social behaviors that are not conducive to sexual fulfillment, much less are they genuine.
For instance most guys will try to be nice and "gentlemanly" when they meet an attractive woman they like, or most women will try to be "lady like" and a "good girl" when they meet an attractive guy they like...which means being nice and polite and denying your sexual side...which only causes repression. And the men will be the "nice guy" without sexualizing the interaction at all and hope that sex somehow spontaneously miraculously happens on its own, while the girl "plays hard to get", and hopes that sex will somehow ironically and paradoxically happen while she tries to make it not out of some social obligation to the behaviors she was taught...and both parties end up sexually frustrated!
Women do not want a "nice guy", and men do not want a "good girl"...there are enough of these phoney ingenuine people walking around in contrived gender role play in denial of their own sexuality. What men and women want is someone who understands their sexual nature and needs and can relate to them sexually and give them the sexual fulfillment they so desire!
And as for the whole "Traditional Dating" too is greatly flawed, as it requires too much investment of your emotions, time, energy, and money. And if you are feeling sexually frustrated, the chances are that you are doing everything wrong that the traditional dating system is not going to help with, but is only going to further hurt you.
You know exactly what I am talking about. You are talking to someone you like, and then you feel the need to "ask them out"...which means that suddenly you are showing all of your cards, and have placed them on the pedestal and given them all the power in the dynamic...and whats more is you have taken a casual social interaction and imposed a ton of formality on it.
Now this person has two options, to say "yes" or "no"...neither of which is very comfortable for them...because they don't actually want to reject you, but in most cases the idea of a formal "date" is very awkward and uncomfortable...and even if they were attracted to you they may say no just because they do not like the idea of the date. Or they may say yes but then be super nervous about it and flake out on you, or just say yes so that they do not have to reject you, when they have no intention of going out with you. Then they may give you a fake phone number just to get you to leave. Sound familiar? And this happens even with people who would have otherwise liked you.
Or lets say you actually have someone who agrees to go on a date with you. Then you have to figure out where your going to take them, how many of the traditional "dating" formalities you are going to abide by (should you pick them up and take them? Should you pay or go dutch? Should you dress up nice? Etc etc.), how much money you are going to spend, what to wear, what to talk about...and they will be worrying about this stuff too and getting nervous about it.
You see actually most times people get stood up on dates is not because the other person didn't like them, its because they didn't like the idea of a formalized date. And even if you don't get stood up, there you are on a date, having to worry about the check, making appropriate conversation and keeping it from getting awkward, how to create romantic moments without it getting weird or creepy and getting rejected, when to go for the kiss, the idea of sex and how they feel about it...and usually doing this in a super formalized setting which was supposed to be nice but actually makes you both feel very put on the spot and nervous.
Its no wonder that most dating is a cause for disappointment these days! Its a completely flawed paradigm! There's just no way to win with it!
And so today I am going to show you exactly how to break free of the faulty traditional dating paradigm which has only caused you pain, and totally transform your sexual frustration, into sexual fulfillment!

Overcoming Failure and Getting The Sex Life You Want

We've all had times we were talking to a girl you are really attracted to and like, but not knowing what to say or do...imagine that moment where you know that if you do not go for the kiss now you know it will be too late and you will get put in the friend instead things become awkward, and then you decide to bail so you ask them for their number and they say that they are "already talking to someone"...or maybe give you their number but never respond when you text them.
This is a common scenario that i used to find myself in all the time, and see lots of other people in all the time. So many people in society are not getting the dates that they want because they just do not know what to do in most situations! Trust me I know, because I have been there!
You see, I'm a normal person just like you. And like most people I used to not be able to get the women I wanted.   I actually have lived through incredible hardships when it comes to my social and sexual life.  I have lived my life in a very bad social environment, and have suffered from extreme social anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder due to being a victim of violent crime here.
Due to these disorders the only women I used to be able to get were the ones no one else wanted and who made it easy for me to get them. I would actually at times go years without sex and any relationship I'd find myself in wasn't with a desirable girl and was actually a very unhealthy relationship.
I've had so many horror stories you wouldn't believe, because they are literally like the things you see in movies. I've been with women who became drastically overweight. I've been with women who turned out to be psychotic drug addicts who were manipulative and used me. I've even been with women who became violent and crazy...and all because I thought I couldn't do any better at the time! So I would stay with these women until I absolutely couldn't anymore and knew I had to get out of whatever sick situation I was in at the time...
And what was worse was that kept trying over and over and over again to get better girls but would always find myself unable to get very far with them before they would leave me heart broken, depressed, lonely and even more sexually frustrated.  It got to the point where I was actually suicidal because my life was so bad.
But then after breaking free of my most unhealthy relationship of all time one year and returning to the dating pool again I decided I couldn't live that way anymore. I started to do some studying and found some highly controversial secret methods for getting sex such as Pick Up Artistry and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I started to experiment with these radical new methods, consulting with other experts who gave me seemingly counter intuitive advice, but I tried these things and they worked! For the first time in my life I was finally starting to get the attractive high value women I had always wanted!
But the problem was that I still had a lot of limitations. I had horrible social anxiety and PTSD. I lived in a very small ghetto city with the 3rd highest crime rate in the nation, and the 3rd highest poverty rate as well. So the people in my city were very socially closed off and guarded, and generally not open to meeting new people. The women especially were very protective and afraid of strangers. Also I am a single parent and entrepreneur so I am very busy. So getting women in my circumstances was very difficult. I was going against all of the odds, and in order to pick up women and form relationships it took a lot of effort, and time. And these were two things I did not have a lot of to spend. So I had to come up with a way to make it easier and more effortless. I needed to find a system that I could use that would make me able to get girls without having to spend all the time and energy. I needed it to be automated.
So I kept doing more research into various social sciences and started formulating strategies and methods that would bypass all the time and effort it normally took to get girls. I was able to uncover some secret social and psychological "hacks" that made that made that possible. And I was able to put together all the social sciences, seduction secrets, sex hacks and other findings and create a highly technical logistical system that would automate the entire process and make it completely natural, easy, and fail-safe.
So I started practicing this system to see if I could get it to work for myself. And I started getting girls right after the other. I started having sex consistently. Every week or every other week I had a new sex partner. I kept practicing and started getting consistent results, getting one good girl after another, after another, after another...And every new girl would be even better than the last!
I kept finding ways I could actually improve the quality and quantity of the women I was getting more and more and over time used my new methodology to create a whole system of girl getting which allowed me to very strategically and systematically create a funnel of the hottest high value women right into my bedroom every week! And now I have a sexual lifestyle that I never even dreamed possible back when I was in living in scarcity and having unhealthy relationships with undesirable women. I am truly living the life of my wildest dreams and fantasies!


After just 9 months I had had sex with over 25 hot women! That was more partners (and hotter ones) than I had had in my whole life up to that point! And I kept going and soon my numbers were over 50! Because when using this system all you have to do is apply it to your life, make some minor calibrations, go through the motions and use these secret sex hacks and strategies and getting high quality mates becomes easy and automatic!
The only problem I had then was how to manage all of my partners, and so I had to create a system for polyamorous relationship management so that I could make that lifestyle sustainable! Just imagine that, going from the problem of not having enough romantic partners, to having too many to even be able to manage! Its an amazing feeling!
And after bringing this prosperity and abundance with women into my life I started to help other men and women, just like me and you, to be able to use my special system to get more better sexual partners themselves. And they were all immediately able to start getting dates with hot high value men and women and many of them even got into relationships right away!
And now you can too! Like all these men and women out there using my special system, soon all of the sexual partners of your wildest dreams will be yours! But of course this system is not for everyone....
-Its not for people who are mentally unhealthy or have some sort of pent up anger towards the opposite sex and would abuse their power over them for revenge or to be abusive in their relationships.
-Its not for people who have a lot of sexual shame and think that sex is wrong because of some crazy religious doctrine, or perhaps have some other form of sexual blockage or issues. It is not for people who don't have any self worth and don't think they deserve high value mates.
-It is not for people who have a low libido and don't value sex, romance and sexual relationships.
And its not for people who are stupid and lazy, because though this system is one for people who want dating to be easy and effortless and happen automatically, you at least need to have the motivation to get up and get out of the house to meet people, and go on dates with them, and you need a certain level of intelligence to be able to understand the system and apply it to your life. So if you think that you fall into any of those categories this system is definately not for you and you should stop reading now.
But if you do not fall into any of those categories this system can certainly work for you, and work wonders. Remember that I formulated this system because I had the most difficult of conditions to deal with, that is why I needed a special scientific system to create automated sexual abundance for myself. So if it can do that for me under my circumstances, it can work for anyone. And it has produced those results for countless others I have taught it to as well and given them the love life of their dreams too! And it can get you the love life you have always dreamed about as well!
Whether you are looking for marriage or to just date and have sex with a lot of people for a while I can help you achieve the love life of your dreams! With my step by step system you will have a specific formula for attaining all of your desires with the opposite sex. And this system is totally customizable to you and your personality, lifestyle, and the types of partners you want to get!


But beware! My program will make you VERY good at getting the opposite sex, to the point where it can be too much! And you can actually get so much success in dating that it can be overwhelming and having too many members of the opposite sex chasing after you can cause a lot of drama in your life, or even turn you into a sex addict! So be warned! The material I teach is VERY POWERFUL and must be used in the right way in order to make sure that your lifestyle is healthy and balanced.

The Love Life Of Your Dreams

Imagine yourself finally being in the lifestyle you want to be in. Imagine the men or women of your dreams being there with you, being yours and fulfilling your every desire. Imagine the pleasure and happiness that is yours in those moments, having the love life you have always fantasized of...and looking back to this moment where you made the decision to engage in this program and bring this special system into your life, and how it was the turning point that finally gave you the lifestyle you have always wanted.
With this system you get the freedom and power of having the choice of what people you date, have sex with, and get into relationships with. No more leaving it up to chance. You get full control over your love life, and just how much fulfillment you get out of it. You get to live in abundance with romantic partners, and no longer will have to put all of your eggs in one basket just because you have no other options.
You get to finally have sex with men and women hotter than you ever have in your life, and get the sexual pleasure of the healthy active sex life you have always wanted. If you are looking for more you can get into relationships with high value mates who are perfect matches for you and make you feel exactly the way you want to feel emotionally and otherwise.
And most of all you get to step out of sexual frustration and loneliness and into the bliss of having a prosperous and fulfilling dating life. And whats more is that you get to finally able to feel amazing about who you are as a person! Because with this special program you get to feel what its like to be totally desired and wanted by the opposite sex! And there is no feeling in the world greater than that!
And you, like me, are probably faced with plenty of problems in dating. Like how to know when it's ok to approach a girl/guy, what is the right way to do it, how to talk to them in a way that is not just friendly but flirty without giving away too much of your value, how to get their phone number and get them out on a date without rejection, how to escalate to sex...These are all things you will master with my program so that the entire process flows smoothly and naturally.

