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POY 5: Realizing your Core Identity, Idealized Self, Core Values, Life’s Purpose and Living your Dreams!

Do you even know who you are? Without a solid sense of self YOU ARE NOTHING! What is your life for without even knowing who you are? And how do you know you are an individual and that your identity is even your own choice and not being dictated to you by others? Better figure out who you really are as a person! Discover your core identity so that you can develop a solid sense of self and personal reality to live by!

This is perhaps the most important course in the Power of You Program! This course will teach you all about the fine art of holistic lifestyle re-calibration for success and how the large number of little elements in your life and state of being can limit you and cause you to fail, or give you the ability to succeed.

This course also does the monumental work of finding your core identity and the meaning of your life, as well as your life's purpose and life's work! It then goes about aligning you with that consciously and tuning into your real true core self, and cultivating an idealized self image for fulfilling your life's purpose and not only self actualizing as a person but succeeding in your life's work, by totally Neuro-Linguistically Reprogramming your mind transforming you into your ideal self image!

This completely re-calibrates your life for success and dream living, so that you can begin living the life of your wildest dreams RIGHT NOW! Well, as soon as you have completed this course that is! So what are you waiting for! Your dreams await fulfillment!


What can this program do for you:

-Give you a greater understanding of the human condition and the nature of human life and worldly existence

-Give you a greater understanding of the meaning of your life here and what your life means to you

-Help you understand and center yourself in your core identity

-Help you to unleash your power and potential for success and hone in on the driving forces within you to help you succeed in your life

-Help you lead a more purposeful, meaningful life that you can be empowered by and prosper in

-Help you to realize and develop your life's purpose and be able to center your lifestyle in that so that you can live a more purposeful life

-Help you hone in on your "Core Values" and develop a life philosophy and belief system to live by and give your life not only meaning and purpose but a set of pursuits for you to follow in your life

-Help you to know what your life's work really is and how to go about accomplishing it

-Teach you how to use your life's purpose to derive your "lifes work" and the pursuit of the fulfillment of your purpose in life

-Teach you how to overcome adversity and hardship in your pursuits and lifes work towards accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your purpose here

-Help you to gain success, fulfillment and self actualization in life

-Help you calibrate your self and life to the highest level you want and effectuate all of your wildest dreams and fantasies

-Help you to become your idealized self and be the person you want to be most ultimately!


Testimonials about this product:

In this course I learned a lot about self limiting
behaviours and the reality of the law of attraction. Simple
unconscious behaviours that actually become significant and beneficial
when practiced consciously.

I came to think a lot about my position in life now and where I want
to be, as well as what type of person I want to be and at taking the
first conscious steps toward becoming that person.

I’m becoming more amazed at just how relevant the information is to me
personally as to where I’m at right now in my habits, thoughts and
direction in life.

Australia/New Zealand

Want to see a preview of what this program has to offer you? Just check out these two free informational videos that introduces the subjects of Ontology and Logotherapy that will be addressed in full in this audio course:

Personal Identity:

Life Purpose:


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