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POY 7B – Psychology – A Users Guide To The Mind – Parts 3 & 4

Psychology - A Users Guide To The Mind - Parts 3 & 4

In this second half of the Psychology course you will finish learning EVERYTHING you need to know about your mind, and how it works, so that YOU CAN MASTER YOUR OWN MIND! Don't miss out on this chance to gain the self mastery that will give you the ability to self actualize and succeed in everything you do in life!

Here is what you will get from the remaining two parts of this course contained here:

Part 3:  "The Brain & Its Functions" - This course  will educate you on several things you need to understand about the nature of the brain and its functions, including:  Neuroplasticity and the changing nature of the brain; Neurology, thoughts, memory and the nature of personal reality; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Emotions and hormones; disorders and complexes; and finally Attitude!  If you are looking to get technical about psychology, this is the course for you!

Part 4:  "The Mind and its Use" - This final course in the extensive psychology workshop deals with Dreams and Frueds Dream Interpretation, Dynamically illustrates the Psychology of Sexuality, Gives an analysis of several basic mental complexes many people have and introduces art and music psychotherapy as well, Talks about Mental Reprogramming and Recalibration, discusses mental errors and memory lapses and how to deal with them and get into "peak states", Illustrates the nature of consciousness and the Power of the Mind!  A very profound and empowering course!

Want to see a preview of the types of information and value you will get out of this workshop? Just check out these free video clips!

2 Things You Must Know About Psychology to Survive and Succeed:

The Secret To Always Feel The Way You Want:

2 Easy Ways To Reprogram Your Mind:

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