Rejection And Failure Proofing Your Love Life For Success

Imagine feeling completely confident as you talk to a really hot girl or guy that you really like. And being able to do exactly what it takes to not get rejected when you want to go in for the kiss, or ask them out on a date, or bring them back to your place to escalate towards sex.
Because with this program you'll learn how to master all common dating problems:
-Why most people are startled when approached by a stranger and how to approach smoothly
-What makes situations awkward and how to avoid that and make things feel comfortable and natural
-Why most phone numbers are dead ends and what to do to make sure they follow up with you
-Why most women (or men) are shocked when you try to kiss them and how to avoid rejection
-When, where and how to initiate that first kiss in a way that is sexy and will lead to more
-How most people get caught in the friend zone and how to flirt properly to avoid it
-What mistakes most people make when "asking someone out" and what the wrong types of dates are
-How to properly get someone out on a date that will lead to romance/sex
-How to prevent the wrong types of touching from killing the mood, and how to properly sexually escalate
-How to know when they are ready for sex and how to make it happen
-Why most first dates do not lead to a second, and most relationships do not last more than a few weeks
-How to properly develop and manage your relationships to make sure that you do not loose them!
-And much much more!
So what you really get is the ability to be a Master Seducer. Someone who has complete authority over the entire dating process. And that is a very empowering and exciting feeling. And with it comes incredible pleasure!
I know, because that is where I am at today. I am a man who gets the high quality women he wants. I have been with plenty of women who were perfect in both appearance and personality. Including a number of models, athletes, doctors, high society types, business executives, artists...even a film producer in LA who flew me out to her mansion to stay with her one christmas. I have gotten a lot of very high value women that most men only dream of. For you see my options are not anymore limited, I no longer feel the need to settle for unhealthy mates, or be heartbroken by women who I really want. I actually get to pick the ones that I want to be with, and I date very high class women.
Just see for yourself. Here are some more pictures of me with my girls. Now note that they are not all sexual partners, I do have female friends who are just platonic. But you get the idea, I live in abundance with women who are affectionate towards me in one way or another. And having that is the best feeling that anyone could ever have, and is something that you can have too!  These are all examples of how you yourself can be living!


And here is me with my last girlfriend, former Miss India and Bollywood Movie star and model:

And here is me with my girlfriend before that, who was a Porno Model in Las Vegas!


So as you can see I have had a very epic and fulfilling love life.  And you can too, just press this button now:

I have such abundance with women that I never have to be alone, I always have romantic partners I am dating who I can call up and have over to spend the night whenever I want!
And that does not go for just me! I have been able to help countless clients produce this same thing in their life as well! So again, it is not because I am different from anyone else! I just happen to know certain secrets that most do not that allow me to easily get the mates that I want to get.
What are these secrets you wonder?
Well I am going to reveal some of them right now. Starting with the biggest one. A "Sexual Psychology Hack" that I figured out that is what led me to most of my success with women and getting the sex life I always dreamed of...

The Secrets of Being A Master Seducer

I actually used to have a lot of sexual issues. Insecurities galore. It all came from having very bad social conditioning growing up. A mother that was very sheltering and didnt let me have any girlfriends or ever be alone with girls. Even as a teenager. I had to have sex with my girlfriends in secret and make it very quick. It was a very anxious feat and was hard to enjoy. Then dealing with the abusive girlfriends and unhealthy relationships I had after that...caused me to have some very serious sexual issues that I needed to overcome if I ever wanted to have a healthy active sex life. So becoming a sexually liberated and fulfilled person was a very serious journey for me.
But I learned a lot about human social and sexual psychology on this journey which led to me being so sexually empowered. I even learned some secret sexual psychology "hacks" which work almost like secret cheat codes to video games, and suddenly made getting sex from hot women super easy.
And the biggest hack I realized is what I am going to reveal to you now:
This sexual psychology hack is that no one out there wants to take responsibility for sex!
They don't!
It makes everyone nervous to think about having to try to make sex happen with someone they want!
All they really want is for someone else to show up, being the ultimate mate for them, and make it happen for them without them having to put in the effort or take the responsibility!
And so all you really have to do is show up acting like the ultimate mate, and go through the motions of taking the interaction to sex, and they will be super relieved that someone is finally making it happen for them (especially the really attractive high value mates, who are not used to people having the confidence to do so with them), that they will thankfully allow you to seduce and make love to them and enjoy every bit of it.
What are the motions that I have to go through to seduce them you ask?
Well I have a special step by step process that I teach which I have formulated. However before I reveal my exclusive step by step system, I am really excited to share with you some of the dirty little secrets I have within the system. Some of the most exciting secrets I have are what are called "Sex Triggers", which are basically sexual psychology hacks that directly lead to sex because when you hit them, they instantly turn someone on and prepare them mentally to have sex with you! All you have to do is hit these secret sex triggers and you are guaranteed to get to sex smoothly, naturally, and effortlessly.
What are the secret sex triggers you ask?
They are:
1.) Comfort/Rapport - The more rapport you have with someone the safer they feel having sex with you, and the more their brain releases what are called "pair bonding hormones" for you. These are chemicals in their brain that tell them to mate with you. So make sure you build rapport with the people you want to have sex with!
2.) Humor - Similarly to pair bonding hormones and rapport building, humor causes the same chemical reactions in the brain as sexual attraction. So when you make someone laugh, if they weren't sexually attracted to you before that, they then will become so.
3.) Emotional Connection - The more emotional connection someone has the more sexual desire they have. You can even create the feelings of falling in love by creating deep emotional connections, which is the most ultimate form of seduction and will quickly create a very fulfilling and ultimate sexual relationship.
4.) Indulgence & Pleasure - creating a generally sensual, indulgent, pleasurable experience and atmosphere with someone, where they feel like it is ok to be that way around you and that you not only wont judge them for it, but encourage it and are an indulgent sensual person yourself, is one of the greatest ways to make sex happen. Also it links all of those sorts of feelings to you, and makes them automatically enter that state of mind (and body) whenever they are around you, or even think of you!
5.) Fantasy - The brain is the largest most important sex organ, not the genitals. Engage the mind and you will have entered the doorway to the persons sexuality. And when you engage their fantasies you link them to yourself, and can make them feel like you are someone who can fulfill them, which is highly seductive and will make them want to have sex with you.
6.) Sexual Suggestion - It is very important to be sexualizing your conversations in little ways by dropping little sexual innuendo and cues, suggesting that you are a sexual being and that this interaction has sexual potential, but in harmless and stealthy ways.
7.) Pleasant Touching - Always be touching the person whenever possible, and not just in social ways, but affectionate ones that are appropriate. The more you can associate your presence with pleasant touching and the pleasurable physical feelings that go along with that the more things will escalate towards sex.
Once you involve these secret sex triggers in an interaction you are guaranteed to spark attraction and create chemistry between you and your prospect, and it will lead to sex almost automatically!
You see another secret of seduction is that all that people want is someone who understands how attraction and seduction works so that they can make them feel the way they have always wanted a prospective partner to make them feel. People just want to be made to feel good sexually. And that is all seduction is. Making someone feel the way they want to! And who doesn't want to be seduced? Its like I said earlier, everyone just wants someone to show up and do this for them!
If you would like a more in depth explenation of these sexual hacks and how to trigger sex using them you can check out this video here:
Scientific Sexual Hacks:

And of course, being the ideal choice in sex partners for them is also important. You can't be some creepy weirdo and expect someone to want you to seduce them. You need to be an ideal mate...however, another secret of being a master seducer is that this is actually much easier than you think! Its just that most people are too lazy, and don't know how! But you will now! Just click here to get started:

Want to learn more first?
Sure, I have no shortage of information to teach...
Which brings me to my next secret of being a master seducer: Being the most attractive person out there isn't about looks, its about personality and behavior. All you have to do is be an ultimate version of yourself, and have a seductive character and behaviors, and know what to do to make an interaction sexual as I am revealing to you now...and hot high value mates will be swarming around you. Why, when I walk into a club, a barrage of hot young girls rush up to come give me a hug and kiss, super excited to see me. Why? Not because I have made myself look nice, but because of the things I have done to make them feel good. And in return I get their attention and affection.



And that my friends is invaluable as it will give you what everyone wants most ultimately in life: To be a highly desirable and sought after mate who can get the other most highly desirable and sought after mates out there, and have the most fulfilling love life possible...the types of things most people only see in the movies.
That is what I am giving you the key to unlock today. In the form of an almost effortless process that is completely automated once you start going through the motions! All you have to do is get the ball rolling and the next thing you know you will be living in an abundance of sexual prospects and having the prosperous, pleasureful, fulfilling love life you have always dreamed of!
With my special system, you will start getting more women than you ever have in your life, ON A WEEKLY BASIS!!!!
That's right. And that is my promise to you!
So how do we do it? You ask?
Well lets get started!  Just click here:

And we can get started on your personal program to learn and make The Easy Automated Mate Getting System your personal way of life

Making The Dream A Reality...And On "Easy Mode"

The first step in making your dreams come true is to envision them in as vivid detail as possible. You cant get what you want if you don't know exactly what it is. But once you know exactly what it is you desire, then you can begin to actually bring it into your life. Thats just how things work.
So just imagine what the love/sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies looks like to you...

And what does it feel like?

