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POY 10: Introduction to Shamanism and Spiritual Pathwork

This intense workshop and the deepest and greatest levels of your existence through spiritual enlightenment and pathwork.  If you are looking to the most ultimate state of being this is the course for you!

In this course I teach you all about spirituality in the context of ancient shamanism and the spiritual science of metaphysics. You will learn both the theories and the practices to bring you to the highest level of existence in your life.

You will learn exactly what shamanism and a shaman is, and how a shaman functions in society to provide a more meaningful life and benefit himself and others. You will learn how to practice shamanism yourself so that you can do this for your own life to fulfill greater purpose and effectuate a higher level of existence.

You will learn about what it means to be a shamanic warrior so that you can draw strength from your spirituality amidst hardships and live more powerfully.

You will learn about shamanic medicines and the native american tradition of shamanism and be given a shamanic apothecary of herbal medicinal remedies from the cherokee tradition.

You will learn about the origins of all religion in shamanism, including western christianity, the difference between religion and spirituality, and the spiritual nature of human life and the human condition/experience that has always been inherent in human nature. You will learn about the metaphysics of the universe and reality and develop a deep understanding of the spiritual nature of existence.

You will learn about the spiritual philosophies of the light and dark, yin and yang sides of reality, as well as the shadow side of the human mind and how to transmute your negative forces and energies inside of yourself into positive ones. You will learn about the spiritual pathwork of suffering and hardship as a catalyst for personal transformation and how to use your own suffering and hardships to transform your life and your self into what you want it to be.

You will learn about the shamanic archetypes and the models provided by the leading shamans of all time in various prominent spiritual traditions around the world. You will learn about all of the various themes found in shamanism and develop a full working knowledge of it, especially in all of the controversies associated with it, from the use of entheogens and poisons, to the shamanism practiced by christ and origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that are shamanic and polytheistic in nature.

You will hear compelling shamanic stories from various cultural storytelling traditions to inspire and enlighten you on your spiritual path.

You will engage in spiritual ontology and logotherapy workshopping to cultivate your spiritual lifes purpose and lifes work and help you to step into your spiritual path and begin doing the pathwork associated with it as a shamanic practitioner.

You will be given a special toolbox of shamanic practices from shamanic prayer, offerings, proper use of tobacco and incense, shamanic medicines such as teas and essential oils, and even inner alchemy and magick, for your personal empowerment in your new shamanic lifestyle.

You will learn a set of shamanic spiritual practices from meditation to breath work to bring about a state of inner peace, positivity, enlightenment, empowerment, and prosperity in your life, and elevate your state of being to the highest potential you can go as a human.


What this program can do for you:

-Help enlighten you as to the nature of the human condition, the psyche, and reality

-Introduce you to spiritual psychology

-Help you gain spiritual perspective on yourself and your life

-Further you on your spiritual path to the ultimate state of being and lifestyle

-Give you a higher metaphysical understanding of the nature of existential reality

-Really bring your personal development to the greatest levels!

-Teach you the fundamental concepts of shamanism for your pathwork

-Empower you in the greatest ways imaginable

-Help you self actualize in the most ultiamte level

-Allow you to attain the highest level of being possible


Want to see an example of the types of material you will learn here in this workshop? Just check out this free video!

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