Watch the scenarios start to play out before your eyes...
What would you be doing when you have that?
And now just imagine the feelings that go along with them.
That's right, feels amazing doesn't it?
Now imagine the following scenarios:
Meeting a super hot girl/guy and hitting it off with them instantaneously, getting along famously and having that immediate chemistry and everything go smoothly and naturally towards exchanging numbers and talking about meeting up again.
Looking down at your phone and having a phone full of attractive girls or guys phone numbers texting you to tell you they want to see you and the things they want to do with you. Feel that powerful feeling of having the ability to see who you want when you want, and do with them what you want.
And now imagine what you would do with your prospects to fulfill your sexual fantasies...
Would you be in bed with the most beautiful woman or man you have ever been with? What about having 2 or 3 beautiful men or women in your bed eager to please you? Or having people declare their affections and dedication to you, perhaps even in a wedding ceremony...
For you see I have had that...and this is exactly what you get when you use my system. It can all be yours now with this special system. And what makes my program so special and unique from the programs of other big so called "gurus" out there is that I constructed this system against all odds, so it is completely fail safe, and works effortlessly and automatically in any conditions, no matter how bad you think you might have it!
And you see just as I took you through a little meditation here, I was meditating one night and I realized, that getting sex shouldn't be hard. Thinking that you have to have "good game" or be an "advanced seducer" in order to get sex just reinforces the idea that sex is taboo and that people should "play hard to get", and that the only valuable sexual partner or sexual experience is one that you had to work for....which is totally wrong!
Sex is one of the most natural human functions next to breathing, eating, and going to the bathroom. We don't need to have any kind of "advanced tactics" in order to make it happen. All we need is to be able to socialize easily and naturally, and sexualize an interaction easily and naturally, and to take an interaction along an easy natural linear step by step progression toward sex. It doesn't need to be complicated, and it certainly doesn't need to be difficult or about putting too much pressure on ourselves. Getting sexual with someone shouldn't be a big deal like something crazy is happening, it should be something that is not only natural but smooth and relaxed...and normal!
And as I was meditating I had a vision come to me of the easiest most natural normal ways someone could approach a prospective mate, and then a variety of situations that this could happen in and the proper way to go about them and transition into flirtation, rapport building, and seduction all came to me. It was like magick! And they were all such low pressure low investment methods, it was amazing that no one had thought of this before! So many people out there are trying too hard! Putting too much weight on the interaction. Trying to get into "pimp mode" or "Beast mode", when in reality they could just be totally relaxed about it and things would go much more smoothly. And thus what I called "Easy Mode" was born. And from there my entire patented "Easy Automated Mate Getting System" was created. And I have tested it and proven its effectiveness.
And it is called that because once you know the process and how to execute it, all you have to do is go through the motions with your prospects and it takes your interaction from point "A" to point "B" in such a smooth easy fashion its practically self automated, and the results are immediate. You will not have to wait great lengths of time to get to where you want with your prospects like with most relationships where everything is left up to chance, or your using someone else's crazy methods who doesn't have things down to such a hardcore systematic science that has been tried and tested.
These methods are so easy to use and this system is so automated, it doesn't matter what kinds of limitations you think you have when it comes to the opposite sex, you can get the love life of your dreams. Because believe me, I have had to deal with more limitations than anyone I know, and was more sexually frustrated than anyone I've ever met, which is exactly why I had to formulate this special system in order to get the healthy active sex life and sexual fulfillment I needed to be able to be a healthy happy person (because you really cant be a healthy person without a healthy active sex life, as I'm sure you have found).
But now all you have to do to start getting the super hot high value women or men that you want is sit back and let me work my magic on you by systematically restructuring your mind and lifestyle to be most conducive to getting them!
But I know what you are thinking: "Ok Brian, now that I understand all of the concepts, I'm ready to actually start getting the partners that I want."
Well ask and you shall receive! Just go ahead and click here:

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woman seducing man

Want a preview of some of the special scientific formulas that make up this system so you can know just what you will be getting?
Sure thing!
Here I will give you my exclusive Step By Step formula to go from seeing someone you find attractive and intriguing, to having sex with them!
Better get excited because now we are about to get really hardcore and into the process of human sexuality and how to make it happen for you right now!

Meet To Sex Step By Step Formula

Most people experience a lot of anxiety when they see someone that they are attracted to and want to go meet for the purpose of being a prospective sex partner. In the dating community we call that "approach anxiety". It is a perfectly normal form of social anxiety that comes from our instincts, and oftentimes past hurts. However with my special system you won't have to worry about any of that! Because where this comes from is the fearful idea that at some point you will get rejected, or not know what to say and become awkward, and you are putting yourself on the spot and putting a ton of pressure on yourself. Well forget about all of that! My system is completely low pressure and casual. All you have to do is go through the simple steps and you will effortlessly be taking people to bed.
Now first and foremost you do have to make sure that any insecurities and sexual or emotional issues you have are taken care of and that you are a confident and self actualized person. That is what I talked about as being the ideal mate earlier. Don't worry if you think this may be a problem for you, because we will deal with it later. Right now lets get to my exciting step by step system for turning strangers into sex partners!
1.) Approach and Open - The most important point in any relationship!  You must approach them and start a conversation!  You do this using a special "Opener" that is guaranteed to prevent you from being ignored and engage them in an interesting conversation that can be directed towards sex later.
2.) Social Mode and Comfort - Socialize with them in a way that makes them comfortable and sets them at ease with you.
3.) Hook, Elicit Interest & Attraction - This is where you must hook their interest and get them emotionally invested in the conversation so that they wont just break away, but will want to engage in it more with you and contribute to the interaction and see where it goes, and you create attraction towards you so that the interaction has romantic potential.  This is done through disqualification and displaying value.
4.) Qualification - This is where you qualify your prospect to make sure they are the type of person you are looking for, and in doing so also elicit the qualities you want in them if they do possess them and encourage them to behave in the ways you want your ideal mate to behave with you.
5.) Flirtation and Touching - After qualifying your prospect you can begin to flirt and touch them so that the interaction then has romantic/sexual potential and you begin creating the kind of sexual chemistry you want to have with them, and things can begin to progress in the direction towards sex.
6.) Rapport - After flirting has begun you must get to know them on a deeper level. Get to know the real person that they are, and share who you are with them. This establishes a deeper connection that really makes sex possible.
7.) Take Them On An Instant Date or Get Their Phone Number - After establishing rapport it is time to take things to the next level. You can take them on a mini-"instant-date" right then and there, or if one or both of you doesn't have time, you can exchange phone numbers and then follow up, which is what you would do at the end of the instant-date anyways.
8.) Follow Up And Text/Phone Game - You must use proper follow up tactics via both text messaging and verbal phone conversations in order to not loose your lead, and instead convert it into a date.
9.) Date Planning and Logistics - You must plan a date with them in the proper manner and deal with logistics in order to make sure that you can get them to agree to see you again, and not flake out on you.
10.) Deep Rapport - When you meet up with them it is time to take your relationship to the next level by building even deeper rapport. This really creates pair-bonding between you two.
11.) Sexualization - After establishing deeper rapport you must begin to sexualize the interaction both verbally and non-verbally.
12.) Physical Escalation - After sexualizing the interaction you must begin to escalate the forms of touching you are doing with them to make them more and more sexual.
13.) Foreplay - Once you have sexualized your physical touch you can begin to do forms of foreplay with them that are preliminary forms of sexual interaction to intercourse and will lead directly to it.
14.) Oral Sex - The last step to initiating sex is oral sex. Any person who is not ready for sex yet will become so when you perform good oral sex on them.
15.) Actual Sexual Intercourse - You can now finally actually engage in beautiful glorious coitus with your partner in all of its splendor. Just start pumping away until you two come to screaming orgasm together like you had always dreamed about. Isn't it wonderful? Oh yea baby...
As you can see this exclusive step by step formula is a very solid system for making sex happen with someone...And not just anyone, but someone you haven't even met before and is as far from a sexual partner as can be...who, when brought through this process, will naturally become your lover in a very minimal amount of time, with very minimal effort on your part. Its just automatic when you use this step by step process!
And what are some of the benefits you actually get out of this system besides having a super easy automated sex partner generator? Well you will be living in complete sexual abundance!
You will get multiple phone numbers every single day that you leave the I said, more in a week than you've ever gotten in your life!
You will get multiple dates and sexual encounters each week!
And you will quickly develop a circle of suitors and prospects, and a harem of lovers who just want to please you!
You will literally have more people trying to date you than you can fill your schedule with or even keep track of!
And that is extremely exciting to think about isn't it?
That's the way I live. My problem right now isn't loneliness and needing to try to get women anymore...its trying to find time to fit them all into my schedule and keep track of them all in my phone. Which is actually a real problem! I have women who want to see me more but cant! And sometimes girls will text me and I wont remember them...or worse, will mistake them for somebody else! Haha can you believe how hilarious these situations are? But those are the kinds of situations you need to learn how to logistically deal with when you live in extreme abundance with the opposite sex!
But I bet that after hearing all of that super awesome information you now really want to know what the Easy Automated Mate Getting System is and how you can use it in your life so you can have success with the mates you want to get! Just go ahead and click here and you can get started now:

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attractive couple about to have sex

Want to learn more?
Well you see, what makes my special system so special is that it has been created using not only social science, but my own personal field research over the years, with literally thousands of women, as well as my colleagues and affiliates research. And while I do pull from others good material, I have a lot of my own secret tricks of the trade that NO ONE ELSE ANYWHERE OUT THERE TEACHES!!!
These exclusive secrets are things I am especially proud of and work like magic in making sex happen. And even though my business consultants have warned me not to share these secrets with anyone except for at a very high price, they are just so special that I can't help but want to share some of them with you now.
So be sure to take notes if you haven't been already, for this is where I am going to give out some serious gold for you. Super secret tricks of the trade that no one else is teaching anywhere and you wont learn from anyone but me. And when you use them, will work literally like Magic. For these are the Magic bullets that I use to make sex happen super quickly and easily. Oftentimes within an hour of meeting a woman.
But before I get into sexual escalation tactics, first you need to know how to actually attract prospects to you and get them into situations where you can start initiating sexual interactions. So first lets start with some of the secret techniques for attracting prospects and getting leads.

Magic Bullet Techniques for Attracting Mates

So the first thing you need to know how to do in order to make sex happen is how to open a good conversation with someone. There is actually no more important moment in a relationship than the moment of meeting. Because it is the moment that makes everything else possible. And if you do not make a good impression when you first meet someone it is very hard to recover, because everything they think about you is going to be filtered through the lens of that first impression (studies have actually proven this). And whats more is that if your intentions with someone are sexual, you need to make sure you are meeting them in a manner that is conducive to that, and not another type of dynamic such as social/friendly, or professional.
So you need to open a conversation with them saying something like "Oh my god I love your hair/dress/X, you've got a really great style! I'm (insert your name here)." This shows that its not just a friendly interaction and that you have some degree of attraction to them which is why you are approaching, but it is not like you are hitting on them or being aggressive, you are just giving them a light compliment, but also showing that you want to meet them and exchanging names so that it is known that you are there to get to know each other, and you are not just giving the compliment in passing.
Next what you need to do is called "changing the buyer/seller dynamic which means that instead of you trying to sell yourself to them and get them to buy, you turn the tables on them and make them be the ones selling themselves to you and turn yourself into the buyer.. This is done through hooking, demonstrating authority, and qualification.
You need to be able to hook the conversation which is often done through talking about a mutual interest and showing that you can offer value in the realm of something they are interested in, which demonstrates authority in their world and makes them put you on the pedestal rather than the other way around. After hooking you want to start to insert some of the attraction triggers I mentioned earlier. To qualify a prospect you can simply say something like "Wow you seem very (insert quality you want in a partner here), are you?" If it is a positive quality they will usually agree, and then work to display it more and maintain your favor. This changes the buyer seller dynamic and gets them investing in you and trying to make it happen with you at least equally, which is one of the greatest skills of a master pick up artist or seducer. Just look at how it makes women go after you:


The reason this girl is so ferociously biting my cheek like a little blonde tigress is because we had been kissing and hugging and then I pushed her away.  This tactic, which builds upon the changing the buyer/seller dynamic, is called Push/Pull.  This means that, similar to changing the buyer/seller dynamic, you are making her be the one come after you.  However you are doing this by first bringing them in, either with attraction tactics, or qualification/compliment, or by actually physically getting closer and starting to touch them in an affectionate way of some sort, and then pushing them away with some sort of opposite force.  So if you had just complimented them you can tease them.
Or if you had just been caressing and fondling each other you can push them away playfully.  This makes them want to try harder to resume the previous dynamic which they were enjoying, and like with changing the buyer seller dynamic it makes them become the proactive/aggressive ones in the interaction, attempting to re-initiate what you two were doing before.  It is a very powerful tactic that will produce great results for you and make seduction so much easier as it causes the woman to really engage in it.
But of course, what everyone really wants to know about is how to get someones phone number right?  Well one of the greatest secret tricks I employ for getting a prospects number is a really amazing hack I discovered about two years ago and have used to get literally hundreds of phone numbers over the past couple years. This tactic is so simple but so amazing. What have to do is offer them your number. Yup, that's right...just say "Hey I gotta get going but why don't I give you my number and we can talk more later?" Its so easy! And who is going to refuse that?
See asking a girl or guy for their number makes them seem like the valuable one that you are trying to get, making them the buyer and you the seller. And it makes it seem like there is a risk involved to them. Like what if you are some needy person who will be bothering them all the time and wont leave them alone if they want you to? This is why many times fake numbers are given out when people ask for each others number.
However when you offer your number it puts them in control which makes it feel safer to them...and it also makes you seem like the valuable one that they are supposed to be pursuing...YOU are the buyer and THEY are the seller...However here is the catch: Many times, especially if you are the man trying to get the number of a woman, the person is not going to follow up with you. Remember that people HATE having to take responsibility for making sex happen. Its just too much pressure, it makes them so nervous! So especially if they like you they will not follow up. It is very important that you be the one in control of converting your lead. Which means that you must get their phone number too!
So while you are offering them theirs, it is really just a guise where you are trying to do an exchange. And the exchange is done by you telling them to give you their phone and entering your number into it, with a cute funny nickname that relates back to the conversation you had, and then you text yourself from their phone! See how stealthy that was? You got their number completely under the radar, bypassing all of the normal awkwardness that is usually involved. And just say to them, "I'm texting myself with your name so I know who you are when you contact me." Simple as that! Super easy and natural. You will love it. Normally asking for someones number is an awkward point in the interaction, but not anymore! With this secret tactic getting phone numbers is so smooth and easy that you are going to get more of them in the next couple weeks than you ever have in your life!
Now that you've learned the secrets of how to attract a mate and get a lead, I bet you are really interested in my special sexual moves for actually making the act of sex happen with them aren't you?
Well your in luck, because against my consultants advice I have also decided not to hold back any of these signature moves either. And some of them are really hardcore, so enjoy them before I have to take them out of the public eye!

Magic Bullets For Making Sex Happen

Now we are going to get into the actual physical and sexual tactics for making sex happen on a date, or when hanging out with a friend you want to turn into a lover or fuck buddy. These moves are super hardcore and require a certain amount of sexual comfort and confidence necessary to really be proactive and physically dominant. But if you can have the right state of mind and go through these moves you will not only successfully engage in sexual play, but your date will become super horny for you and want you to take things even further.
First lets deal with sexualized physical touch. There is a really awesome physical move I have that I use with women first and foremost before making out with them or doing anything else. I call this the Magick Touch. I call it “The Magick Touch”. It is called “The Magick Touch” because it creates a very magickal moment between me and the girl in which our dynamic becomes highly sexualized and causes escalation to happen to other things. The way I illustrate this is as a man to woman. If you are a woman you can do this but in reverse.
The Magick Touch - While standing find an excuse to take your dates hand. The best way is to lead them into the kitchen to get something to eat or drink. Then twirl them around (if you are a woman you would twirl yourself not your male partner), and grab them from behind. If they twirl around all the way so that you are facing again, twirl them another 180 degrees and grab them from behind so they do not keep twirling. Wrap your arm around their waist and/or chest, or if you are a woman wrap the mans arms around you from behind you, and put your arm around the back of his head. If you are a man start breathing heavily on your girls neck and ear, and then if she doesn't break away start kissing and biting it while fondling her breasts. You can even gently shove her up against a refrigerator or wall while doing this. If you are a woman just pull your mans head towards your neck to try to prompt him to start kissing and biting it, and you can place his hand on your breast if you desire. This move may seem intimidating because it seems so aggressive and sexual like something out of the movies, but in fact that is exactly why it works so well.  It is just so sexy that the girls I have used it on have always reacted positively and had fun with it, just like this one here:
When you get really good at it you will turn the woman on so much that it will just turn into a make out.  But even if the girl doesn't turn around and start kissing you, if you do this to your date they will become extremely turned on, and you will be able to initiate a kiss soon after breaking away from this embrace. So lets talk about how to initiate an amazing magical kiss in a really badass way using my next signature move. If you are a woman doing this to a man you can do it to him the way I describe doing it as a man to a woman, or you can do it in reverse in which you assume the role of the woman I am describing here and pull the man into you submissively.
The Badass Kiss Move - Lead your date to an area where you are near a wall or refrigerator, with them between you and the wall. Get really close, then suddenly grab them by the shoulders then gently but firmly shove them up against the wall while making deep eye contact. Then wrap your arm around their waist, and or run your hand up their spine and grab their hair, and kiss them very lightly, your lips just barely touching theirs. Then withdraw your head and look them in the eyes for just a moment, and kiss them again passionately this time. Then break away. As a woman you can do this to a man minus the hair pulling, or you can back yourself up against the wall and put his hands on you and act submissive trying to elicit a kiss and it will work. If they have short hair you can just grab their neck. But in either case it is important to not use too much pressure or force, and ease it off after a moment so they can be more comfortable and not feel totally dominated or like you are forcing them. See?


This move may seem a little hardcore, and like something out of a romance novel or film, which may seem unrealistic to some people, especially if you are not used to being sexually forward. However it does in fact work like magic and creates a super sexy romantic moment between you two and an incredibly sexual dynamic and turned on partner who will soon be ready for sex. Which, you will then further move towards with the next move...
Stealth Genital Stimulation - Unlike the other two moves, this one is extremely simple. It will seem minimalist in comparison with the previous two. Partly because after executing the previous two moves your partner will not need any more elaborate moves to get them further turned on, as they are already extremely turned on as it is. You just need to nudge them the rest of the way. see this move is quite simply some rubbing of their genitals. But what makes it such a tricky tactic is that you are going to first do so not with your hand, but with your knee and thigh. This should be done while making out.
One of you should be on top of the other, and what you need to do is work one of your legs in between theirs and gently begin to massage their crotch with your knee. If they do not object and seem to like it do so harder. If you are the man and they are the woman you should even then get on top of them and use a lot of leverage with your body weight and rub their crotch with your knee and thigh up and down. Then once they are very turned on by that, you can use your hand to massage it...but the beauty of this move that makes it so stealthy is that this is all entirely done with their pants on. Even as you massage their crotch with your hand, their pants stay on.
This will get them so incredibly hot and bothered, as well as impressed with your skills, that they will want you to do more...but just to be on the safe side to prevent them from thinking things are moving too fast I recommend stopping this for a little while and waiting to go under their pants or take them off until a little later when you can re-initiate. Its best to save actual genital contact until after you have done a sexual elicitation technique to get them mentally prepared for sex, which I will illustrate next...
The Lust Invoker - This one is also very simple and minimalist. Because again they will be so turned on by this point that they will only need a bit more prompting in order to make sex happen. This move is a verbal one, not a physical one. But it primes them mentally for sex and causes them to make the actual mental decision that it is going to happen, which is a very powerful thing for you to cause to happen. They may even initiate it with you when you use this tactic, which is why it is called a sexual elicitation/lust invoker.
All you have to do is tell them what everyone wants in a partner, by somehow working the following into your conversation: "I love giving orgasms", or "I take even more pleasure out of giving pleasure than receiving it." If you are a man saying this to a woman she will be very interested in how you can give her pleasure, and how much, and will be eager to find out soon. This will create an extremely passionate and lustful lovemaking session that will be very fulfilling to you both. Now if you are a woman you modify this a little in your favor and say "I love a man who knows how to please a woman" and then follow that up with "What would you do to please me?" Which will then help you to create the sexual experience you want to have with the man. When you use this, you'd better be ready to get wet, because sex is going to happen immediately after.
And if you think those secret tactics are impressive, just wait till you try them and see the results you get with them...and learn all the other dirty little secret sex techniques I teach in my patented sexual fulfillment system...because these are really just a chip off the tip of the iceberg compared to all of the other attraction, seduction, initiation, and orgasm giving techniques such as:
-How to approach and open anyone anytime anywhere no matter who they are or what the situation.
-Special psychological tactics to get someone super interested in you and excited to see you again, and even imagining themselves being with you sexually.
-How to get someone out on a date, even if they are being difficult or flaky.
-How to get someone back to your apartment, even if they are cautious.
-How to break through barriers, resistance, and emotional/sexual blockage, and open someone up to being sexual with you.
-How to make kisses extremely sensual and romantic so that they lead to more.
-How to properly escalate physical touch and initiate foreplay without it being awkward or creepy.
-How to finger a girl or give a great hand job that will bring them to orgasm.
-How to give amazing oral sex that will make your partner scream and squirt all over you.
-How to have multiple orgasms as either a man or a woman (that's right men can do this too).
-How to perform a plethora of mind bending, ground breaking sexual moves, positions and techniques that will make you feel like you are living in a fantasy (one which you've never even dreamed of).
-How to manage logistics and scheduling when you are playing the field and dating multiple people, and how to manage multiple serious relationships, or know when someone is "the one" and the right way to become monogamous with them.
-And how to maintain a healthy active sex life in long term relationships so that your sexual relationship can continue to progress and become more and more fulfilling over time rather than dying out like most do.
-And perhaps most valuable of all, how to get someone emotionally and sexually addicted to you, and fall in love with you, like I have done with plenty of girls, such as this one - just look at the love in her eyes, you can just see how much she is falling for me, which is saying a lot because she is a capricorn and normally they are icy bitches, but this is just proof of how powerful this system is and the kind of real results it produces:


And here's another young girl I made fall in love with me. Just look at how she keeps her eyes open when she kisses me, that's a sheer sign of a woman being in awe of you. Both of these girls were wild in bed even though they were young. However the reason my system comes with a serious warning about getting people addicted or in love with you is illustrated well by the girl in this picture, who after sex became very possessive and wanted to own my cock. Gotta watch out for that, that will happen to you if you use these methods.


But perhaps most of all, just look at the love in this girls eyes...who happens to have a boyfriend and only met me that night, but yet she is still falling for me as you can plainly see!

1897875_566411016833908_5312575689450140367_n 11536038_566411006833909_5448724734970010708_n

So you can just see how powerful my system is and will literally make people fall in love with you.  But now that you have learned all about this special system I'm sure you want to hear about how it actually works in action in the real world and the kinds of actual results it has produced for me and my clients that I have been telling you about (and showing you some pictures of). And it can for you too!
And it will as soon as you click this button! As I'm sure that you have gotten sick of hearing about all the success myself and others have had with this system and just want to go ahead and get started with it yourself so you wont be missing out anymore 😉

After all hearing about others success in love and sex can be painful when you haven't had as much as you want for yourself. The pain alone of just being lonely and not getting the partners you want is hard enough to bear. And that as a pain I know all too well. You see that is exactly how and why I created this system. That is the problem I was trying to solve for everyone like YOU AND ME!
Because that pain will never end unless you solve the problem and find a system that you can use to stop it and create the love life you want to have.
In fact I would like to share a very painful story of a scenario that was a real turning point for me in my learning to be a master seducer. And then I will share with you a success story that really illustrates the mastery of how this all works when you put it together, as well as some of the stories of my clients too.

How To Fail Even When You Have The Skills To Succeed

You see there are two aspects to this whole game here. The Inner and The Outer, the theory and the practice. The inner is the knowledge and the mindset. The outer is the tactics and abilities. You need to have both in order to succeed.
There was a time when I was developing this system when I had the knowledge, but I had not yet perfected the "inner game" or the mindset. So I was able to attract and hook beautiful women, such as this icy hot model...and even make them want me badly...but I was not confident or proactive enough to seal the deal with them and actually initiate sex in the moment.


This girl is a girl I picked up at a starbucks and ended up on an instant date for the entire afternoon and evening, until I had a business networking event to go to. I used the entire system on her, and every hardcore trick I knew...up until the point when it came time to go for the kiss...
And in that moment, everything was perfect. It was literally one of those magical fairy tale moments where the girl is just looking at you with those "kiss me now" eyes, begging you to go for it...and the only thing that was holding me back was myself. I didn't do it.
Why? Well I told myself it was because I knew she was a self proclaimed icy man hating virgo and that I should probably take my time with her so as to not freak her out...but yet after spending the entire day being seduced by me, her eyes said differently. It was just an excuse I made to myself TO ENABLE MYSELF TO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAKING SEX HAPPEN AND JUST BE LAZY ABOUT IT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!
So I didn't kiss her, and she kept looking at me, trying to elicit the kiss...and even as I said goodbye she kept looking back at me...and I thought I had more time to see her again and go for it next time...she had said that she generally didn't like men and wasn't entertaining any suitors or interested in a relationship with anyone...but what happened?
Some other guy with better game and more balls than me swooped in and took her and locked her down before I could even get a second date with her. That is literally how fast you will loose a prospect when you are not taking action.
I saw her again on the street a couple weeks later and that is when she told me why she wasn't texting me back anymore. She had become distant because she had been disappointed by me, and wanted to respect her new boyfriend and not continue to cultivate a relationship with his competition. She had seemed so perfect for me, and was such a beautiful woman inside and out (I mean look at that face! Shes gorgeous!)...but alas...I fucked up big time. I didn't go for it when I should have. I had all the right outer tactics, but not the right mindset or inner game. You absolutely must have both. It won't do you any good to know about all the special magic tricks and techniques to get to sex if you do not have the confident enough mindset to go for it when the girl is ready.
So let that be a serious lesson to you. Always go that extra mile. If your prospect hasn't rejected you or told you to stop, there is no reason to stop. You'll only be letting both of you down. Remember, if they haven't told you otherwise, they are on your side. They want to be seduced. They want you to make sex happen between you two. So do not disappoint them!
Now on to some of my success stories...

The Mindset for Sexual Success

After that terrible soul crushing blunder I re-calibrated my inner and outer game, and instead of leading with 80-90% outer game and just 10-20% inner, I made sure that my outer tactics never superseded my mindset. I realized that you must lead with a confident proactive mindset first and foremost.
So the next girl I found who I was attracted to and intrigued by was at a bus stop one day. She was a super tiny brown skinned Asian girl...and I love both petite women and tan skinned foreign women. So I sat down next to her and tried to push my intense nervousness to the back of my mind and just act normal and chat her up.
She wasn't very social at first, as many people aren't when you first meet them...but I found out that she was a Brahmin girl from Nepal...and for those of you who do not know, the Brahmin's are the high priestly caste of India, they are considered like royalty and next to god...which means that this girl would not be able to touch a non-Brahmin...nor would she be allowed to date...she would be put into an arranged marriage with another Brahmin...
I considered it a challenge.
So I made normal casual conversation with her just trying to be cool and confident, while inserting little bits of seductive material in here and there, and having her tell me about her culture and talking about my love and knowledge of Hinduism (as Nepal is a Hindu culture). I then took her for a walk and back to the bus stop and asked her if I could meet her again (notice how I asked to meet her again rather than asking for her phone number)...
And she said yes! She said she was there every day at that time, and then even asked for my phone number!
So I gave her my number and asked for hers. She told me she didn't want me calling her house because she lived with her parents (and as a Brahmin she is not allowed to fraternize with those outside of her high caste, hehe, I felt so good about getting her to break that rule for me). So I just told her to call me and said that if I didn't hear from her I'd just see her back there in the next day or two.
When I got home however I was eating dinner and to my surprise she called me! And actually said that she missed me! Seems like I had done well. We chatted for a couple minutes then she abruptly said she had to go and I wondered if I had said something wrong, but just let her go and again tried to maintain my confident attitude.
I showed up at the bus stop the next day in the rain, and she wasn't there. Disappointed I went home. And again tried to maintain my confident mindset.
I again returned to the bus stop the following day and she was there. I sat down next to her and told her I had been there the previous day and that she hadn't been there and I had missed her. She said she was sorry (like the polite non-american girl she was), and said she had caught a bus home early. I then went straight into some special conversational routines to re-engage her and re-create the attraction I had created the previous day, because I knew that it would have worn off by then. Once I had re-hooked her I suggested we go for a walk, and took her hand and led her away before she could even answer, and I got no resistance so I knew that I had generated enough interest and rapport with her.
I took her on a tour of a scenic downtown area we were near, showing her some special buildings and telling her the stories behind them, and certain monuments like a statue of Saturn the messenger god, and then I took her through an abandoned subway shaft. This was done to create a feeling of adventure and privacy, as well as a dichotomy of danger and trust in her towards me.
There was a special place with a ladder up to a lookout over a river that I brought her to, making sure to help her up in a very gentlemanly way...and then on our way back down it I went first and when she started to climb down I literally grabbed her and pulled her towards me so that she fell into my arms and I caught her...Thus initiating some serious physical contact between us, which was the first milestone I needed to get over.
She was surprised and seemed to like it, but was bashful about it at the same time due to it being against her cultural protocol to have such physical contact with men, and instinctively apologized for falling into me. I said "its ok", and then just quickly lead her away and went into another conversational routine geared to generate further emotional connection and investment.
She then said she was getting cold and I suggested that we go back to my apartment to warm up with a blanket and some tea. She declined of course, and said she needed to get back to her bus as it was going to be there soon. I persistently said "are you sure? You can catch another one later", but she said no and that she wanted to make sure she caught that one.
So we went back to the bus stop and waited for it...
And waited...
And waited...But it didn't come...
And eventually she gave up, and said that we must have missed it, and that she would go back to my apartment with me!
Seems that my game had been so good that it caused her to miss her bus!
She had to call her parents and lie to them about why she would be spending her first night away from home, saying it was with co-worker. She was very conflicted about lying to them and it put her into a bad emotional state, so I quickly went into another conversational routine to elicit more positive emotions.
And I brought her back to my apartment and sat her down on the couch and started entertaining her with some of the music I wrote, then actually improvised a song for her on my guitar, which she liked.
Then I made her dinner...which she ate very little of...and I inquired about her weight and she said she weighed only 92 pounds...which I remarked at and then picked her up to test out her weight, again initiating physical contact.
And then she said she wanted me to show her to bed...which I only had one of in my house. So I showed her to it and got her snuggled up in some blankets while I stayed out of it talking to her, then sat down next to her on it and we continued to have a very in depth conversation which eventually go to the topic of sexuality, where I worked to dispel her feelings of taboo and talk about the sacredness of sexuality and help her to enter a more liberated mindset. Then changed the topic to other spiritual and philosophical conversation again and slowly but surely we got physical...and more and more over the course of the night using "fractionation" (push/pull, going off and on with it to make her feel comfortable with it escalating), until the wee hours of the morning when I took her virginity.
It was really amazing and awkward at the same time because she had never done so much as even touch or kiss a man before so I had to teach her everything. But it was a very beautiful experience and a wonderful night together.
I continued to talk to her after that but she told me that we could not be together long term because of her being a Brahmin and her parents wanting to arrange a marriage, but that she would always remember that magical night we shared. I even talked to her years later when she was married and she said that she missed me and thinks about that night a lot and wished she could have tea with me and see me again, but she could not.
Unfortunate, but at least I did nothing wrong haha.
I was able to get one single picture of us on the way out, which she was extremely shy about taking and so she made a face during it, and then wouldn't let me take any more, but at least I have this one to remember her by:


And in this case, it was about 60% mindset, and 40% tactics that caused me success
And I have found that there are even times when you can get laid without any tactics, and just mindset alone. It is rare, but it will happen if and when you develop the ultimate mindset for sex. Because getting sex just happens naturally when you use this special system. And just as easily as clicking this button you can start to get the sex life that you want now!

And then you will be a natural lover and seducer type. You know the types of people we all see out and about getting all the hotties we wish we were with. The types of people we all wish we were like. You can be that person starting today! Just go ahead and decide to make that change and start doing what works!

guy in bed with 3 girls

Becoming "A Natural" With Women

That reminds me of this Latina model I picked up on the beach one day...she was walking around frantically talking on the phone with her friend angrily...and I remember thinking she was the hottest woman on the beach that day and what a magnificent ass she had, and really wanting to approach her, but feeling like it was really inappropriate because she was on the phone and seemed so upset at the time. So instead I just focused on making some intense eye contact with her to get her attention and show my interest in her, and hopefully elicit hers.
Then I went into the water to play for a while, and at one point I turned around and she was behind me. I said hi and introduced myself, and just started talking using normal banter and asking her about herself. Turns out she was a very worldly person and liked to travel a lot and was actually on vacation now, which was both a good thing and a bad thing for me. A good thing because women love to have sex when on vacation, and a bad thing because time would be limited. However travel is a great topic to focus on in seduction, so I talked to her all about her travels and got her into the right state of mind. It being the beach we were scantly clothed, and wet, it was easy for my normal social touching with her to have a more seductive feeling for her.
And eventually she asked if I had a girlfriend, which if a woman ever does this, it means she wants to date you. I said no, and went in for the kill, asking how long she was in town for and she said a few more days, and I asked her when she wanted to see me and she said that night.
So I exchanged numbers with her, and met her later at a coffee shop, and then we went to a bar, and then things went sour. She apparently had been fighting with her brother some more and the alcohol did not help with her mood, which was so bad that my routines didn't work. Things became weird, and I left.
And now I bet you are thinking...wait, I thought this was a success story?
Yes, it is. Me leaving was something very important for me to do in the seduction process. You see I didn't want her to be associating the mindset she was in with me, nor did I want to turn into her therapist, nor could I encourage her to be behaving badly around me. So I told her that when she was in a better state of mind she should call me and MAYBE we could get back together again.
So I basically created a boundary, letting her know that time with me is not for talking about your problems or anger, but for having fun and connecting romantically, and that when she was ready to do that we could again, but that I needed that to be a serious boundary. And leaving also caused me to be the one with the power, and forced her to be the one to pursue me.
So what did she do? She called me right away saying she wished I hadn't left, and I reiterated my stance again.
And while we didn't get back together when she was in town that time, we kept in touch via text message every so often, and I made sure to re-elicit attraction using good text game, which I knew was working because she would send me her sexy modelling photos like this one:


And from time to time I would ask when she was coming back into town, and she would usually answer "I don't know" until one month she said she was coming back soon. So I literally demanded that she spend a night with me when she was here. When she asked why I said "So I can fuck your brains out". She said "Holy shit" and then agreed. She showed up at my door in a cab one night and I fixed us some dinner and drinks in the kitchen where I began the serious seduction process and we took some pictures and made can just see how taken with me she is in her eyes when she looks at me, the eyes do not lie:




And then I fractionated and made us pop corn and we watched a movie...
Then she stripped nude for me and acted as if she was just going to relax on the bed and tease me...
Little did she know how good my cunnilingus skills are. She was cumming in no time, and that apparently brought out her extremely dominant side, which gave me the wildest sex I've ever had. I'm talking about seriously dominant, riding me hard, telling me that I didn't even have a choice and that she owned my cock, all sorts of crazy things. I even took some nude photos of her that night, but you don't get to see those haha.
But after a few more orgasms we both passed out. What a wild night. I remember thinking to myself about how having this confident sexual mindset was causing me to live my fantasies...
However, while it worked in this instance, I experimented with formal field testing of just using a confident "natural" sexual mindset without any outer tactics and found that mindset alone without any actual strategies is not very effective. You do need a proper balance of both, you just always have to lead with your positive, proactive, powerful mentality, and then calibrate from there. The women (or men) or situations that require social strategy will show you who they are, while the women (or men) who just require the mindset will show you which ones they are too.
And that is the mindset you will have with this system. The mindset of a natural. Just click here:

But of course sometimes you will find some prospects who you really want, but who are what I call "Hard cases". These are the kinds that are extremely difficult, either due to having been heart broken, trust issues, not having much sexual experience, feeling sex is taboo, or just feeling like they are supposed to "play hard to get". These require a different sort of strategy.

Advanced Tactics For Difficult Conditions

You see difficult subjects actually require less mindset and more tactics. Like this 18 year old model I dated a couple years ago...



She was high class...



Here's one more just in case you didn't get a good idea of what she looks like haha, I do admire beauty...


I met her at a local grocery store and made strong eye contact with her and then chatted with her briefly. She was a social butterfly so talking to her was easy, but I don't think she was used to men being confident enough to flirt with her, much less use the good tactics I had in my tool belt. I was in a hurry so I got her facebook instead of her phone number, which is easier when you don't have much time.
Then following up I saw that she was a model, and decided to turn on the A-Game.
I engaged her in some very stimulating intellectual conversation, which worked great because she had a very philosophical side. Then number closed her on facebook but for the purpose of getting together.
However being a young girl, she did not like committing to plans. So dealing with logistics was difficult and took a couple weeks and a few different tentative plans that she didn't follow through on. However I focused more on building rapport with her over the phone, and being outcome independent which set her at ease, so eventually she decided to meet me for coffee at a starbucks one night.
I had found out through our phone conversations that she had lost her virginity only recently, so I knew that getting to sex would not be easy like it had with the Hispanic model who was older and did not see sex as such a big deal as this young one.
So I brought out some of my most advanced tactics.
When we sat down to coffee I started with some small talk to give a sense of normalcy, but then quickly started playing some fun games conversational games with her which are some of my special tactics used for seduction that you will learn with my system. One of these was played for a kiss for the winner, which works because no matter who wins or looses, we kiss.
I then did some personality profiles on her, which women like her really love and builds very deep rapport and connection. And after about 45 minutes I suggested we go back to my place to do some more activities and listen to some music I wanted to play for her, and I called us a cab.
I entranced her with psychedelic music, and played some more brain games and personality profiles with her, and continued to kiss her and touch her in more and more sensual ways until she would show or tell me where her limit was for that moment...which was never very far. She apparently did not want me doing much with her that night, which was okay. I just brought out some of my more hardcore material, and started using Neuro Linguistic Programming Seduction techniques on her, very special stuff I learned from my friends Ross Jeffries and Eric Von Sydow (aka Hypnotica), which basically hypnotizes your prospect into wanting you.
This enabled me to go further with her, but she did not want me taking her clothes off, so I respected that. Sometimes you have to fractionate dates. However, she also did not want me cutting the date short, which showed how well my methods were working. She wanted to stay with me as long as this first date actually ended up lasting a day and a half. Up that's right, 36 hours. Luckily I had enough material and activities to use to keep her engaged and in state during that time. Here is a shot of us in the kitchen while I had some food cooking for us. Notice how I put on an ascot I owned for her as a joke to "impress her" since she was a model and fashionista. She appreciated that humor.


After she left, she would text me every day to touch base, which is a very good sign. She even said that she missed me after a few days, which I appreciated, knowing what a serious thing that is to say. So I knew my seduction had been successful. I invited her over again for a shorter date, knowing that I could engage her in some seductive activity escalate sexually again that time, but that she probably wouldn't allow us to get to sex until we had been on at least a few dates, so now that we had established such a serious connection I was planning on the next couple dates being shorter, as spending more time on them would be superfluous.
The third date was had out of necessity. I had injured my back and she asked if there was anything she could do, so I asked her to come give me a massage. This brought out her loving nurturing side towards me and helped to deepen the romantic connection, and I made sure to have her use some erotic aromatherapy oils to again put her into the sexual mindset.
We still hadn't actually gotten very far sexually in the physical sense, but I knew that mentally we were making the appropriate strides in that direction.
The next time she came over, I thought it might be the time we finally went below the belt...
And I was right.
I started by serenading her with my guitar. She was impressed and taken with my music.
Then after that I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom, telling her that I wanted to explore her body more. She was insecure about it and had worries she communicated with me about, which I resolved with her lovingly.
I then went down on her and gave her her first orgasm...then over a dozen more...before she allowed me to have intercourse with her. It was a beautiful moment for us. And it shows that with my system even difficult situations or people who play hard to get are actually easy to get, they just take some time to process through this system. But in the end, they will be yours.

Young smiling couple looking at each other while lying in bed

And truthfully...its not usually difficult like that to make sex and relationships happen with the ideal mates that you fact it's rather the contrary...Its usually EASY!
How you ask? Well I will share the secret to easy sex with you now...

The secret to getting sex easily, automatically and instantly with the hottest mates!

Sex can be hard to get sometimes with some people who have sexual blockage or sometimes just because the situation is difficult. But it's not always that a matter of fact with my system usually it isn't.  With this system you simply have the knowledge and skill set in order to make it happen with difficult women when you want to.   You can have any woman (or man), even if she doesn't already want you, or is the very resistant and icy type.  But you'll find that with this special system sex generally becomes extraordinarily easy to get...and happens very quickly, even instantaneously in many cases.
In fact most of the women I have had sex with it occurred within an hour or two of meeting.  I have even had sex with multiple women within 15 minutes of meeting.  And I am not talking about ugly sleazy slutty women who will fuck anyone.  I'm talking about very high value women.  Because this system is about getting the highest quantity and quality of mates easily and automatically.  So you will be getting the ideal mates, and oftentimes instantly, if you just go through the motions.
Just check out this last hottie I had sex with instantaneously just so you can see the type of quality of person I am talking about that you can make sex happen with immediately.  She is a physically ideal woman, an athlete and a dancer, and she is also an ideal personality, she is a scientist, an intellectual, and a very spiritual woman.   Here are some pictures of her:


And she is into yoga, so she is VERRRRYYYY flexible, and not shy about showing off her sexy body and skills...


And here are some pictures of us after having sex...

IMG_0723  IMG_0731

But what if I told you that she was actually the one who asked me for my phone number, and then asked me out?
You see there are some secrets I still haven't shared with you...
One of the big things that really makes sex happen so automatically and instantly like that, is not just the system of outer tactics that I employ and will teach you, but the inner tactics that I mentioned before. One of the very valuable things I teach is how to be the most ultimate ideal mate yourself, how to become someone who is sought after by the opposite sex.
To do this you have to know exactly what they want and how to become that.  You see there is a science to attraction, it is all about evolutionary psychology.  And there are certain character archetypes that the opposite sex is attracted to that you can embody.  These work to create sexual connections and dynamics in different ways, and you need to understand these complex social dynamics in order to be the type of person who can connect sexually with the opposite sex in an instantaneous fashion.
This is called mastering your sexual personality and becoming the ideal mate.  Once you have done that you will actually find that sometimes the people you want are actually already after you, and as you try to go through the motions of making sex happen with them, they are actually doing so too...sometimes before you even get the chance.
In this case literally right before I was about to ask her for her number, she offered it to me, and when I was about to try to make plans with her she asked me out...however we never got to do the things we were planning on doing, because before we could even get a chance to go on our date, one day we were texting and she asked if I was free now, and I told her I could be...and she came right over to hang out and we were having sex within an hour.  And it was super hot too.  And that is how the easy automated mate getting system really works.
But of course you can't just be the ultimate mate and expect the opposite sex to do all the work in making sex and relationships happen with you.  You still have to go through some basic motions yourself.
And so to do this I teach the secret sciences sexuality that will naturally and effortlessly get you into sexual situations in which you know how to easily give mind blowing pleasure to your mate, and even a sexual relationship if that is what you want. You can even learn a little bit about some of my secret teachings from the program here:

And now that you have heard my teachings for yourself and gotten lots of different samples and examples of how the system works and can see in your mind very clearly just how it will work for you and get you the dating life you want, you can go ahead and click this button to get started using it so you wont have to delay your happiness and suxual fulfillment any longer -

Guarenteed Success!

Now I know what some of you are probably wondering through all of this. You're probably thinking, "Well all of these claims sound so spectacular, that it almost seems hard to believe. Is this too good to be true? And how can it possibly work for me in my specific situation? What if these methods may work for you but don't work for me?" Well let me address that concern right now. The claims I am making may seem grandiose because that is how I live. And I know that this reality is hard for some people to wrap their heads around, I know this because that's how all of my students are when they first come to me, they think that this type of lifestyle isn't even real. And even I once upon a time when I was living in celibacy thought that lifestyles like these only happened in the movies and weren't actually real. But I assure you it is real, and you have seen the proof for yourself in all those pictures.
But what you don't realize is that this is actually basic human nature. Human beings are social and sexual animals. As long as you understand basic human nature and the scientific social, psychological and sexual principles behind it, you can make this system work for you, in any situation. You see these methods are a universal social science. They work on all of mankind in general. Not just me or someone in some special situation.
What makes my system so special and able to work on anyone, even you, no matter what sort of limitations you think you have, is that its foundation is personality profiling and identity/lifestyle work to make sure that everything in the system is specially calibrated to your specific character and lifestyle. So you will see that this system is a complete and total science, and the science is sound and proven to work in any situation. And thus there is also a guarantee attached to it that I will share more on with you later.
Now some of you out there might be thinking to yourself, "Well I do not have the time or energy to put into dating right now". Well that's exactly why I created this system! You don't have to have a lot of time or energy! And you don't ever have to go out specifically to pick up girls/guys, you can do it whenever you leave the house to run errands or go to work, etc. This is a system that was made specifically for people who have a busy life. All you have to do is apply it to the lifestyle you are already living and it will start generating mates for you! And if you do not have time or money for dating you can just have people over to your apartment like I do to have dinner and sex. Its that simple! It completely removes all of the effort and time investment from dating and makes sex just another natural part of your life!
However some of you may be thinking "Well that's great but I do not have enough money to be able to afford to invest in a special class right now". Well let me address that concern for you too. My first question to you is: how much is your current lifestyle costing you? The pleasure fulfillment you want out of life? Happiness? Companionship? The emotional state you want? Because to me those things are the greatest cost you could possibly pay for anything. You are already investing a lot in unhappiness and lack. And the investments you are making in those things do not have the return that you want on your investment. Indeed you are already investing in getting things you do not want. Why not invest yourself in something that is going to have a return on investment that you do want?
And my special system is actually much less expensive than what the other gurus in the industry charge for their's, and yet it is higher quality and more technical and state of the art. Why? Because I am a social scientist, not just a marketer. And as a social scientist I am also a social activist, and I believe that people deserve to be freed from their sexual limitations. I believe in sexual liberation and sexual revolution. Which is why I have worked to make this system affordable to anyone.
And whats more is that just to ensure that your investment in my system gives you the return you want, risk free, I am giving you a 100% money back guarentee with it! After all, why wouldn't I? This system is scientifically proven and guarenteed to work for you! All you have to do is use it and see for yourself! And if you try it out for a couple of months and don't find it to be working, you'll get your money back in full! And you'll still get to use the system anyways! So you have absolutely nothing to lose except your own depression and loneliness!


See I know that your investment in it is safe and that you will be happy with the results you get and neither one of us will ever be at a loss in doing business together. So in fact you will find that you cannot afford not to take this system because investing in your unhappiness is far more expensive and risky. This system has absolutely no risks attached to it and is guarenteed to produce the results and rewards you want! So you can just go ahead and buy it now knowing you have absolutely nothing to lose what so ever (except for your own happiness if you do not act now).

And remember that this has worked for tons of other people from all walks of life with lots of different personalities and situations and problems. And yet it has still worked for them and got them the love and sex lives they have always dreamed of. And without having to put in a lot of time or effort!  And my clients do see instant results!  Just listen to their stories:
“I was skeptical about Brian's Program at first, and since I had already studied seduction I was worried that he would just be teaching me things that I already know.  But I have been astonished with the information I have learned from him, which is incredible and can even be overwhelming at times, but has greatly changed my dating life.
Everything Brian Krall has taught me has helped me see a fresh new mind blowing perspective on how to communicate with women. I have learned amazing conversation blueprints and highly technical Neuro Linguistic Programming.Brian is very helpful with getting me to understand things that I do not and custom tailoring the program to fit my wants and needs, and is very flexible with scheduling too, all of which I really like.A highlight for me in my overall achievement has been having sex with a virgin, who I was dating without sex, at first, having broken up twice, and having her pursue me, and then finally taking her virginity with her own suggestion.
I’m very fortunate and grateful that I came upon Brian and have taken his classes as they have radically changed my life.”
-John Kopenhavn
Milwaukee Wisconsin
“Brian Krall is a hardcore social scientist and not only highly knowledgeable in his trade but highly enlightening when he teaches. He is so good at what he does that after just three one hour sessions with him I was able to lock down a girl I liked and had my eye on for some time, but was never able to make anything happen with. I was skeptical at first but as soon as my first session started and Brian began teaching me I knew that he was the real deal. The information he gave me was invaluable and worked like magic, and with immediate results!
Right after my first session I began applying the knowledge and putting it into practice and got a date with the girl I liked that weekend! And after a couple more sessions with Brian things rapidly progressed and I am very happy to say that I am now dating the girl I have wanted for quite some time but wasn’t able to get until my sessions with Brian, and not only that but we are actually talking about becoming a couple! I am very grateful for the incredible service that True Life Relationships provided me, and recommend it for anyone who has someone that they like but hasn’t been able to make it happen with, or you just want to be able to get more better women.”
-Matt Young
Rochester NY
“It's been more than two years since I've been laid. The last time I got laid, I had gotten lucky with this really cute Chinese girl that I really liked a lot. But since her, date after date, I couldn't get another lay and have been living in forced celibacy which is very sexually frustrating. Fast forward two years later, Brian moves to Las Vegas where I live and he started coaching me in his system “The Easy Automated Girl Getting System”.
At first I was skeptical because I had a lot on my plate and didn't think like anything was going to be able to change my life. He helped me to redesign my image and wardrobe, He helped me with my inner game and I used his Ultimate Man Ultimate Seducer Workbook. He helped me with my presentation and delivery and how I communicate with women. He gave me pointers on some of the fine points of relating to women and taught me about female sexuality and dominance as well. He helped me in field in person and I went from not even being able to get a woman to stop walking to listen to me when I was trying to meet her, to being able to command groups of hot girls attention. More and more after a few weeks out I learned and developed a great skill set and was able to game more and more without Brians help. He gave me a lot of constructive criticism along with positive feedback and I made rapid progress like I had not before with other peoples teachings in the past two years.
Then one night Brian had a girl he had brought out on a date with him that he let me talk to for practice and noticed that we liked each other so he let us spend some time alone and then prompted us to leave together and go back to my house and I got laid for the first time in 2 years thanks to Brian. And what was so amazing was that it felt so easy, it was like playing T-Ball. Brians system for getting women and making sex happen is in fact EASY AND AUTOMATIC! I highly recommend his system to anyone who is like me in that you do not have much time to go out to pick up mates and are just not having as much success with dating and the love life that you want. Brian’s program can take you from sexual frustration to fulfillment.”
-John Betros

Poker Dealer

Las Vegas NV

“At first I didn’t want help with picking up girls.  I had taken two Real Social Dynamics bootcamps with Jeffy, who was a very hardcore instructor and I thought had taught me everything I needed to know.  That was until I met Brian, due to him being in a venue while I was out and the girl I was with ended up going with him instead.  That’s when I told him I wanted to learn from him.
I was resistant at first because I didn’t want to admit that I needed help.  But once I engaged in a coaching program with True Life Relationships it elevated my game to new levels in just one night!
And I had incredible and instantaneous results!  with Brian’s coaching I actually PULLED a sexy bartender back to his place with him on the first night!  You will literally get immediate results when you use his methods!
Brian has an incredibly deep understanding of every segment of the game, from opening to sex. He has an extremely deep understanding of social dynamics. He easily defined my sticking points and explained to me what I was doing wrong, how I could do it better, and most important, WHY.
Brian is a pickup and seduction genius. His theoretical understanding of the game is only exceeded by his success in the field. Out of all the other teachers and gurus I have encountered he is the best and I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him.”
-Matthiew Goldman
Life Coach
Rochester NY
“After one session of coaching with Brian Krall, I’m left with three impressions that make me know that this program is one I should continue with.
First, Brian obviously has an extensive knowledge of the theories and psychologies that implicate attraction. He is also able to clearly explain, and bring that information together into a story about why my dating life is non-existent.
Second, Brian has a good understanding of my personality. He is able to predict the problems I run into as an introverted, smart, strong personality, and makes insightful suggestions for improvement (such as talking about less academic subjects when in a flirting context). He set goals that feel attainable given my personality and lack of cold approach experience. As he described approaches, he took care to emphasize his favorite techniques and recommend techniques compatible with the ways I relate.
Third, Brian’s advice for women completely counters the passivity recommended by most dating books for women, so our conversation definitely wasn’t a re-tread of things I already know. I find passivity frustrating and dismal, so his recommended approach also makes me more excited about the process of finding someone right for me.
Addendum: After just two sessions with Brian I was able to start dating the men I wanted and having the sex life I wanted, and soon became exclusive and entered into a committed relationship with the one man I wanted to have as my boyfriend, and we have continued dating for 9 months! All thanks to just a couple session with True Life Relationships!”
-Jennifer Campbell
Princeton University PA
And here's a video testimonial from an intern who did in field with me and was skeptical at first, but then saw me succeeding with the same sets he failed at and became a believer in my system:

So you can see clearly that the easy I use does produce the desired results, and FAST!
But I'm sure that if you are still reading at this point you are dying to know exactly what it is you will be getting with this system, right? it is! -

The System Itself

I call my system the Easy Automated Mate Getting System because that describes exactly what it is. I also sometimes call it the Sexual Fulfillment System.
This system as you know will give you all kinds of exclusive secrets and formulas that I have created to use in each situation you will find yourself throughout the process of seducing someone.
An example of this is my 7 Step Formula to get to sex on a date, which you can actually learn for free right now just because I want you to succeed! -
7 Steps To Get To Sex On A Date Guaranteed!

However, these are just micro-systems within the Macro System which is how to turn sexual frustration into fulfillment, which is my 15 Steps from meeting to sex formula I illustrated earlier, combined with the right mindset, and social understandings that it cannot function properly without. These things combined together make up my patented Sexual Fulfillment system, and will give you the sex life you have always dreamed about, whether it be a loving and passionate marriage marriage, wild promiscuity, a harem fit for a king or queen, or whatever form of healthy active sex life is right for you! Imagine whatever it is you want to have most ultimately as your sex life, and that is what you can get when you complete my special program which will give you full use of this system in your life over the course of a very systematic 6 months to Sexual Fulfillment course.
This course has been specially structured by me to properly integrate this system into your lifestyle and total being on a weekly basis so that you will see changes in yourself every week just like you read about my clients saying in the testimonials! Because every single thing I am going to give you is going to produce results! That is how great this system is!
And unlike big gurus who only teach generalized material to a broad audience, everything I give you is going to be custom tailored to your specific lifestyle, personality, and desires!
Here is how you will get this system delivered to you.  There are 12 unique stages in the program.  Each stage will take 2-3 sessions depending on how much work you want to do in that area.  The stages start with Identity work and then take you step by step to more and more advanced levels of training taking you further in your dating life as the stages progress.  They are as follows:

Stage 1.) Customized Character & Lifestyle Analysis and Calibration

Stage 2.) Becoming The Seductive Character and Ideal Mate

Stage 3.) Understanding And Mastering The Social Science Of Dating and Sexual Selection

Stage 4.) Selecting, Approaching and Opening Prospective Mates

Stage 5.) Transitioning, Banter, Flirting, and Hooking Prospects

Stage 6.) Attraction Games and Qualification

Stage 7.) Building Rapport and Investment

Stage 8.) Instadates & Getting Phone Numbers

Stage 9.) Text and Phone Game

Stage 10.) Managing and Converting Leads, Making Dates and Dealing With Logistics

Stage 11.) The Perfect Dates, "Dating" Your Prospect, and Relationship Development

Stage 12.) Sexual Techniques For Amazing Sex

So you can see exactly how in just 6 months you will undergo a complete and total transformation and will have gone from being lonely and sexually frustrated to having total abundance and mastery over your sex life and be living the sexually fulfilled lifestyle you have always dreamed of!
For once you take this course and put this system to work for you in your life it works in a completely automated fashion generating leads and converting them for you every time you see someone you are attracted to! Imagine just how great that will be to just be attracting all of the ideal mates to you that you could ever want! And with automated ease!
But my system is not only easy in the amount of effort you will be investing...but the amount of money you will be investing too!

The Best System with The Lowest Investment

There are a lot of other dating programs and products out there. So you are probably wondering, what makes this system better than the other methods out there taught by other dating companies and coaches?
Well I first of all I am not a dating coach. I am a personal development and relationship development specialist. So I go beyond what other dating companies teach. I teach you how to become the man women want, and how to develop ongoing sexual relationships with women (in other words, a HAREM).
I have also learned from most of the other big gurus out there, and so I already teach all of their methods, as well as things that they don’t teach, and things that I have improved upon and taken to the next level. My system is quite advanced. My products are of the highest quality and tech all the best of what the big gurus teach plus little known secrets that you will not learn anywhere else!
What also makes it so unique is that it teaches how to get the most results with the lowest investment of your time, energies and money! You see I am a very busy person, so I had to formulate an ultra efficient system for myself that will get me the greatest results with the lowest amount of effort and time. And that is what I am giving you.
This system is quite ultimate. And there are tons of other ways that this special package is so unique from what you could get anywhere else:
• It teaches you everything you need to know to meet, talk to, connect with, and get sexual with the women you want every step of the way in the most thorough detail, with much more specific detailed explanations than you will get anywhere else because most other coaches are teaching things in a very generalized fashion.
• It is much more scientific and systematic than any other methodology out there, guaranteeing results or your money back!
• It gives you mastery of both inner and outer game! Become the complete master seducer! You get to be the most valuable and sought after man that all women want!
• You gain the largest arsenal of seduction tactics on the market with this package! Always know the perfect thing to do at any point in the interaction!
• You reprogram your mind to become the ultimate girl getting machine using the hardcore technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming!
• You get a complete lifestyle make over for total game optimization with the most scientific workshopping strategies to give you the sex life of your greatest dreams and fantasies!
• You jump on the fast track to success and make it easy and automatic with this highly specialized system that does the work for you! All you have to do is go through some simple motions and the results will come quickly, easily, and effortlessly! No other methodology brings more results easier or faster!
• You get both the highest quantity and quality of women possible (not just one or the other), using state of the art sexual selection and qualification systems!
So as you can see The Easy Automated Girl Getting System Package is the most advanced and scientific system out there and the greatest product package available. Remember, it has worked for me in the most adverse of conditions. I live in a very poor social environment and have had to develop a healthy active sex life in spite of having severe social anxiety brought on by post traumatic stress disorder...and having no money at the time! So if it can work for me it can work for anyone! And it has!
And best of all because I know what it is like to be living in such an unfortunate circumstance, I have made my prices much more affordable than all the elitist gurus out there! They price their programs so that only the rich can afford them! But I want to make sure that you can get this great lifestyle you have always dreamed of too! Having a good love life should not be only for the elite!
Just think about how much time, energy, and money you have wasted, and will continue to waste if you do not take this program, on expensive dinner dates or drink dates that don't go anywhere, superficial measures like buying a new outfit or getting a makeover or even plastic surgery, paid dating websites that you are lucky if you even get one phone number off of, overpriced products and programs from big dating gurus that do not produce results, or worse...escort services!
How much time energy and money have you invested in your dating life and trying to do all sorts of things to get the sexual partners you want over the past couple years that has only been a wasted investment that does not produce results? If you added it up in your mind right now, how much would it be? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands? Stop the vicious circle of investing yourself and your precious time energy and money into methods that do not work before it is too late and you have exhausted all your resources!
Break the pattern and start a new one that involves a steady stream of ideal mates coming into your life by investing in a system that really works! And mine is much more scientific easy to use than anyone else's! In fact it practically does all the work for you! All you have to do is go through the motions and the process will complete itself and turn your prospects into partners!
My program does not involve paying for formal dinner dates or picking up expensive bar tabs, or spending money on the people you want to date in order to buy their affections. It does not involve paying for any dating websites. It does not involve buying expensive clothes or getting expensive make overs or plastic surgery. And it certainly does not involve paying $10,000 for a ticket to a big event that will give you way too much information crammed into 3 days and actually not even help you in the long run. And it also does not involve wasting a lot of time and energy doing the wrong things like you have been doing.
With my program you are going to be removing all spending of unnecessary money, time and energy on your dating process, and streamlining it into a highly effective systematic machine, in which we build a funnel of prospects into your life and bedroom!
And my program is structured to make it super easy to learn and apply everything it offers in weekly 90 minute sessions over the course of 6 months so that you are taking things to the next level one step at a time week by week, rather than trying to learn it all in one intensive 3 day workshop series like other companies do which makes it absolutely impossible to remember or apply anything!
And not only do you get more information over a longer period of time, which will actually lead to your complete and total transformation, using a system that is totally self automated...BUT AT ONLY A FRACTION OF THE COST OF WHAT OTHER COMPANIES CHARGE FOR THEIR PROGRAMS!
And not only will you save a lot of money, time and energy with this system, but this fully customized program I am going to take you through does not even cost a fraction of what the big gurus charge! With this program you are not going to pay $10,000.
You are not going to pay $9,000.
You are not going to pay $8,000.
You are not going to pay $7,000.
You are not going to pay $6,000.
You are not even going to pay $5,000!
You are only going to be paying $4,320 total for this amazing 6 month program and the entire sexual lifestyle you are going to get to live because of it!
That's less than half of what the big companies charge out there to give you a lot less material which is less effective than what you get here, which will not only give you exponentially more but produce much greater results, which will be lasting! And at just a fraction of the cost!
In this program you get 6 hours of coaching per month, spread out into 4 90 minute weekly sessions. Plus you get 2 hours of work done on your case outside of the sessions in which I am devising your unique program and fully customizing and systematizing it to YOU! It's a total transformation!
And best of all all sessions are recorded and you get to keep the recordings so you can retain all of the information. That is something that is very valuable and that no other coach out there does. It basically insures that when I am teaching you large amounts of information you are going to be able to retain it without even having to take notes, and you wont ever have to worry about forgetting it because you can always listen to the sessions again. You will always get to keep the program recordings so even years from now if you want to take the program again you can for free.

You won't find any lower rates or greater value out there in the dating and relationship industry anywhere! And none this high quality and specialized!
Because not only are you getting the actual program and material. You are getting the results!
You get to end the pain of being lonely, sexually frustrated, and getting rejected and heartbroken right now!
You get to be able to meet, attract, and get phone numbers and dates with super attractive high value women/men naturally and easily without having to put in hardly any effort!
You get the peace of mind of knowing how to make an interaction go smoothly from start to end and having ZERO AWKWARDNESS at any time and always knowing what to do no matter what happens!
You get the confidence of being able to overcome your failure and never get rejected by someone you want and feel bad about yourself for it again!
You get the power of having the upper hand in the sexual selection process and the choice of any mates you want to have!
You get the pride of being able to know that you are a sexually successful human being and show off your prize mates in public and have people envy you wherever you go!
You get the sexual pleasure and fulfillment you have always fantasized about! And all the orgasms you can handle! Just imagine how great that is going to feel!
And most of all you get to have the types of ideal mates you have always wanted actually pursuing you and putting the moves on you! Just like you can see here with me and this 18 year old asian chick I met one night who immediately declared that she wanted me and started putting the moves on me and then asked to come home with me! Just watch as she pulls my neck tie into her and starts making out with me!








And you can tell that she is only 18 because of the X on her hand haha, and no I was not buying her drinks or anything to get her to make out with me, she did it simply because I have the social skills and seductive personality that women are looking for in a mate.


All of this sexual prosperity and fulfillment can be yours now! But only if you act immediately because I only have room for 3 more clients right now! So if you want to end the pain and transform your sexual frustrations into sexual fulfillment you must act now!!! So it is time for you to take action and start the transformation process right this very moment! Simply click on the "add to cart" button right there at the bottom right of this and fill out the form to purchase your first months service package now! I use paypal so that your payment is entirely secure and in the unlikely event that you should not receive the service you purchased it is entirely refundable. But once you purchase and start this program we will begin right away and YOU WILL SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS!
After placing your order you will be contacted personally by myself, your dating and sex coach, Brian Krall, later that day to schedule your first session! Or if you want to go ahead and email me to do so you can at And in any case you will be on your way to the dating and sex life you have always wanted immediately!
And just in case you are wondering if there are any risks involved, there are none! Not only do I record all sessions and give you the recordings of each session to make sure that you retain EVERYTHING you got out of each session down to a "T"...But I also GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL SEE RESULTS FROM THIS PROGRAM!

If you are not satisfied or feel like you are getting your money's worth in the first 30 Days just let me know and I will give you a complete refund and you will get whatever I gave you up to that point at no cost and we will part as friends. (But I'm very confident that will not happen because I give my clients exponentially more value than they pay for, which is why I am able to offer this money back guarantee, no one has ever asked me for a refund on any of my services, or ever said that they didn't feel like they were getting more than their moneys worth, just look at my testimonials.)
And just in case you are still confused about how this all works and have any questions, or maybe are even thinking that you might be too extreme of a case or too different from most people in some way and are not sure exactly how this type of program could work for you specifically, just send me an email at with any questions or concerns you may have and I will get back to you, and we can even schedule a free 30 minute consultation to make sure you know your needs will be met and that you can attain the love life of your dreams here at True Life Relationships!
So what are you waiting for! Act now before my schedule fills up and I have to pull this program off the market! At this time I only have the availability for 3 more clients!!! And if you wait any longer you may loose out on this chance of a lifetime to get all of the ideal mates you want to get and have the sexual fulfillment you have always dreamed of!!! Don't deprive yourself of the romantic partners you have always wanted any longer! Time is wasting and you aren't getting any younger! You can have the women or men of your dreams starting right now! You deserve it!
So just go ahead and click add to cart now before its too late and somebody else gets your spot!!!

Or if you would rather break down the payments into monthly installments just click here to enroll in the program do it as a monthly subscription for just $720 per month!  Its never been easier or more affordable for you to get the love life you have always dreamed of!  Click the subscribe button now so that you can get on the fast track to living your dreams right now!!

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